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"He who echoes the will of God."

"Saint Merlin" (セイント・マーリン Seinto Mārin?), as he is ironically labelled, is one of the five leaders of the Remnants, a Revolutionary organization intending to overthrow the World Government's influence on the world. Among the five, Merlin occupies the "Center" (中心, Chūshin). He is a charismatic, powerful, and yet pure figure who is infamous among the upper reaches of the Three Great Powers for his single-minded ambition to topple them all. In the wake of this enacted calamity, he aspires to bring about a revolution in the hearts of people across the world through his own faith.

Merlin, through his piety, has achieved an enlightenment no other has come across. In his enlightenment, Merlin believes that at the true core of every individual lies their own God. When one themselves are their own God, then what is the need for any other authority? It is for this reason that he believes that no individual with sentience should be bound by an authority imposed upon them. Therefore, not only does he seek to bring down the World Government, but along with them, he wishes to liberate Pirates, Marines and the ordinary citizen — a truly fearsome goal.

While most people with such lofty ideals would ordinarily present themselves in a twisted, corrupt fashion, there is not even a hint of ulterior motive in Merlin's eyes. His closest subordinates have personally witnessed the devotion this man bears to his cause and the purity of his thoughts, unfettered by the moral boundaries that have corrupted modern society...or so the world believes. With every life he takes, he seeks penance, and in every bond he breaks he seeks atonement. Alas, he is a man that seeks the greater good, a saint that transcends his own obligations and looks to bring the very world to a new state of paradise, no matter how much time passes, nor how much he breaks.

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