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"He who echoes the will of God."

"Saint Merlin" (セイント・マーリン Seinto Mārin?) is the incredibly charismatic and powerful leader of the Morning Star Revolutionary Army. He is a man who is infamous among the upper reaches of the Three Great Powers, for his ambition is to dissolve them entirely. In the wake of this unprecedented calamity, he aspires to bring about a revolution in the hearts of people across the Blue Sea. He is pious man who has achieved enlightenment as to the true state of all people: at their very core, every individual is their own God. To this end, he believes that none should be bound by an authority imposed upon them, and thus seeks to liberate Pirates, Marines and ordinary citizens alike.

Although a man such as this would ordinarily present himself in a twisted, corrupt fashion, he is anything but. His closest subordinates have personally witnessed the devotion this man bears to his cause and the purity of his thoughts, unfettered by the moral boundaries that have corrupted modern society...or so he believes. With every life he takes, he seeks penance, and in every bond he breaks he seeks atonement. Alas, he is a man that seeks the greater good, a saint that transcends his own obligations and looks to bring the very world to a new state of paradise, no matter how much time passes.

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