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The Nimbus was the main ship used by the Veno Pirates and was originally the personal ship of Wynn Erin. It was taken back by Wynn after he left the Veno Pirates. The ship is very distinct in that it can be flow or sailed. It can be flown due to extra sails that will keep the ship afloat if Wynn concentrates enough wind into all of these sails. It also has sails made of very strong fabrics so that they can withstand the massive amounts of force Erin puts on them using his wind.

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The Nimbus is a standard Frigate made of wood from the treasure tree adam. It was purchased by Wynn from the black market and used as a base material for the ship. The ship itself has three decks, a captain's cabin, and three masts. 

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The wings are a set of six sails that can be deployed from the sides of the ship. These sails can catch gusts of wind and are usable by Wynn to fly the ship.

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The front of the ship has a spiked metal ram protruding from its from. If this were to hit another ship it would leave serious holes and hull damage.

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