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My life has been nothing but an infinite loop of ups and down. Losing family friends and even teachers, while rising to the top
—  Shunsui

History Edit

New Home Edit

Shunsui along with three others were left in a lab, not any lab, a lab once owned by military scientist Vegapunk. Though these kids we're not meant to be left there to die. Its actually the exact opposite, possessing food, clothes, water, shelter, they possessed everything except adult care and supervision. Being the oldest Shunsui naturally lead the other three kids. What shocked Shunsui was that each kid had a unique skill. Unlike the rest of the kids who enjoyed their skills and abilities, Shunsui did not, actually he hated his skill and wish nothing more to get rid of it. So while the others just ran around and had a good time, Shunsui wanted to know where they were, who they were, how they got there, and why they have these skills. Shunsui was the only one of the kids who knew how to read. With this skill, Shunsui spent days and weeks reading Vegapunk's books. Though he did not find any information on who they were or why they were there, he did find out that they were on an Isolated island in the Grand Line, and their skills came from fruits knowns as Devil Fruits. He learnt that, they weak against water and can never learn to swim. This forced Shinsui not to leave the island. Shunsui thought they were going to have to stay on this island until they were adults, until one glorious day.

One day as Shunsui was trying to help Jack how control his Ice powers, Shunsui heard horns coming from the sea. Not knowing if they were going to be saved or attacked, Shunsui gather everyone at the edge of the island. Shunsui heard voices, some sounding friendly while others not so much. Shunsui tempted to go see these people, left the three others alone hiding behind large bushes. Shunsui carefully ran towards the voices. When he finally got close enough to see them, Shunsui was actually to see their jackets with the Logo marines on them, just like in the building they live in. About to jump out and introduce himself, Shunsui was startled by the gunshot shot at one of the creature on the island. After seeing the dead animal, Shunsui was scarred, not only for himself but for his brothers and sister. He quickly bolted to towards the room his siblings but once he arrived no of them were in the place he left them. Angry, Shunsui quickly followed the called breeze of Jack's ice. When he did he saw poor Jack running towards the Water, being chase by two marines. Worried that his sibling forgot that he cannot swim, Shunsui unknowingly activated his devil fruit powers, catching to the two low ranked marine, knocking the out with a kick to the temple. Though he was to fast enough to catch the two marines, he was unable to stop, his brother from running towards the water. Shunsui broke into tears thinking his brother already drowned. Then he felt a breeze of Jack's ice. Shunsui saw as his brother froze the water, allowing him to stand on it. Filled with joy he hugged he brother, telling him to never do that again. He was quick to stop celebrating as he remember that he not found his sister or his other brother. As they headed back to the island, they were surrounded by over 100 hundred marine. Prepared to die for his brother Shunsui ran toward the first marine he saw. It wasn't until a man, that had the words admiral on his jacket, showed Shunsui his brother and sister eating crab, on his shoulders. The kids would leave the island with marines, starting up a new path for them.

The kids faces were all over the newspapers all throughout the Grand Line. Titled "Kids of Vegapunk". This title alone caused many to want to abduct the kids. Many wanted to find out if Vegapunk was still alive and if he is where is he now, including the Marines. Sadly the kids had no idea where he was nor if he was still alive. While this was a major let down, their skill alone had them being asked to join the Marines. With no other place to go and the marines treating them well, Shunsui and the others decided to stay with the Marines, and become warriors of the Law. These kids would be known as The Prodigies of the Marines."

World Government Makes a Move Edit

As the world heard word of "The Prodigies of the Marines", the World Government took action. Trying to get close to the kids, the World Government would give 5 agents new identities, all said to be part of the marines for many years, to spy on these kids, and influencing to leave the Marines. Arthur would become Shunsui's captain,, making it his job to influence Shunsui. Arthur first had to develop and relationship with Shunsui, treating Shunsui as his favorite, allowing him to goof off and lay low. The two became "friends", and Shunsui asked his captain if he could teach him how to fight with a sword. To stay in character, Arthur began training the young Shunsui teaching One sword Fighting style. Shunsui proved to be a hard worker, and a dedicated student eager to learn more.

One day while Shunsui and the rest of the marine in his division were on an island, they came across some pirates with their Captain having a 180,000,000 belly bounty on his head. The pirate ate a devil fruit that gave him to ability generate earth. Shunsui knowing that all of them we're outmatched developed a strategy to capture this man. The idea was quite simple, there were 4 teams while the team on the north would be distracting the pirate, teams east and west would prepare create distance between his crew and him. While the west would prepare to shoot a massive net to capture, the pirate. This strategy was clearly developed by 10 year old not being the most well thought up plan, but it did capture 180,000,000 belly pirate, which was the mark of the beginning of Shunsui's rise to fame. During this encounter, Shunsui also searched his ship finding a lot of gold and the legendary sword Excalibur.

By the age of 11, Shunsui was putting a up a good fight versus his teacher, sometimes even winning. Theses battles often made Arthur develop feelings for Shunsui, without even knowing. As they continued to face many different pirates with devil fruit abilities Arthur began thinking like an actual teacher. He realized that he was not gonna last long if he did not possesses knowledge and access to haki. During his teachings the two truly began to bond, Arthur being Shunsui's first father figure, Shunsui was attached to Arthur and shockingly Arthur was attached to Shunsui.

Mastering Kenbunshoku Haki and learning Busoshoku Haki, Shunsui was promoted to Commodore, he took on all his sibling as subordinates so that they can bond more. At first they did, each of them had a unique ability, a new form of haki that allows them to manipulate spiritual energy. While this power was unique to them, Shunsui learning two other Hakis before the other gave him a head start. While Jack enjoyed the idea of working under his older brother, and becoming rivals with him, his other brother and sister did not, and grew jealous of their sibling. They resented that their brother was only older by a couple of months was superior in rank and in skill. This caused tensions between the three for a long time, while Jack the youngest was in the middle of it all. Eventually Jack would be promoted to commodore as Shunsui was promoted to captain. Sadly the his other two sibling left the marines to advance in the world in their own ways.

By the time he promoted to captain, he former teacher was his rival, they were continually bumping heads as they fought to see who would get promoted first. Caught up in the rivalry, Arthur even forgot his purpose being there. Though still having that teacher mentality, Arthur truly wanted to see his former student surpass him. So the teacher finally taught him the last style in secret. Because this was a technique taught to him by the World government, he was not able to show anyone else that he was knew these techniques, the power of Rokushiki. Shunsui kindly took this offer, but because of naturally military instinct, he was forced to look into his teacher. This did not stop him for starting to learn these powers.

As Shunsui continued to spy on Arthur, he finally found out who he was and why he was in the marines. After hearing Arthur talking to the World Government about he and his siblings, Shunsui was in shock, and decided to ignore it. After that day, Arthur continuously brought up the World Government as if he was trying to convince him to join. Having no interest in joining the World Government, Shunsui continued to just blow it off not paying much attention to it. It was until the day where Shunsui had heard, that his former teacher, friend and rival had committed suicide. He left a note for Shunsui, "It was either you or me. Strive for greatness". leaving his signature gun behind. This cause Shunsui inner demon, or shinigami to awaken inside of him.

The name is...Death Edit

Shunsui had been suppressing his devil fruit to the point where some marines didn't even think he even ate one. Most believe it was because he didn't need it, but the true reason is because of the demon inside of him. This demon or shinigami would give the poor Shunsui negative thoughts. After the death of Arthur, Shunsui allowed the demon to take hold, allowing him to not remembering his teacher's death. This would begin the darkest time in Shunsui's life. Not even his brother Jack could do anything about it.

As the Demon took hold Shunsui started his lust for blood and others to suffer. He began by taking it out on the on his subordinates, treating them like they were lower than trash. They were tolerant for the first few months but as this continued for a whole year, they became angry and many asked to be transferred. The prodigy they once admired and dreamed they wished they could be was turning out to be a depressed spoiled teenager. There was a point where almost all of the marines in his division asked to be transferred except for his brother Jack and two others. Eventually Shunsui's division was disbanded forcing Shunsui and jack to go their separate ways. Being the only thing holding him back from pure chaos, Shunsui began his true lust for blood.