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The Mosa Mosa no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to accelerate the growth rate, create any known plant, and control them to their desire making the user a Plant Human (Kanji, Romaji). It was once in the possession of a merchant of Alabasta, and acquired by Benjamin Tabart in a trade for the child’s remaining livestock after being told it was magical which he later devoured.

Appearance Edit

The Mosa Mosa no Mi takes the appearance of a normal bean with a swirly pattern.

Strength and Weaknesses Edit

The Mosa Mosa no Mi’s strength is an extremely versatile Devil Fruit providing a myriad of powers making it difficult to decipher the major strengths of the fruit.[1] An ability that the Mosa Mosa no Mi has demonstrated is the ability to accelerate the growth rate of plants, allowing the user to turn seeds into flowering trees, or even increase the size of already full-grown trees. As demonstrated by Tabart, there is seemingly no limit to the amount of growth that a plant can be given, evident by his creation of a beanstalk that carried him to a sky island above Elbaf.[2] In addition, the speeds at which these plants grow varies depending on how fast the user desires them to grow; they can spawn entire forest from seeds within the matter of seconds should they wish it be, implying that the user has unfathomable, and almost limitless control dictating the growth of all plants regardless if they created them or not.[3] In addition, Tabart seems capable of also accelerating the growth and production of materials that plants can produce, such as rubbers and latex that many plants have been able to create.[4]

References Edit

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