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Nathan, is,  one of the chief scientists of the Revolutionary Army, and an invididual supporting the current movement to unify the current independent forces into a singular powerful fighting force. Originally, Nathan was a denizen of Skypeia who demonstrated a remarkable affinity to the scientific fields, even amongst his own people. A brilliant mind, Nathan, along with his family were caught up in a massacre carried out by several Underworld brokers seemingly connected to the slave trade, barely managing to survive. For all intents and purposes being almost on the brink of death, Nathan, with the help of his brother, would inevitably fuse himself with his untested prototype, stabilizing his life signals whilst granting him a unique cybernetic body. Claiming to be one of a rare group of individuals capable of perceiving "mechanical energy" (not to be confused with the mechanical energy of motion) even before his conversion to a cybernetic body, Nathan would find himself a member of the Revolutionary Army in his vengeance, having descended primarily to position himself in a situation where he can fight back against the ones who killed his family. One of the more passionate members of the organization, Nathan has earned a name for himself under the title, "Black Metal".




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For a multitude of reasons, Nathan is considered one of the most scientifically powerful minds on the planet, but this particular ability distinguishes him from the rest. While most individuals have their craftsmanship and technological aptitude supplenmented by the power of the Sea Devil or access to some form of unique material, Nathan is said to be able of building weapons of mass destruction out of the most minimal of materials. With this being said, Nathan's mind has no specialties, being capable of recreating almost anything he can imagine, making his mind incredibly dangerous for the mere fact that he could theoretically recreate Ancient Weapons once his mind is set on it. Those who know him quite well consider him a one of a kind genius not seen since Vegapunk, with even his time on Skypeia being a time of an unheard of time of science while on the ship.

From a young age, Nathan could apparently look at any thing and notice a problem in his mind which he would then instantly solve, and then realize his solution by actually constructing it. Whilst not quite understanding it, this power meant that once Nathan wished to build something, it would be built, no matter what, and has allowed him to create his incredibly intricate cyborg mechanisms, as well as several other developments for both him and the Revolutionary Army that backs him up in general. 

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