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You chose your fate the moment you became a pirate. Your defeat by the hands of justice was inevitable. Now rest in the eternal hell in which you belong.
— Nakano Takeko

Nakano Takeko, renowned worldwide by her epithet The Shinigami, is a Marine officer[1] who attained the status of Vice-Admiral.[2] Prior to her ascension through the military ranks, she was praised as one of the world's most prominent Bounty Hunters, eliminating pirates throughout Grand Line — both Paradise and the New World.[3] Her reputation and proficiency with a blade eventually led to her being drafted into the Marines.

Appearance Edit

Takeko Appearance

Looks can be deceiving. Takeko, a woman of forty nine years, does not appear a day older that twenty five. Her slim fit physique is complemented by her naturally large curves. Her pale skin shines bright against the sun, almost making her look angelic. Her big blue eyes and long straight black her have the ability to seduce almost any man. It's a mystery how a woman of her age and experience possesses beauty virtually unmatched.[4]

Takeko wears a unique marine outfit custom designed by the Department of Science and Weapons. Rather than the formal outfit that those of her rank wear, Takeko utilizes a unique Raid Suit which possesses multiple functions.[5] Despite the custom look, it still maintains several key features including the golden epaulette, the light blue and white color scheme, and the marines logo. While stronger than any suit of armor, the get is a short dress with heels. Being the only Marine to possess this fine piece of technology, many other female officers envy her.

Personality Edit

Like a true shinobi, Takeko knows how to hide her feelings even under difficult circumstances. Her training to keep a leveled head no matter the cause has made her appear to be very calm. Upon reading the newspaper about the events that had transpired in Elbaf, anger filled her body yet her expression remained unfazed. Rather than fusing about the situation with words and ceremony, Takeko immediately took action announcing to her crew her decision to hunt for pirates.[6]

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Haki Edit

As a Vice-Admiral of the Marines, it is stated that Takeko must possess some profiency in the use Haki.[7] Takeko also possesses the ability to mask her aura, preventing others from tracking her through haki.[8]

Busoshoku Haki Edit

Takeko has demonstrated some proficiency in the use Busoshoku Haki as she was able to coat her sword in an invisble aura or armor to protect her blade.[9]

Kenbunshoku Haki Edit

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Muramasa Edit

Takeko withdrawing Muramasa

Takeko unsheathing Muramasa.

Raid Suit Edit

Takeko Raid Suit

Takeko's Raid Suit.

At some point during her ascension through the Marine ranks, Takeko was given a custom model Raid Suit.[5] Through the uniform, Takeko is able to walk on any surface as if it were solid ground.[10]

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