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Abilities and Powers Edit

Physical Attributes Edit

  • Enhanced Smell: For reasons still unknown, Shunsui has a very keen sense of smell. Shunsui could easily distinguish a dead rose in a pile of beautiful lively roses. He says he never forgets a scent, meaning once he gets a good wiff of someone's scent he'll never forget and will always be able to tell when it's nearby.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Shunsui states that he has enhanced hearing. His ears allow for him to instigate even the most silent of movements. A lustrous trait that many believe he wasn't born naturally with. His hearing could be comparable to a bat if he actually trained, and wished to enhance it.
  • Immense Durability: Shunsui has proven to be extremely durable. His resistance has been demonstrated many times, surviving many life threatening situations and still being able to fight afterwards. Shunsui also has an amazing tolerance to pain and astonishing amounts of stamina and endurance, evidenced by numerous situations he has thus far endured. Shunsui has survived numerous wounds that would easily kill normal people, such as a (undecided deadly technique), showcasing his unbelievable endurance and durability, and the majority of his battles lead to him being drenched in blood and sustaining lethal injuries. Even while in an almost death-like state, he is still able to battle against very strong enemies and even fight with improved skill, tenacity and a clear head.
  • Immense Strength:Spending several years with (undecided),Shunsui developed enhanced strength. This strength aid him while he is either using his many different fighting styles. Even with his swords, Shunsui has monstrous physical strength. Though this was not always the case, at a very young age he was barely able to lift up a sword that was left for him. He was even strong enough to block one of the strongest marines of all time. To most people who do not know him, underestimate his strength because he does not possess a very muscular build, but actually his muscles are condensed. When using Tenkai and Haki his strength increase to god like levels.
  • Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: A defining trait of Shunsui's combatical prowess is his unrivaled speed. For still unknown reasons, Shunsui's body has been exposed to chemicals and radiation ever since a young age. In turn, he was granted tremendous speed and reflexes. Because of this trait, his reflexes are at their utmost limit and absolute highest peak. His reflexes are said to be just under Kenbunshoku Haki. He is able to react to almost anything, especially incoming projectiles directed his way. Almost as if he has a "sixth sense", Shunsui is informed of incoming danger through the pores of his skin. Not only does he possess unhuman like reflexes but his possesses both Kenbunshoku Haki and Kami-e, basically allowing him to react faster than most people. And his speed is also great possessing several techniques that increase his speeds, Shunsui has been able to keep up with the fastest of beings alive.

Fighting Style Edit

One Sword Style Edit

A true swordsman knows that a sword is not just something that you fight with, but an extension of your body. Excalibur and I are not separate but two halves of one who.
—  Shunsui talking about Excalibur

Rokushiki Edit

With these six power, a man can gain superhuman abilities. But when superhuman gains these abilities, they can be considered God-like.
— Shunsui describing the Six Powers

Shunsui is a master of the martial arts style known as Rokushiki. Shunsui began learning the fighting style at the age of 10, learning it from his captain during his lieutenant days. Now at the age of twenty five, Shunsui has mastered all six powers, becoming as proficient in the technique as Rob Lucci.

Geppo Edit

Tumblr maxkq4wsCq1qjiur9o1 500

Shunsui using Geppo.

Both pirates and Marines try to gain the ability to fly whether it be in their own unique way, or the usage of Geppo, one of the six powers. This technique gives Shunsui the ability to swiftly, jump in the air. This technique allows Shunsui to get out of many tricky situations while airborne or if needed to retreat he could take to the skies and reach height his opponents cannot. Shunsui constantly uses this technique if he need to catch his opponents off guard, or fight creatures with the ability to fly. Shunsui has proven to be very agile and quick in the sky, even being to fast for non users of Kenbunshoku Haki.
  • Kamisori (剃刀 Kamisori?, literally meaning "Razor"): is a combination of Geppo and Soru, where Shunsui uses Soru in a zigzag motion in midair, allowing extremely fast movements in three dimensions.This allows Shunsui to attack quickly and get out even faster. These movements are very unpredictable.

Tekkai Edit


Shunsui using Tekkai

A technique that increases Shunsui's defense and offense. With this technique Shunsui is able to to to harden his muscles to the level of Iron. This allows Shunsui to easily deflect bullets and for not very skilled swordsman, break swords. Initially this technique was not very useful for him, being very skinny and weak, that the technique would barely be effective. But now that he possesses very condensed but insanely strong muscles, that this technique can be more productive than Busoshoku Haki.

  • Tekkai "Utsugi" (鉄塊「空木」 Tekkai "Utsugi"?, literally meaning "Iron Mass: 'Deutzia'"): is a unique ability developed Naturally after training on his own. This form of Tekkai is used entirely as a counter instead, where the purpose is not to absorb damage from the attack, but to transfer the shock of the attack back to the attacker, which can lead to broken bones in a normal human body. While using Tenkai Kenpo, Shunsui can easily walk past a group of armed pirates and not be even scratch.
  • Tekkai Kenpo (鉄塊拳法 Tekkai Kenpō?, literally meaning "Iron Mass Style"): is a unique fighting style developed by Shunsui after being paralyzed by Tekkai his will allowed to move. Using Tekkai Kenpo, Shunsui is able to move while using Tekkai. Tekkai Kenpo is also an entire fighting style, with various techniques of its own.

Shigan Edit

Shigan is a close-quarter combat technique, in which the user pushes their finger into a certain target at a very high speed, leaving a wound similar to a bullet wound. Shunsui learnt this technique after watching his master fight a group of pirates. He carefully watched as his teacher stabbed his opponents with only one finger. Amused by this Shunsui, tried learning it in secret on his own to impress his teacher, breaking his fingers dozens of times while doing so. Now twenty five he cause use this technique with any finger with either hand.

  • Shigan "Oren" (指銃「黄蓮」 Shigan "Ōren"?, literally meaning "Finger Gun: 'Yellow Lotus'"): This attack is simply a rapid-fire version of the normal Shigan technique that hits the enemy multiple times. Because he Shigan is often compared to a Gun Bullet, Shunsui often calls this attack Shigan Machine Gun, because of the rapid rate at which he attacks his opponent.
  • Tobu Shigan "Bachi" (飛ぶ指銃「撥」 Tobu Shigan "Bachi"?, literally meaning "Flying Finger Gun: 'Plectrum'"): is a projectile version of Shigan that fires sharp compressed air bullets from the fingers, similar to "Rankyaku", and are therefore able to pierce unique bodies (ex: would be Lucci hitting Luffy's Rubber Body). Unlike all other versions, this type of Shigan is launched by flicking instead of jabbing.
  • Tobu Shigan "Hibachi" (飛ぶ指銃「火撥」 Tobu Shigan "Hibachi"?, literally meaning "Flying Finger Gun: 'Fire Plectrum'"): is the same as Tobu Shigan: Bachi, except that the projectile is a fireball, possibly created through friction, that burns the victim upon impact.

Rankyaku Edit

Rankyaku, is a powerful unique projectile technique, that Shunsui uses that allows him send dangerous compressed projectiles of wind by kicking at very high speeds and strength. This technique on its own can easily cut through stone and some metals. While using Tekkai Kenpo, this techniques power and speed increase drastically. While using Kenpo, he is able to cut through most metal and even Busoshoku Haki.

  • Rankyaku "Hyobi" (嵐脚「豹尾」 Rankyaku "Hyōbi"?, literally meaning "Storm Leg: 'Leopard-Tail'"): Shunsui creates a large, powerful Rankyaku in the shape of a swirl, which is launched at the enemy like a razor blade. When it hits the opponent, he/she is damaged and stunned, with an ability to send him/her flying if they get caught in mid-air by it.

Soru Edit

The easiest out of the six power Shinsui mastered. Already being blessed with great speed, this technique almost came naturally to him. After mastering he gained access to move at extremely high speeds in order to avoid attacks, as well as to attack at higher speeds and with greater power. It was revealed that the principle of this move was to kick off the ground at least ten times in the blink of an eye. He combined with his natural strength Soru make both his Sword Fighting style and his other Rokushiki styles.

  • Soru "Tekkai Dama" (剃「鉄塊玉」 Soru "Tekkai Dama"?, literally meaning "Shave: 'Iron Mass Ball'"):in this attack, Shunsui spins his body at great speeds towards his opponent using Soru, then uses Tekkai to harden his spherical body.Shunsui may sometimes use this technique with his sword too.

Kami-e Edit

According to his teacher, this is the most basic of the six powers. Already having mastered Kenbunshoku Haki, Shunsui really didn't have any interest in this technique at first, but when his teacher told him he must learn this technique before he could master the "seventh power". After taking a day to learn it, Shunsui gained the ability makes his body go limp in order to avoid any attacks, and float like a piece of paper.

Rokuogan Edit

A technique Shunsui awoke many years after his training in the midst of battle. Fighting a whole pirate crew on his own, while trying to protect his men, Shunsui was able to awaken this technique proving his mastery over the Rokushiki. Not even his master was able to learn this legendary technique. Using his incredible speed to get close to his opponent Shunsui puts his fist in front of his oppoenent and launches a devastating shock wave in a forward direction. For Lucci it was comparable to the impact dial but Shunsui's is said to be way stronger. Though its not suppose to have any drawback after using it the third time in one day, Shunsui begins to get tired while his speed decreases drastically.

Devil Fruit Edit

Haki Edit

Haki a power the resides in everything, and anything. Pirates use haki to get what they want. Marines use it to suppress these pirates. While I heh heh...I use it to bring justice on to anyone who does not follow my ideals
— Shunsui's personal use of haki.

It was stated by Doctor Fishbonen that all vice admirals possess Haki, so as a vice admiral, Shunsui can also use the ability. He already has masterful usage of Haki even as a cadet in the Marines

Kenbunshoku Haki Edit

Hitsugaya and kyoraku vs aizen by tsotne senpai-d5t1zgh

Shunsui using Kenbunshoku Haki against Jack

Ever since Shunsui was young he has possessed incredible reflexes. His master believed that if he mastered Kenbunshoku Haki then Kami-e after he would be able to dodge any projectile with ease. So his master taught what is haki and how to use it. And ever since he has mastered it, Shunsui has become one the hardest people to hit. Shunsui was asked to demonstrate his skill to some captains who were trying to get promoted. He had an entire army shoot at him, he was able to easily dodge. Machine guns being shot at him as well as swordsmen who are said to be quiet skilled. Even at close range Shunsui is able to to predict and react fairly quickly. Shunsui can also sense when people are coming or are nearby. Some say this is natural hearing and smelling abilities but other believe that it is also his Haki. While eating dinner, Shunsui was able to sense a pirate crew known for their stealth coming to kill him.

Busoshoku Haki Edit

Busoshoku Haki (武装色の覇気, Ambition of the Colour of Armaments) allows Shunsui to basically create invisible armor around himself. This invisible armor is said to be even stronger than his very own Tekkai. Busoshoku Haki allows Shunsui to increase both his offensive strength and defensive. Offensively, combined with Shunsui's condensed muscles, he is able to snap swords in half, knockdown walls, and even break some metals. Combined with his one sword style Shunsui is able to cu through anything. And defensively, he is able to withstand bullets and cannonballs with ease, and take slices from even the most skilled swordsmen. His ultimate defense is his ability to mix he Tekkai along with Busoshoku Haki, which is said to be almost impossible to even hurt him. Though this has not been tested out against anyone "stronger" than he is.

Busoshoku: Koka (武装色 硬化, Colour of Armaments: Hardening):

Busoshoku: Bakuhatsu (武装色 硬化, Colour of Armaments: Blast):

Tools Edit

  • Excalibur (エクスカリバー, Ekusukaribā):
  • Mirame (否スコープ, Īe Sukōpu):