Mei Mei no Mi is an article presented and written by Dragon Lord Erin

The Life Life Fruit is a devil fruit that allows the user to give life to non-living objects. It also gives the user to ability to give even more life to living beings in a very special way. The fruit is extremely versatile and rumored to only real itself to one who is one with nature, making them truly one with it.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

This fruit's strength lies in the fact that it can turn non-living objects into living beings. For example it can transform a rock into an armadillo or a vine into a snake. The size and shape of the object do determine what animals the user may transform it into. The user must also know of the animal they want the object to become. By learning about new creatures the user can expand their abilities. Once the user has turned something into a living being it will stay that way for around five hours before reverting back, the user can also cause it to manually revert back at any time. The user can also command the creatures it creates at will. Predator animals can be commanded to attack and can be harmed and kill, reverting to their inorganic form when they are. Even if the animal sustained heavy damage the object itself will come out unharmed. Prey animals cannot be commanded to attack or very specifically. They do however carry a special power as they are defenseless nature. If a prey animal such as a deer is punched it will not be affected but whoever punched it will be hit by that punch. So if they bisect the deer they will be bisected instead. This is referred to as the Rules of Nature. The user is also able to communicate with any animals they create, giving them the ability to use them as scouting tools.