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Mizuki (美月, Mizuki) referred to by her alias "Shirowashi" (白ワシ, White Eagle), is a Marine who currently holds the rank of Vice-Admiral.

Appearance Edit

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Despite her being the first female Admiral, Shirowashi still maintains some of the key characteristics Vice-Admirals have had for the past generations. Very similar to the Admirals fifty years ago, Shirowashi is very tall, towering over most humans at about nine feet tall. She possesses a well built physique that is more muscular than the average woman but not enough where she abandons many of her feminine features. As for her feminine features, she possess busty breasts and a significantly large rear end, which makes most men drool over her. It is said her beauty and strength are evenly matched, as a proud Kuja Warrior should be. Shirowashi also has hazel brown eyes and white hair with a hint of aqua when the light shine on it, thus her alias being White Eagle.

As an Vice-Admiral, Shirowashi is expected to dress for success and maintain a rather formal attire. Shirowashi wears an aqua blue blazer in which she buttons up almost all the way. Underneath lies a purple tie in which most marines of her rank are expected to wear and a black button down to contrast the light color of her blazer. Below she wear the same color skirt with black leggings that reach up to her thigh. Despite being a fighter, she still wears black heals which increase her height to about nine feet and five inches. As a gift from Vice-Admiral Matrial when she reached Admiral rank, Shirowashi was given bright red gloves and clear glasses with a red tint on the frames. She is considered to be the most beautiful of the Three Admirals.

Prior to her rise to Admiral, Shirowashi wore the common Marine soldier attire. With a white vest with the marines logo on the chest and collar, and Marines hat, she also wore blue pants to complete the outfit. When she visited winter islands, she'd wear a marines jacket instead of the vest in order to keep herself warm.

Personality Edit

Mizuki is a kind soul who cares very much of the well being of others. Being saved by the Marines when she was a young child, she aspired to do the same for others, remembering the joy it brought to her. Thus her form of justice is different than most, claiming it is Peaceful Justice with the intentions of bringing about global peace. Though the name is quite misleading as her methods of achieving the peace are not peaceful. While she is naturally warm hearted and kind, when she deems a situation or person "a plague who goes against the peace", she will not hesitate to completely exterminate them. Mizuki seems to have a weak spot towards kids and usually treats her subordinates kindly unlike many of the other high ranking officers.

It is renowned that Mizuki has somewhat of an explosive temper. When something or someone pisses her off, she is quick to rely on her fists as normal warrior would. There some playful times when she simply punches those who are careless or wish to do something they should not. Men who compliment her beauty and not her strength are also a light trigger. But there are other times when her temper can literately destroy islands. During the death of her close subordinate, she brought hell to the island, completely eradicating all life and granting her the name The Human Buster Call. Underworld agents and brokers, especially those who work in the slave trade are a huge trigger for her due to her personal past with them.

Mizuki is compassionate and caring. Unlike previous Admirals who were considered heartless and cold, Shirowashi is considered to be a kind person the many admire and respect. Many compare her to that of Monkey D. Garp, who was both fierce and compassionate. She believes in the idea, no man left behind. Because of this, when she take a Marine Base under her control, her highest priority is keeping her men safe rather the objective of hunting down a specific target. She has often stated that'd she would put her own life on the line to protect her troops, as any leader should. She believes a leader should lead through compassion though her strength should never be questioned. Her subordinates usually enjoy her company and she enjoys their's.

Due to her high position and heritage, Shirowashi is a feminist at heart. She is very aware of the inequalities that the World Government brings about, as she is the first female in her position and the very few females who hold other high positions. Of the Kuja Tribe, she does believe that she does not need a man to survive, making her very self-reliant. Wanting to bring about a necessary change to the world, she encourages females to join the Marines and fight for justice. She acts as a trend setter and many have begun to follow in her place. She continues to aspire for greater roles in the Marines, hoping that one day she will become Fleet Admiral and possibly Commander in Chief. She has also talked to other females in high power to introduce new system to introduce warrior pride to females rather than simply beauty.

History Edit

Born into the Kuja Tribe on the island of Amazon Lily, Muzuki is of warrior descent. Due to her rich family heritage, Mizuki was expected to uphold the tribe's belief of combat, she was destined to grow up a proud warrior. While during her childhood, she showed much promise in which many believed if properly trained she could possibly earn the title of Empress. But, despite her success as a kid, her mother was not content with a single child thus she often visited her father when her mother wished to have coitus with him. Despite her initially being cautious during her travels, Mizuki's mom grow to comfortable throughout the later, which would lead to Mizuki's capturing and induction into the slave trade at the age of eight.

For two years she lived as a sub-human, bouncing between slave owners as she was continuously sold for increasing prices with her age. While she was never a slave of a World Noble, she knew of those who were marked by the Hoof of the Dragon and feared that she'd be branded similar to her idol, Boa Hancock. But at age of ten, a miracle occurred when the Marines raided the Underworld Auction House in which she was being sold. As the Marines freed her and the other slaves from imprisonment, this would leave a mark on Mizuki's mind for the rest of her life. Abandoning her dreams to be like the Pirate Empress, she wanted to be a Marine Officer who could save the lives of many while still upholding her land's traditions of maintaining great strength.

Mizuki was enlisted in the Marine's Instructor Program. Due to her natural physical stature and extreme determination, she was one of the few children to be accepted into the program. She along with twelve others would train under Vice-Admiral Martial, who was a Marine warhero who fought during the age of Straw Hat Luffy. Each of the thirteen prospects were skilled in their own unique and individual way. As she never had the opportunity to choose a weapon, Mizuki stuck with Martial Arts. During their training sessions, Mizuki's experience in combat allowed her to outshine the others. There was only one other who matched her natural skill of Mizuki, and that was a marksman by the name of Zuko. Since their first battle ended in a draw, the declared each other rivals.

Those who were trained under Vice-Admiral Martial were considered the prodigies of the marines; the next generation that would uphold justice to the highest degree. In the next five years, the students would not only develop their own individual powers, but also honing their abilities towards other techniques, such as the Rokushiki. Throughout the half a decade, Mizuki also began to develop her own fighting style. TBD and Mizuki would become very great partners as the two knew each other's strengths and weakness and how to compensate for them. During the missions Martial assigned the group, she usually had the rivals pair up with one another because of their unique cooperation. They and one other were considered to be Martial's top students.

After five years of gruesome training, the group of students finally became official marines. Their rank was decided by their very own teacher, who had seen them grow throughout the years. Martial gave every student a chance to display their skills to him one last time, though this didn't really affect his perception of the rank in which he believed they belonged. The big trio were all promoted to Commander, while the others were ranked differently below them. While Mizuki and Zuko believed they were at least Captain level, Martial explained that they both possessed various weakness that were compensated because of each other, therefore individually they were ranked lower. The two were upset by this and decided to go their own ways, rising through the ranks.

In the upcoming years, the duo would earn great respect within the organization. Eliminating countless pirates along with other criminals. Their determination to outshine one another allowed them to overcome adversity and even allow them to continue to rise through the ranks. Everything was not pleasant though, throughout the next couple of years four of the thirteen Prodigies were killed in action. While the two had the greatest success of the prodigies, they did not disconnect from the rest of them and were truly saddened by their comrades death. This would only further her urge to uphold Justice and end the age of Piracy. Also, due her great success and early signs of greatness, the Marines Research and Science Department granted her a devil fruit a like no other, the Kyūzō Kyūzō no Mi.

Abilities & Powers Edit

Physical Prowess Edit

As an Admiral of the Marines, Mizuki has tremendous physical capabilities. Being a human who has dedicated her entire life to combat and the eradication of some of the most fearsome beings, she is extremely powerful. Mizuki is renowned for her colossal strength comparable to some of the strongest creatures alive. With strength fearsome enough to end opponents with a single punch, destroy buildings, and much more, very few can compare. As a martial artist, she finds herself very reliant of her strength, as many of her fighting styles focus on impact and technique. Many say that despite having the body of a female, she punches likes a man, which only makes her even more fearsome. Mizuki claims her strength is a result of decades of unorthodox gruesome training with her instructor. Her strength is amplified considerably when she combines it with technique such as the Rokushiki. Her Haki also amplifies her strength, granting her many power-ups. How she compares to other Admirals is unknown due to her being the newest addition, but many speculate she many be the physically superior of the three.

One trait that many have stated to be superior to his strength is Mizuki's incredibly fast speed, agility, and reflexes. In terms of raw speed, excluding teleportation, she is the fastest of the three admirals by far. This is due to the fact she did not initially rely on a Devil Fruit. Plus she is a master of the Soru technique, capable of outclassing most opponents through this technique. Her unnatural speed compliments her incredible agility and reflexes. Her devil fruit enhancements and Haki work hand in hand together allowing her to predict techniques, counter attacks, and analyze techniques more efficiently. Along with technique Kami-e, striking her from a distance is extremely difficult, some claim near impossible, though attacking from close range is considered to be even more dangerous. As a skilled combatant, Mizuki has incredible agility and flexible, capable of performing gymnastic like movements in order to avoid attacks.

Outside of both her incredible speed and strength, Mizuki possesses outstanding durability and endurance. Once again, this could be attributed to many years in combat and her initial lacking of Devil Fruit as well as her unorthodox training. Without any form of armor or protection, Shirowashi has taken on bullets, grabbed a cannonball with her bare hand, and even took on consecutive punches from notorious pirates without even flinching. An entire building has collapsed on top of her, and she came out unscathed. Mizuki also possesses various forms of armor and protection such as Tekkai and Busoshoku Haki, only allowing those of equal tier to even hurt her. Through her Devil Fruit capability, when she is in a difficult situation where her physical body may be at risk, she can act as a bomb and self detonate. Mizuki is also immune to bombs and explosives including cannon balls and bullets. She also has incredible pain tolerance, not displaying any reactions even when stabbed multiple times in vital organs.

Throughout the years, Mizuki has displayed insane amounts of stamina. According to legend, She once fought against an opponent for more than a week, coming out victorious. In battle, Mizuki rarely display any form of fatigue, even after fighting several powerful opponents consecutively. Her stamina could be due to all of her other physical capabilities such as her durability and healing factor, but she claims that it is mostly due to willpower. Mizuki vowed to bring about peace to this world, and will do what ever it takes in order to do so. Therefore, quitting is not an option. So when most people would give up or past out due to fatigue, she is able to remain tall, despite what she truly feels, her will grants her more stamina than most.

Fighting Styles Edit

Rokushiki Edit

Honing her skills under her instructor, deceased Vice-Admiral Martial, Mizuki was taught in the Marine Fighting style known as Rokushiki. Mastering these skills before obtaining a Devil Fruit, Mizuki is praised for her masterful usage of the fighting style. Unlike many others who view the style as six independent techniques that grants the user superhuman capabilities, she believes each technique is to be used to assist one another, allowing her to access the techniques to their full potential. Over the years, she has developed many variations of techniques that involve two or more of the Rokushiki. For this reason, Shirowashi is praised as one of the fighting styles most skilled users.

The Soru (剃, "Shave") is Mizuki's most used technique of all the Rokushiki. Through extensive training, she developed outstanding leg strength and footwork that has enabled her to become a proficient user of the technique. By kicking off the ground with a minimum of ten steps at the blink of an eye, she is able to move at incredible speeds in order to dodge attacks or move towards opponents. Mizuki is able to perform this technique at a masterful level. She is capable of outranking others who use the same technique. Due to her fighting style, she found himself relying on this technique more often than not, in order to compete with opponents who speed enhancements. Upon mastering the technique, Mizuki invented multiple variations to enhance the technique's capabilities. As she's grown older, she has been able to increase the amount of steps taken allowing him to increase her speed. Similar to Shakushi, due to her insane speed, she vanishes, making dodging her strikes even harder than normal users of the Soru style. But unlike users of the Shakushi, Muzuki is in full control of her direction, and moves at an even masterful speed. Mizuki often uses this technique alongside many other of her Rokushiki fighting styles such as Tekkei Geppō and Shigan.

  • Soru Zanzō (剃残像, "Shave Afterimage"): is a variation of the Soru style, where Mizuki produces an image of herself after she has already vanished from the location. The image remains clear for about a second before it begins to fade. The technique is simply used as a short diversion to allow him to strike her opponents. Also by using the technique to appear in multiple locations, Mizuki is able to create an optical illusion army of herself, to freeze her target to create an opening. Despite the mechanics being quite basic, Mizuki utilizes this technique in order to create openings against her ignorant opponents.

The Shigan (指銃, "Finger Pistol") is a unique technique of the Rokushiki that Mizuki mastered and honed in her own unique way. Her master instructed that despite not liking the technique, Mizuki must know how to fight without her first. Conceptualizing the technique is not very difficult, as the user must envision their finger to match the speed and strength of a bullet in order to pierce the target. While many struggle to master such speed and strength, it did not take Mizuki long to master this technique. Actually, alongside Soru, this technique took Mizuki the shortest amount of time to master. Unlike many others who use this technique, she does not only focus on the amount of speed and agility she put into the technique but the amount of force as well. Without any additional support, Mizuku's variation of the Shigan is able to completely pierce through capable users of Haki. Due to her tremendous speed, it has been stated that it is even harder to dodge than a bullet, much more difficult. Over the years she has made some modifications to the technique. Similar to other users, Mizuki has been able to use a barrage of this technique to puncture her targets in multiple locations. Mizuki also uses this technique alongside, Tekkai and Soru giving it additional force. When utilized alongside her devil fruit power, she is able to pierce an opponent, then detonate.

The Geppo (月歩, "Moonwalk") is one of Mizuki's most utilized techniques of the Rokushiki, and throughout the years she modified it to suit her fighting style. Geppo is described as the ability to kick the air the float, in essence granting the Shirowashi the ability to change directions or even prepare to launch mid-air attacks. While this technique was initially only utilized by Mizuki to get her out of trouble when she was mid-air situations, in recent years she has increased the technique's versatility. Through use of her devil fruit, Shirowashi's steps on air become more powerful as she releases a large combustion to grant her a boost in speed and distance. Because of this modification, she can use this technique in the same manner as Black Leg Sanji's Skywalk, allowing her to travel great distances without the need of a ship or any other mode of transportation. While she is able large leaps within the air to cover great distances, Shirowashi is also able to keep herself airborne while not necessarily moving. By releasing a constant flows of combustion from her feet, she is able to levitate in place in order to gaze down at her opponents. While this technique comes in handy when she wishes to simply watch a fray, it really has no purpose in battle. Outside of enhancing the abilities power through her devil fruit, she has been seen enhancing it with other Rokushiki techniques.

  • Kamisori (剃刀, "Razor"): is a variation of the Geppo technique in which Mizuki utilizes Geppo and Soru in sync. By combining both fighting styles, she is able to utlize the speed of Soru along with the mid-air transitions of Geppo, thus granting her extreme speed and control when in battle. Through this ability, she is able to fight opponent's comfortable mid-air due to the fact she is still able to maintain her usual fighting speed while still keeping control. She has often stated that her speed does not decrease even though she is utilizing both in conjunction. Actually, due to her devil fruit boost, she may even be considered faster.

The Kami-e (紙絵, "Paper Art") is a defensive technique of the Rokushiki fighting style that Mizuki utilizes in a unique fashion. Throughout the years, this technique is described as the ability to make their body of limb as if it were paper in order to dodge attacks. During her youth, Shirowashi utilized this technique quite often as it allowed her to dodge gunshots, punches, and even slashes from swords. But upon eating her devil fruit, Shirowashi would abandon this technique in substitute of simply exploding on contact. While this strategy worked against less formidable opponents, as she made it to the New World, she discovered it was not a dependable strategy. Discovering the use of Haki, specifically Kenbunshoku Haki, Shirowashi returned to her roots and decided to build upon the technique. Utilizing her ability to predict through Kenbunshoku Haki, she'd perfect this Kami-e making her almost untouchable when she wants to be. Rather than simply keeping her legs on the ground and having her torso dodge the majority of the the attacks, Shirowashi's entire body takes part in the act of dodging literately floating around as if she were a paper. It takes great skill and precision to even lay a finger on Shirowashi.

Haki Edit

Kenbunshoku Haki Edit

Shirowashi is a particularly skilled user of Kenbunshoku Haki. With this ability she is able to detect the presence of others within a certain radius. While she is unable to physically see her opponent's appearance, she is able to detect an unique aura generated by her target thus allowing her to spot them. She often states that some people's aura is greater others making them easier to track. People with weak auras or known how to mask their aura are difficult to spot. Through years of usage, Shirowashi has learned how to mask her own aura thus making others who are also able to use Kenbunshoku Haki incapable of detecting her. Through her ability to detect auras, Shirowashi is also able to read them well. She can understand when a target has dark or sinister intention or whether they are pure. She can also detect a creature's killing, which is like an alarm for her.

Outside of detecting the presence of others and reading their auras, Kenbunshoku Haki also grants Shirowashi the ability to predict her opponent's attacks. The concept is simple, the ability grants Shirowashi a premonition of the attack landing within her mind's eye, granting a glimpse into the futures for a brief moment. Then in real time, she has a chance to react to the attack before it even occurs. This ability is enhanced when she goes against pirates or other foes who possess a high killing intent, supposedly making it easier for her to read their moves. But this technique is not omnipotent, as it requires her to see her opponent attack therefore surprise attacks will work against her and it also requires a significant amount of concentration on her part, therefore if she ever lose her cool this technique will not work well.

Busoushoku Haki Edit

Haki busoushoku by ninfanocturna-d83z5z0

Shirowashi's complete body Busoshoku: Koka.

Of the two haki she possesses, Shirowashi has stated that she is more skilled in her usage of Busoushoku Haki. Busoushoku Haki grants Mizuki the ability to coat herself in an invisible armor than can not only increase her attacks both offensively and defensively but also bypass the ability of Devil Fruit powers whether they be Logia Paramecia or Zoan. As a martial artist, this comes quite in handy against fearsome opponents who can either become intangible or can nullify her basic attacks. As the ability is connected to their spiritual life force and will, the technique cannot be utilized over extended periods of time. Though her usage of the ability does extend beyond the average user.

Through years of training usage of the ability, Shirowashi is able to coat her body in large dense amounts of this invisble armor making it black. This technique is known as Busoshoku: Koka. When first utilizing, she was called an amateur only able to extend the dark hardening through her fists. But over the years, Shirowashi has become very proficient in the technique to the point many even call her a master. She is able to coat her entire body, including her clothes, for great periods of time allowing her to increase both her offense and defense to drastic levels. And when she fights another user, Shirowashi is able to focus large amount of the ability to a specific point allowing her to overcome most. By touching another object, she can coat it with the hardening for as long as she remains in contact with it but have been times where the object remains coated for a brief time period.

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  • Mizuki's name means "Beautiful moon" and her alias Shirowashi means White Eagle.
  • Mizuki is the youngest of the three Admrials.
  • Mizuki is the User's fourth attempt at making an Admiral with the first being accepted then retired then the other two characters being abandoned.
  • All pictures of Mizuki are made by DeviantArtist Ninfanocturna[1].
  • Shirowashi has a very distinct laugh like many other characters in One Piece series: (Tehehhehehe).
  • Shirowashi's personality is based on Naruto's Tsunade Senju.
  • There are several variations of Mizuki's fruit in canon and fanon, the user strives to make Mizuki's variation superior to the rest due to her rank.
  • This character has yet to be approved by Dazz, but the user has hope that Mizuki will be accepted.