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Basic CloakEdit

The basic Cloak, are those who are divided by colours like all the others but are still in an inicial form that is only used in normal combats and have the body shape of the user. Hendrick have separate his cloaks in several levels that were created to separate the amount of energy and concentration that is required for each cloak to be use. This cloaks are are divided in five different colors, and each gives Hendrick a improvement in skills and this colors are:

  • Level 1 are the lowest level and the most used cloaks.
    • Speed Cloak (Yellow) (スピードマント, Supīdo Manto) is one of the most used cloaks of Hendrick, being the one that by making him lighter give him a big boost in speed. This cloak is quite simple, being just a way created by Hendrick to make the weight seem to have descended and gain more speed when using a kind of energy around the body. Initially this cloak just added a yellow aura around the user, but as the control over it evolve it is possible to create clothing made from aura to have an extra layer of defense.
    • Armored Cloak (Purple) (装甲マント, Soukou Manto) is the most developed and most masic cloak within the five basic ones, this cloak consists simply in creating several layers of cloak directly linked. Even though others think that creating several ones will make the user lose stamina quickly it doesn't happen because they are all created separately and when a is created is completely independent, but as it take some time to create many layers Hendrick have devoted most of his time perfecting each layer soo that he can be safer to focus on creating other.
    • Malleable Cloak (Blue) (可鍛性マント, Katansei Manto) is the simplest and most common cloak that Hendrick has developed, being just the ability to stretch, bend and deform the cloak itself. Even though it's simple to just add the elastic capacity to the cloak, it took Hendrick two months to stretch the cloak from his hand.
    • Fury Cloak (Red) (猛威マント, Moui Manto) is the most powerfull basic cloak that amplifies his strength more than three times, to give more thrust in attacks creating a massive pressure on his limbs due to not be accustomed to use so much force. This mantle is called furi cloak due to side effect to be used, which is the possibility of the Member that he used to attack more power be lost forever.
    • Sense Cloak (Green) (意識マント, Ishiki Manto) is the cloak that can only be used if the user is in full concentration, when changing the cloak to make it more sensitive Hendrick was able to create a weaker version of Kenbunshoku Haki, that instead of feeling the presence of others, he feels the vibrations sent by all living things, despite having a much shorter range than haki in battles is as good as haki itself.

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