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Takumi is a dangerous samurai that originates from Wano Country. Much like many of the samurai there, he is capable of utilizing the Power of Destruction. His mastery over Haki is also impeccable when compared to his master swordsmanship. He had eaten the Hobi Hobi no Mi from about 37 years from the present. This had resulted his age process to be halted forever at the age of 21. This devil fruit proved very useful for Takumi to be able to utilize it to further improve the strength he exhibits in his swordsmanship through a technique he himself developed with this devil fruit. He had later left Wano Country, with his best friend, Tsuyoshi, in search of the strongest sword in the world, which currently he has proved unsuccessful in his attempt.

During this time he had joined the group of Kokuban, with his friend, after being persuaded by Masamune himself. He had agreed to such and had begun down the road of a group directly opposing the great powers of the world. He climbed the ranks within this organization proving his mettle, while at the same time further training his understanding of his Devil fruit, mastery of his sword style and his capabilities utilizing both forms of haki, Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki.


During his time within Wano Country, he had dressed in a samurai gi, much like many of the other samurai that resided within the country. This outfit had been a quite plain color as it took mostly a white color with a black stripe running down the near center of the gi. When leaving Wano Country, he had abandoned this choice of dress to further blend in with the people who had ventured within the New World.

His new choice of clothing had been rather plain compared to his samurai gi, as it consisted of a regular white shirt. Along with this white shirt he had worn a pair of blue pants that he usually keeps on. He chooses sometimes to keep on this attire without anything else on, except for the case where he wears a trench coat. He usually only wears a trench coat when going somewhere he is not familiar with, which has proved quite often when in the New World. During his time within Kokuban he had gotten a new cloak sort of clothing that he used to hide his identity, as with many others within the group. This consisted of a red cloak that covered the entire upper body, designed to be covered with a certain mask, which resembles very similarly to that of Masamune's disguise.


Due to his nature of being a samurai, he has to keep a certain level of honor when ever he fights or does activities, even when in hiding. Part of this honor code is that, much like Roronoa Zoro he refuses to be struck from the back with a sword, as it is dishonorable. He also has been shown to hate it when women show skin, much like many samurai that reside within Wano Country, however due to his time in the New World, he has shown quite some tolerance for it. He also refuses to commit seppaku, even in the face of shame due to him believing he has some "unfinished" business within the world as he has yet to make a name for himself as a great samurai and as well searching for the Yoru.

He forces himself to keep a serious, reserved personality to hide his emotions. This often works and is capable of shutting down any appearance of emotion when in a fight or even in public. The only few to actually see his real emotions would be Masamune and Tsuyoshi, his best friend. The only exception to this is that he loses such a serious behavior whenever he is around women, as he has shown to be incredibly nervous when around one or when even conversing with one.





Sword StyleEdit

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Devil FruitEdit

During his time in Wano Country, he ran into a devil fruit that had earlier down history belonged to Sugar. This had been a Paramecia type fruit called the Hobi Hobi no Mi. This fruit had allowed to turn someone into a specific hobby depending on the person them self. To Takumi, his hobby had been honing his swordsmanship, which would mean at the touch of someone he would turn them into a kind of sword, which shape would befit the personality of the victim. A person that was turned, say a giant, would turn into a great sword that would be incredibly heavy, or a weak marine officer would turn into a katana that could shatter easily. This had proven useful to Takumi as he could turn people into swords just by simply touching them as well as being able to use a sword when ever he wants if he's fighting a crowd of people. This ability to turn people into weaponry that mostly include swords is capable of being reverted if Takumi is knocked out unconscious. Takumi however, has a strong enough grasp onto this devil fruit ability to be able to keep ones within this form when frightened. Takumi himself is not that easily frightened as it is. He carries one primary weapon, and that is his friend Tsuyoshi, himself. He had willingly become a sword for Takumi where Takumi would take him out of this form when ever he wanted. This had proven a useful teamwork of the two as Tsuyoshi's powerful spirit never allows for the sword to be broken, as well as allowing for it's damage output to be strengthened. With this devil fruit ability, Takumi has created many techniques.

Through use of his Devil fruit, Takumi is further achieving Masamune's goal of world anarchy through creating complete chaos through his devil fruit ability. With his devil fruit, he was quite able to cause an entire island to cause a revolution with itself until its own systems had collapsed.

Hobi Hobi Keiyaku(ホビーホビー契約, Hobby Hobby Contract): This is a basic function of the devil fruit that was even done by the previous devil fruit's user, Sugar. When victims of the devil fruit are touched by the user they are forced to follow the Hobi Hobi no Noroi(ホビホビの呪い Hobi Hobi Curse). This curse is one that erases the memory of those who knew the victim for as long as they are stuck in the state of being a weapon by this devil fruit. This is a part of the Hobby Hobby Contract skill however can be considered a separate skill all together. The main focus around the Contract ability is that Takumi can assign jobs to each piece of weaponry to the point where they can actually start to move on their own and attack people that he designates. He can also designate other roles such as protection or forcing one to become his weapon willingly with their own abilities.

Hobi Hobi Seigyo(ホビーホビー制御, Hobby Hobby Control):
Mifune s infinate sword strike

Takumi disabling one's movement utilizing swords under his contract.

One of the most dangerous facts about Takumi is his utter control and mastery over his devil fruit ability. Once he has forced a being into his contract he is capable of forcing them to use their own abilities for his benefits. One example of this is his capability to resonate the Haki with him and whom ever he had turned into a weapon due to his devil fruit. This also means he is capable of forcing someone to use their other abilities, whether it be a special part of their body or a devil fruit ability that can be used from the weapon itself. An example would be if one were to have the Pika Pika no Mi and were happened to turn into a sword, Takumi would be able to force the sword to shoot out the exact same kind of beams produced by the devil fruit from the blade. This can be done without Takumi even holding the weapon either, as he can command the sword to quite literally fight for him as long as they are under his contract. His control over weapons also allows him to force the weapons he had turned people into to fight by themselves and target whom ever he wishes as long as they are under contract. He can choose for them to either attack to kill or to try and disable their movements in accordance to his fighting style, which would prove him to be a difficult enemy to fight.
  • Hobi Hobi Aku Heiki(悪兵器, Evil Weapons):
    Senbonzakura Kageyoshi

    Takumi turning a group of marines into the giant swords.

    This is a version of Takumi's Control ability of his devil fruit. This allows him to combine multiple different people under the effect of his devil fruit into a dangerous weapon. This can easily be compared back to Sugar's Atamawari Ningyo, however instead of utilizing 8 different people into one tool Takumi uses five. Five of any random group of people, whether they are marine underlings or simply citizens of a town. They are all combined together to create a giant sword that is immense in durability and incredibly powerful, much like every other one of Takumi's swords he creates through his devil fruit, it can move on its own. Takumi always carries six of them with him and his division within Kokuban in the case that his division is not strong enough to hold their own against any possible enemies. They do not hold any unique abilities other than being very powerful due to them being created from multiple people at once.

Hobi Hobi Haki Kyōmei(ホビーホビー覇気共鳴, Hobby Hobby Ambition Resonance): Due to having his own Haki, and his ability to turn those he touch into weapons he is able to force them to submit their own Haki to resonate with his own. This is mostly used with his primarily used weapon which is his friend Tsuyoshi. Tsuyoshi has shown to have mastered Haki in both the fields of Kenbunshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki due to having gone through very similar training to that of Takumi's during his childhood within Wano Country. Their Haki, when they resonate, move from the turned weapon back to Takumi while his own Haki is circulating these two, allowing for them to practically become mixed and amplifying the amount of Haki Takumi can use. This would drastically strengthen his Busoshoku Haki as well as amplify the effects of his Kenbunshoku Haki, giving him an edge in combat. Through the eyes of a Kenbunshoku Haki user, one is able to easily tell how easily the amount of Haki in Takumi had greatly risen due to him resonating Haki with his weapon. Through the use of his contract he is capable of forcing any weapon he turns into resonating their Haki with him, however Takumi is most used to handling Tsuyoshi's will due to them having similar lives and ideas of honor.


During Takumi's time in Wano Country he has learned to grasp onto the techniques of both Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki, much like many of the other samurai there that make the country so fearful.

Busoshoku HakiEdit

Takumi had fully mastered his own Busoshoku Haki before he had departed Wano Country, allowing for him to be able to train it as he had adventured to further her grow his power with this form of Haki. Along with having mastered Haki during his training to be a samurai, he had eaten the Hobi Hobi no Mi which allowed him to stay the same age for as long as he still had the devil fruit. This allowed for him to always stay at his peak as well as being able to forever continue training his Busoshoku Haki without being hindered by his age. Takumi had mastered his Busoshoku Haki to the point where he was capable of turning his sword with the condensed Haki material as well as any part of his body to fend off from attacks. He is also capable of fully utilizing his invisible force to enhance attacks such as flying air slashes or even extend it to a point where he could attack the opponent himself with it. This had been a useful extension of his Haki as he was capable of developing his own kind of sword style by using his Busoshoku Haki as an extension of his sword.

His Haki has been shown to provide a stronger output of power than even his brute strength allowing for him to easily create all of his attacks much more powerful than they were previously. Takumi has already demonstrated monstrous strength as he was capable of cutting down a marine ship without the need of Haki. This means that when he actually does Haki, he would be capable of a much more devastatingly powerful sword strike. As well as immensely increasing his damage output, he is capable of utilizing his Haki to bypass the defenses of a Devil fruit users. This also means that he is capable of cutting down Logia' which proves to be a useful skill to those who are arrogant enough to rely solely on their devil fruit.


Takumi's technique being viewed from a Kenbunshoku user

The art of utilizing his Busoshoku Haki to be able to strike people from afar had been a method he had developed through training in Wano Country as well as learning under Masamune on how to be able to use that ability and take it to a new level. Takumi had learned how to use this ability as an extension of his sword and allow himself to an advantage in long ranged combat. The force produced by Takumi through use of his Busoshoku Haki is capable of replicating the effect of a sword that shoots out at an immense speed, capable of taking even the most quickest of foes off guard, if they are not expecting it. It is capable of cutting down even solid stone with ease. The strike itself is precise, meaning it cannot cover a large width, however can extend great distances in length. It can only move in one direction once shot out of, much like the effect of light, however can't reflect off of buildings as it would just cut instead of reflecting. These strikes are created through Takumi as an invisible precise strike, one who does not possess Kenbunshoku Haki would quickly fall prey to it due to not even being able track the shot out Haki. To ones who do know how to utilize the ability of Kenbunshoku Haki view the technique as a glowing aura that shoots out incredibly fast. A draw back to the technique is that Takumi has to wait about one and a half seconds before each use, allowing for him not to be able to utilize Busoshoku Haki in this short time period. However, when resonating his Haki with Tsuyoshi or any other weapon he would happen to use that he could preform this technique with, he would no longer need to suffer from the lost of Busoshoku Haki from preforming this technique due to his increased pool of Haki he is capable of utilizing. The power of each strike also increases quite dramatically in power and speed, it also increases in width slightly while maintaining its effect. Takumi had learned how to fit this sort of technique into his regular fighting style which would make him an exceedingly dangerous man.

Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

Having as well mastered Kenbunshoku Haki during his childhood he is capable of tracking attacks before they even land allowing for extremely close quarters fighting to be as easy as child's play to Takumi. This would have been one of the more important skills for a Samurai to learn because of their need to track each strike before they use their own to be able to continue fighting as well as finish the match as soon as possible. Much like others, Takumi sees those through Kenbunshoku Haki as their auras, as well as being able to easily read their auras to determine what kind of person they are. This has shown to be quite a useful skill in combat and outside of combat because of the fact that he can tell what kind of next attack someone is going to do based on their emotion alone, which if he cannot read one's emotion for whatever reason he can still track someone's techniques as a normal user of Kenbunshoku would be able to utilize. Takumi is capable of reading one's power as well with Kenbunshoku Haki, to determine if someone is powerful or not. The range of his Kenbunshoku Haki is capable of seeing Aura's from across an island which allows him to determine who the strongest of an island is. Outside of combat, Takumi is capable of reading one's personality by simply looking at their Aura, however has shown difficulty utilizing this ability for those of superior Haki. This has been shown when he tried reading Masamune's aura, for which he was incapable of doing so.


Tsuyoshi: Tsuyoshi is his best friend that he had made during his life in Wano Country. Through gaining the powers of the Hobi Hobi no Mi he was capable of turning Tsuyoshi into a weapon, willingly, and utilize his own abilities in conjunction with Takumi's to be able to create a much more powerful strength that neither one could make alone. Tsuyoshi morphs into a katana that is specifically formed for fast and precise strikes that can be used in conjunction with the fighting style that Takumi had developed through his training in Wano Country. The power of the sword is reflected upon by his physical and emotional traits, due to his honor-bound personality and powerful physical condition through his training allows for the sword to increase the damage output Takumi produces from his sword style. A way of increasing the amount of power Takumi can produce, even further, is through a method he calls Ambition Resonance, which is when he utilizes Tsuyoshi's and his own Haki and combine it to create a power unlike any other. Due to Takumi's mastery over his devil fruit, he is capable of forcing Tsuyoshi to not succumb to the effects of the devil fruit's curse that forces everyone else that knew him's memory to be erased of his existence. However, this ability would come in useful in certain situations.

Takumi Also carries around a regular katana in the off chance he does not have Tsuyoshi around to assist him. The katana has not been shown to carry any special traits other than it's above average durability and its unusual lightness that allows him to swing it without dragging down his fast sword play.



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