Meeting of Captains: A Two Man Resolve! is an article presented and written by EmperorSigma

"A wind's flow, unscathed." Saying compromised by swordsman grandmaster, Zanetti Elijah captain of the First Division. This saying became the life lesson taught to everyone within the First Division, and it would later become their way of life as they joined the division. Not every captain had to be a simple pirate. Some, leaders of your run of the mill sports teams. Others, men of their home. Lastly, for Elijah, the head man of the first of the thirteen new squads. A great aspiring young man, who was as laid back and reserved as could be. But underneath this misleading face, was a young man who endured great tragedies in his youth and these tragedies scarred him for the rest of his life.

As the doors to his quarter's opened, he emerged, swiftly making his way to the top deck. Elijah wasn't a pirate captain, therefore his boat did not maintain a traditional pirate appearance. Instead, it was much more modern and up to date. A boat built by the business his family forged, just by the make road-siders, who in this case could be called water-siders, knew that upon instance eye contact with the boat, it's was the Zanetti Family's sole surviving member, Elijah. As he hurried to the front of the boat looking over the sea, his haori flowed in the wind. The flames on the end stuck out, as if the man had been lighting the wind itself. His messy ponytail ruffled by the great wind force. As the wind pushed against Elijah and as the haori lifted, the appearance of his two blades became visible. One, a basic nodachi. Though, the other, the sacred legendary blade known as: Mangetsu.

Lieutenant Sengoku Iori drug himself to his captain's side. His long silk purple hair flowing in the wind, touching his sake bottle as he tried hiding it from Elijah.

"Good to see you're up Iori. Captain Sam should be around here somewhere." Elijah commented, looking over the edge of the boat into the waters around. "It's a cute area... The Grand Line." Elijah smirked, and his lieutenant matched his, knowing it was nothing more than pure sarcasm. "I think I'm a little rusty Elijah-sama." Jodi randomly comments.