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Mangetsu is more than a mere weapon to me! He's my comrade, my soul linked partner. I will go to the end of the world for Mangetsu. I've been through both tough and easy times with Mangetsu, as his blade has been drenched in thousands of pirate's blood. Mangetsu isn't a tool, no. Mangetsu, is my brother.
— Zanetti Elijah on Mangetsu.

Mangetsu (満月, Literally Meaning; "Full Moon", Viz. "Spirit of the Full Moon") is one of the Sacred Tools left behind by Captain Sparrow. It is a Space Sword (宇宙剣, Uchūken), and is currently owned by Zanetti Elijah.

Appearance Edit

When utilizing Mangetsu in its sealed state, it appears as a katana with a black grip. It's cross guard is made up of four points, taking the color green. It is about eight inches long, making it extremely easy for Toneri to handle and swing to his liking.

Abilties Edit

"Mangetsu is in a league of it's own. In order to use it, I had to sharpen my own abilities so that they could match his."
—Zanetti Elijah.

Attack List Edit

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