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Montblanc Burling is the 5th Division Commander of the Titan Pirates.[1]

Abilities and Powers Edit

As the commander of the Titan Pirates' 5th Division, Burling has complete and utter authority over his subordinates, while also holding a significant degree of the very same when concerning the rest of the Yonko crew.[2] The mention of his name alone was enough to invoke fear within Carter Pine, forcing the marine prodigy to retreat so as to avoid any sort of consequential association with Burling himself.[3]

According to his vice-captain, Foxpack, Burling was among the few present on Elbaf who could pose as a threat to Bathory McGhinnis during the War-Priest's terror over the island of giants. This short list of candidates featured the Yonko Daddy L. Legs, Marine Admiral Ravinger Terell, and none other than Burling himself, speaking volumes of Burling's combat prowess, at least in the eyes of his comrade.[4]

References Edit

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