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Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe. I have a mind of a genius and a strong sense of justice, so allow me to guide you into the right path.
—  Death

Shunsui X. Mugen commonly known by his alias Death, is currently one of the Vice Admiral of the Marines, recognized as the one of the Military's Greatest Powers. Though still unknown, he is said to posses a unique relationship with Military Scientist Vegapunk. He has eaten the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Shinigami.

Much is not known about his life before the age of 6 but that he had some relationship to the Genius Vegapunk. Joining the Marines at the age of seven, Shunsui rose through the ranks. Becoming Commander at twelve, Captain at fifteen, Commodore at nineteen, Rear Admiral at twenty two and now a Vice Captain at twenty five, Shunsui is also known the Prodigy of the Marines. No one alive has ever seen unique DeviL Fruit powers, but Shunsui is recognized as a true master of Haki, surpassing even former Vice Admiral Vergo.

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Much is unknown about Shunsui's relatives, but it is said that he is related to Vegapunk. Not gaining his relatives height, Shunsui is only 181 (6'2), average height for a human, but small against many other races. His physique is not anything to run home about either, only weighing in about 73 kg (163 lbs), he is body similar to those of Black Foot Sanji, fit but powerful. According to most women he is quite attractive, possessing big brown eyes and brown lushes hair.

This is no record of the young marine as a baby. The youngest image they have of Shunsui is at the age of seven. It was his skills that made him stand out not overall appearance. He was not tall, actually some say he was fairly short for his age. He was considered a twig, with no body fat but no muscle as well. He would often be confused for a samurai because of his black kimono. He would also carry katana with a design similar to a tsuba "hexagram".

As he grew older Shunsui gained some more muscle, losing his kid like appearance. He also would have a sudden a growth spurt which shocked most people, growing to become 6"1. While he gained one thing he slowly lost another, his vision became worst and worst as he grew older. With his vision worsening, he would be forced to wear black glasses. He continued to wear his black kimono, with his katana on his side. During this time he would be a captain, gaining a white coat, that said "Captain of the G-2" on his back.

When promoted to Commodore and Rear Admiral, the only difference was the words on the back of his marine coat.

Once he was promoted to Vice Admiral, his whole appearance changed. The first major switch was the direction of his hair, usually brushing it forward, Shunsui decided to go the opposite direction except for one strand of hair that continues to sway across his face. The next noticeable difference is his glasses. The New World gained these new thing called Visords, that allow the human to "put the glass in you eye" allowing him to no longer wear those square glasses. Another change would be how his whole kimono is now inverted, being mostly white with black line. This new kimono completes his look and forces his whole division to either wear black or white kimonos.

Shunsui possesses several appearances that are gained after he awakens or unlocks an ability. Shunsui is a master of Busoshoku Haki which allows him to change his skin, into a dark black metallic appearance. Because he is a master of this, he has been able to use Busoshoku Haki allow over his body turning his white skin into dark shinny skin. The second and other awakened appearance is one gained from his Devil Fruit. In his partial transformation, Shunsui's hair grows longer, almost to his butt. The whiteness in his eye becomes purple as his pupil become grayish. He also loses his kimono to an all white suit that cover most of his body. In his second partial trans....

In his complete transformation.......

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Trivia Edit

  • Shunsui's name comes from the famous animes series, Bleach
  • Images of Shunsui are from the anime series Bleach: Sosuke Aizen
  • Shunsui is the user's first character on this site
  • According to the databook(s):
    • Shunsui's hobby is playing chess
    • Shunsui want to catch any pirate with Bounty Higher the 400,000,000 berries
    • Shunsui's favorite food is the caviar
    • Shunsui's most used phrase is "Use your head for once" (一度のためにあなたの頭を使用してください, Ichido no tame ni anata no atama o shiyō shite kudasai)