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The Masu Masu no Mi (ますますの実 Borrow-Borrow Fruit) is a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit, which allows it's user to borrow abilities. By touching his target, the user of this fruit is capable of copying their power for a time range of 5 minutes. The user of this fruit is called as a Borrow Human (借人間 Shaku Ningen).


The Masu Masu no Mi takes the appearance of a seemingly perfectly spherical shaped fruit with a shining texture. Strangely enough, said texture is like flames encased in a ball, although they follow patterns as all devil fruits do.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

The main strength given by the fruit, is that it lets the user borrow the power of another person via physical touching. The user must touch someone and keep said contact for approximately 10 seconds, he must think about the word Borrow, in order to properly "borrow" any devil fruit power, regardless of type and such. Then the user of this fruit will be capable of accessing the borrowed power for a time range of 5 minutes, after said time is finished, the user would have to redo the proccess or else he will be uncapable of using the power ever again. As evidenced the user can't borrow two powers at the same time, should he have an stored power and do the proccess on someone else, the stored power will be substitued with this new one. If the user doesn't think about the word Borrow he can freely touch someone whose power he doesn't want.

As mentioned before, the fruit's main weakness is that the user can't always keep the power he has borrowed and he needs to stay touching his target for 10 seconds before borrowing the power. He can only use the power he borrowed for 5 minutes. Furthermore, by borrowing the power the user doesn't acquire any experience on how to use it properly like how the Original Owner does. This means that using the power properly would depend solely on the user's prowess. The user can't borrow two powers at once, so he either overwrites one or doesn't do the proccess in order to keep the current power. Apparently, if someone covers the body part touched by the user, in Busoshoku Haki, the user won't be capable of affecting his target and successfuly borrowing the power. This fruit seems to work solely on Devil Fruit users, similar in a way to the Yami Yami no Mi, yet completely different.




  • Masu in japanese is the reduced version of Karimasu which means Borrowing.