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Margot (マーゴット, Maagotto), more commonly known by her alias, Little Lamb (リトル ランブ, Ritoru Ranbu), is a Giant hailing from the monolithic country of Elbaf. Having a reputation as one of the most infamous brokers in the entirety of the Underworld, a globe-spanning web of connections and smuggling lines created by various powerful organizations. As mentioned briefly before, Margot was born an raised in Elbaf, the country of giants; Margot was born to parents who worked directly under the monarchs themselves as members of their court. As such, Margot's childhood was filled with the greater things in life, which she was able to afford because of the large amount of funding that her parents were given; in fact, this wealth rivaled and often surpassed that of the other court's members, something which made many of them somewhat suspicious. As time went on, other court members began to notice the slowly draining funds of the castle's treasury and grew even more wary of Margot and her parents, expecting them to be guilty of large-scale embezzlement; eventually, the court grew especially sure of their beliefs and decided to confront and hopefully execute Margot's family for their crimes. However, it appeared that when the time came, Margot and her family were no where to be found; it was at this moment that it was revealed that Margot had been helping her parents slowly drain the funding of the king before making their great escape; this amazing feat of espionage was possible from the abilities granted by the Henko Henko no Mi, which Margot's parents had bought and fed to her solely so she could pose as various members of the court and embezzle the funds with easier access.

By the time that the kingdom had figured out the plan, Margot and her parents were miles away from Elbaf aboard a luxurious ship set for Doerena Kingdom, where they planned to live out the rest of their lives in wealthy comfort while simultaneously participating in the high-traffic of Underworld activity there. Over the next century, Margot's parents had passed their thieving torches down to their child before they passed away, so that she too could participate in the grand criminal ventures that the Underworld had to offer. In the current day, "Little Lamb" Margot is one of the many brokers of the Underworld who specializes specifically in the dealing of illegal and expensive items. Due to her long list of crimes as well as the crimes of her parents, Margot has racked up a bounty in the millions.


Hazel Full





  • Geppo (月歩, Geppo)
  • Soru (剃, Soru)
  • Rankyaku (嵐脚, Rankyaku)

Devil FruitEdit


Busoshoku HakiEdit

Kenbunshoku HakiEdit


  • Margot's appearance is that of Anila from the Granblue Fantasy video game franchise
  • Originally, Margot was to be named Hazel (ハシバミ, Hashibami), which her article picture names reflect

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