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The Storm That Will Swallow The World Whole
— Crim

Aeolus, the world serpent, feared throughout the land as the Scourge of The Sea. His given name of Auberon Muircetach having long be claimed by the seas, is a pirate who despite his presumed young age, has gained quite a reputation as a pirate who will use any means necessary to achieve his goal's be it backstabbing, sneak attacks or even ruthless betrayal. A mysterious being who seeks the destruction of both the marines and revolutionaries blaming them for the death of his mother and father. Aeolus has taken it upon himself to deliver the justice he believes the parties responsible for his parents death deserve. In recent years, after avenging his family, Auberon began to establish the Fae Pirates Intending to rule through them.

Appearance Edit

Perhaps the most distinct feature of he who is known as the world serpent would be that of his hair color, green. In fact his whole wardrobe seems to follow this trend as his cloths are predominantly green in coloration, with an assorted trim of different colors. Also worth noting is that Jormungandr doesn't seem to keep any known weapon's on his person, as he believes they hinder movement and instead relies on his devil fruit to forge them from his imagination.

Physical description's of Aeolus would state that he stands at approximately 6'2" and weighs somewhere around two hundred and fifteen pounds, witness reports of the strength he has displayed would heavily imply that a majority if not all of his weight comes from solid toned muscle forged by his years at sea.

His skin is a hue of olive, that is a result of being born on a summer on and constant sun bathing. another unique identifying feature of the world serpent would be his eye's, as they bear a golden hue.

Soon after he reverted back to using his birth name of Auberon, it was revealed that the appearance young adult had been using was a ruse, fabricated by his Devil Fruit in order to hide his identity from the world officials. After revealing his true appearance, he lets his hair revert to its natural color, that of a light purple as well as letting it fall to his shoulders. He also beings to were higher end clothing, such a cloaks formed my very expensive fabrics, to expensive rings and necklaces.

Personality Edit

As a world noble Aeolus was raised with a very disturbing disposition, that disposition being that people, no matter who they are nothing more than objects to be bought and sold like objects at their whim. This goes for civilians, pirates, even the marines that so diligently serve them at their beck and call. Thus as a young child, while his family remained whole, Aeolus with his infinite spending power Aeolus performed a multitude of gross tasks, buying and selling people to gladiator pits in a sick form of entertainment, while also forcing them to ingest devil fruits in order to watch them rive in pain and beg for death. However, as he changed, and watch the world nobles around him become fat, lazy and die in truly meaningless fashion Aeolus grew bored of this life of leisure, he sought excitement he sought power, true power, not power that was simply handed to him due to his status as the soon of a fat, lazy, wanna be God. This desire, coupled with the death of his loving mother, threw Auberon over the edge of the cliff that is the unknowing, the uncertain and the as of yet unwritten. This forced Auberon to devise a plan to ruin the man that he had grown to detest, not just in death, but his entire legacy among the other world nobles, Auberon would become not only a pirate, but he would set his sights on becoming a Yonko, a champion of the free, Auberon would become everything that the nobility was not, he would become chaos incarnate.

Background Edit

Origin of The StormEdit

Auberon Muircetach comes from a very wealthy family, as his father is a world noble known by the name Saint Adalsindis, as such, growing up young Auberon had everything any young lad could possibly want, many, clothes, a never ending amount of resources. The one thing Auberon wanted however was respect, sure the people said that they respected the world nobles, but that was mostly due to the fear of being executed should their will be defied, no Auberons will was something that his status as a world noble would never grant him this realization led him to seek a life of piracy. Auberon however knew that his father being the stubborn old man that his was would never allow such a thing, and would either have to wait for him to pass peacefully or he himself would have to speed up the process. Auberon felt nothing for his father and the same was likely true in the case of Adalsindis towards Auberon, a wedge had been driven between them since the passing of his lovely mother, while Adalsindis shared the cruelty of the majority of world nobles often ordering executions for his own personal amusement, Auberons mother was quite literally the opposite, often treating those she came across in her travels with genuine kindness and humanely. However the death of the woman indeed forced a wedge between father and son. As such Auberon literally could not be in the same room as his father for seemingly more than 5 minutes without an argument or a debate of some sort encompassing the two. As such Auberon realized that in order for his truth to be realized his father would have to meet his long overdue end, the ploy was simple yet highly effective and cruel. Auberon offered to give a house servent an impossibly large sum of money if he simple added something extra to his fathers morning coffee. The slave however was oblivious to the fact that the death of one of the most powerful people into the world would result in a massive investigation regardless of how legitimate the death looked.

As planned the passing of his father lead to two things, Auberon inheriting a massive fortune and an investigation into the death of his father, although the heart attack looked natural enough, the marines still investigated it, this lead to Auberon offering up the house slave as a scapegoat as well as the bottle that he used to poison Adalsindis, the slave was executed nearly immediately and with extreme prejudice while Auberon was freed from any further questioning and investigation. This left the man free to prepare for the next steps in his plan to become a pirate. Whilst still living in the Holy Land, Auberon paid for a devil fruit to be delivered to him, that would later be revealed to be the fabled storm fruit. Thus with a devil fruit in his possession Auberon packed only his most important belongings and fled the Holy Land, adopting the name Aeolus, in an effort to hide his origins and status from the world.

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Aeolus is an extremely powerful pirate, perhaps even powerful enough to be in the discussion of strongest pirate in the world. Further testament to his ability is the fact that he has single handedly raided dozens of marine compounds, and was even contemplating setting foot on marine-ford despite that fact that it would have probably led to his death. Fear of his raids even forced the marine's to post a vice admiral at each of their outpost's in the new world. Aeolus abilities are truly incredibly and when combined with his Devil fruit he becomes a literally force of nature, who when fighting seriously is nearly invincible to opponents who do not possess the strength of at least an admiral in one on one competition.

Physical Abilities Edit


Whilst he is by no means a grand-master in the art of the of the blade, Auberon is certainly no slouch, able to hold his own against other masters in the art of the blade and in few instances able to contend with more than one. The style employed by Auberon can best be described as "a beautiful dance of brutality." A dance is exactly what the Man feared as the scourge of the sea views swordsmanship as, two partners facing off in an attempt to end the life of one another, to paint the canvas of the earth with the blood of the enemy. a further testament to his skill is that some years ago he clashed with the Marine know as Godfrey and emerged from the conflict alive, despite the Marine being in his hybrid from at the time. In recent years, First Mate Andraste has become his teacher in the art of the blade. As he as come to understand that he must be proficient in all forms of combat in order to achieve his new dream.

Physical StrengthEdit

The world serpent also harbors a massive well of strength, being able to lift boulders and throw cannonballs with minimal effort. This herculean strength also supplement’s his Santoryu style, allowing him to cleave through limbs like butter, once again reinforcing his position as one of the strongest swordsmen, if not pirates in the entire world. His strength was shown to be so vast that he was able to lift the massive anchor of a ship out of the water without a real, and use it as a flail. Perhaps another display of his strength was shown when a rookie marine was able to strike him in the face with a clean blow, only for the blow to not even cause his head to turn. Jormungandr was also able to put his fist through the hull of his old ship, albeit with significant effort, leading to it sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

Mental Prowess

Master StrategistEdit

One could not combat the power's of the world as effectively Jormungandr has without being efficient in the arts of strategy. In-fact Jormungandr has claimed to know the ins and outs of every island in the new world, however whether or not this is fact or boast remains to be seen. With the vast network of intel he as at his disposal, creating a strategy is incredible easy, regardless of the situation.

Navigation KnowledgeEdit

A great deal of Jormungandr's strategy comes from his vast knowledge of the world, allowing him to analyze structure's relatively quickly, this knowledge also allow's him to transverse the first half of the new world relatively easily.

Aeolus has been considered to be one the of best navigators in the world, possessing an internal compass that allows him to always know where he is at or what direction he is sailing. This also allows him to grasp new locations rather quick, as he was able to memorize all the locations in the east blue in a matter of weeks. Another advantage of being an expert navigator is that when he is severely outnumbered, or overpowered he is able to lose ships in the ocean because to put it simply, he knows it better than them. Jormungandr explains that these abilities are not natural, and that he learned how to “speak to the sea” from his former navigator as it was an ability that he was in awe of. Jormungandr has further gone on to say that this "ability" rather then literally talking to the ocean, he has the ability to "read" the waves, which allows him to tell how close he is to an island, merely by how strong the tide is at his present location.

Haki Edit

Haki is a mysterious power that is imbued within the consciousness of every living being in the world. In fact Haki is remarkably similar to normal senses. In simply terms haki is the ability to sense spiritual energy (Kenbunshoku) use life force (Busoshoku) and overpower enemies (Haoshoku.)

Kenbunshoku Edit

This form of haki allow's Jormungandr to read the "Aura" of other beings, allowing for a multitude of effects. First an foremost, it allow's him to see people or objects at a much further difference than naturally possible, however the user of this brand of Haki does not actually "see" the person, but rather a silhouette of them which forms as a light on a dark background. The Second ability granted by Kenbunshoku Haki, allow's jormungandr a form of foresight allowing him to see an opponent's movement a split second before it is actually made, allowing him an extra second to counter. The final advantage granted by this form of Haki is the ability to empathise with the nature and emotion of other being's being able to tell if the are hurt or guilty. It also possible for users of the Kenbunshoku to sense the strength of others allowing them to see if they have any chance at claiming victory or if they are facing certain death. He can also use the Kenbunshoku Haki to moderately overcome one of his Devil fruit weaknesses, as it allows him to see silhouettes of creatures. The excessive distance that Jormungandr can see utilizing kenbunshoku haki, has caused many to view as a prodigy in the art.

Busohoku Edit

If the art of Kenbunshoku is that of empathy, than Busoshoku would be the art of the body, as the true nature of Busoshoku would serve as that of an invisible armor, allowing for attack augmentation as well as an extra layer of defense. The true power of Busoshoku however, lies in it’s ability to strike the body of a logia user. This ability makes the busoshoku incredibly useful in capable hands. Yet another beneficial aspect of the Haki, when a heavy concentration of Busoshoku is applied to an area, or entirety of the user's body, the area will turn black, while becoming extremely dense. However this defense is by know means absolute and if stuck with enough force the user can still be wounded, or perhaps even killed. Jormungandr has been shown to also extended this Haki to his swords, increasing their potential while also allowing them to strike a logia user body.

Additionally Jormungandr has used the power of the Busohoku to not only harden, but sharpen his body and his weapons, making them much more aerodynamic, allowing them to move much faster than what would normally be possible. When using the Haki in this manner Jormungandr has been shown to literally cut air, forming sharp gusts of winds capable of causing deep laceration's to the enemies body. A major setback to this variation of the Busohoku is that while condensing the haki to that degree makes his body virtually impenetrable, the pressure can actually crack his bone's and damage his internals whilst this as yet to be seen on his body, a blade he was practicing this technique with, was shown to have cracked due to the immense pressure on it.

Devil Fruit Edit

Auberon ate the Tomu Tomu no Mi a Logia devil fruit that according to Admiral Fuyuki would fall under the scope type of logia, due to it's ability to affect the weather and generate storms on a truly frighting scale. As a logia, the fruit allow's Auberon himself to become the element, produced by his fruit in the case of Auberon his body is replaced by a storm cloud composed of all the aspects of a lightning storm including raging winds of which enemy attacks simply pass through, however to due the sheer intensity of these winds, if it is a physical attack that Auberon avoids with this method, the winds have the ability to cut or even sever a limb, depending on the level of haki and the resilience of the opponent. Upon reaching the zenith of the fruits abilities Auberon is capable of creating thunder and lightning storms on such a scale that they are capable of of covering nearly all of paradise. The winds generated by this fruit are capable of overturning ships as well as form tidal waves through enough concentrated effort. The storm is also capable of generating immense amount of rain and lightning that rain down indiscriminately over the vast area that the storm covers.

Trivia Edit

Jormungandrs theme, as chosen by the author is Every Breath You Take by the band Denmark and Winter. His secondary theme is Make A Move by the band LostProphets

The Song on his page represent's his obsession with the World Government

His true name of Auberon Muircetech come's from the witcher series, more specifically it is the name of the former Elvin king

The name's Yggdrasil and Jormungandr find their roots in Norse mythology

References Edit

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