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Nanashi (ナナシ Nanashi?), who goes under the alias Bane Almaz (ベイン・アルマース Bein Arumāsu?), is a member of the secretive Bounty Hunter group known as Hakkei. He is rumored as The One-Shot (一発 Ippatsu?) among the Grand Line, operating primarily in the wakes of the New World in order to earn a sufficient income.

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Nanashi's general appearance.

Nanashi, despite his appearance rarely being known to other individuals, is regarded for his rather distinctive appearance within Hakkei. This is particularly because of his very exotic, oriental look. Accordingly, the focal point of Nanashi that people pay attention to are his tanned skin, white hair and general facial features. For the most part, Nanashi's facial features are distinctly angular, with particular focus being drawn to his sharp jawline. Moreover, his white hair is particularly of note among his comrades and enemies alike. It is shown to be quite spiky but rarely loses its position even in the heat of combat. Contrastingly, Nanashi has rather ordinary dark brown eyes. However, given his relatively serious disposition in almost all endeavors, Nanashi's eyes are often considered to be remarkably intimidating. Nanashi's facial features aside, his physical stature and build is nothing to scoff at either. While not particularly tall — especially in comparison to some of the oddly tall humans across the seas — he boasts a significantly muscular build. Due to Nanashi's occupation as a sniper, his most used and developed muscles are localized around his stomach, chest and arms. He has particularly defined triceps and accordingly built biceps, along with a muscular pectoral and abdominal region. 


Nanashi's alternative appearance.

Due to his occupation, Nanashi requires outfits that enable him to move and engage in combat and similar operations with freedom and ease. Accordingly, he managed to have his comrade — Razor — to stitch him an entire outfit that was both form-fitting and comfortable. It is an elastic body-suit composed of two portions: the top and the bottom. The top is shown to be similar to a sleeveless black tank, albeit with much greater contact with the body than others. It has white lining underneath his chest and down his torso, making those regions stand out more than others. This connects to the bottom of the outfit, with is a pair of fitting black pants made of a slightly looser and softer material. Nanashi's waist is also outfitted with a unique belt that has armor-like segments coming off of it, with one of those being an area that enables him to fit a large number of arrows in an appropriately sized pouch, thus reducing the time it takes to acquire ammunition. Over this, Nanashi tends to wear either a khaki cape or, should the situation require it, a red mantle of sorts, the upper-half of which is worn as a shirt through small safety pins. The latter attire is meant primarily for more professional endeavors, such as business deals with contractors and so-forth.

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