The Ningyō Ningyō no Mi is a paramecia-type devil fruit whose most recent consumer is Wukong R. Jack. The fruit allows the user to make copies of both themselves, others to use for various tasks, or objects. When utilizing the fruit’s abilities, the user becomes a Puppet Human (人間の人形 Ningyō Ningen).

Etymology Edit

  • “Ningyō” means Doll or Puppet in japanese.
  • In the English versions, it is called the Doll-Doll Fruit.

Appearance Edit

Most existing devil fruits come in varying sizes, random colors, and intricate patterns which gives off a physical distinction between other normal fruits. The Ningyō Ningyō No Mi however does not fit these basic consistencies apart from the bitter taste that every fruit has, and its rather odd shape. The Ningyō Ningyō No Mi is a small reddish fruit that greatly resembles a tomato, but includes several protruding pieces, while also having five green leaves extending from the top.

Strengths And Weaknesses Edit

The user has the ability to create tangible or intangible copies of either themselves, others, or even objects to perform various tasks. To utilize the fruit’s abilities, the user must first obtain a piece of what they intend to replicate, and can do so with the obtained materials. The requirement of objects belonging to what the user intends to replicate reigns true for everything, except when regarding the user themselves. If the user intends to replicate themselves, they can do so with ease without any materials present. The need to replicate others requires a source, as they intend to replicate what can be recognized as a foreign object, and a material for the ability to analyze to then copy is needed. The need for a source was shown by Jack, as he could not replicate his ally Haley without something that pertained directly to her; DNA of others.

When replicating themselves the user simply clasps their hands together. As copies of another, they obtain the same memories, intentions, abilities, and physical characteristics as the original, with the exception being that they lack skin and that they commonly have a yellowish spectral glow. When in battle and summoning the clones from oneself, they can assist the user by overpowering the enemy when working alongside one another. Other than fighting alongside Jack, the clones have various other abilities themselves, such as detonating either by the user’s volition, or simply by crashing into something with enough force. The clones can also be used to assist the user in dodging attacks by absorbing the hit themselves. In the air, the clones can provide something for the user to launch themselves higher. The clones have shown to be sentient on numerous occasions, particularly during Jack’s childhood when one assisted him in avoiding the authorities after he stole fruit.

Regarding replicating other people or any other living creature, Jack must have something that pertains directly to them; a DNA sample would suffice, being follicles, blood, or even saliva. When with another individual working alongside Jack, he often uses the clones to help him avoid attacks. This technique is often used when he’s accompanied by Haley into battle. When at a close distance, Jack can simply touch any exposed skin on an individual to clone them, whether they’re an ally or not. If he’s too far from his ally to intercept an attack he can use any material he has, to make clones of them, which will allow them to avoid attacks. He can also use other materials to alter the clones he creates such as, utilizing an ice cube which can cause the clones he creates to be made from the same substance. When cloning an opponent, he’s battling against, Jack tries to obtain anything pertaining to their opponent to summon a clone, to detonate it when it’s near them.

While being able to create tangible clones, Jack can also create intangible ones to distract enemies. If he were to be chased, he could clone another tree to either hide inside, or to jump through and surprise his opponent. When creating tangible objects, the user can encircle their opponent in a small barrier to detonate it upon will.

Like many other devil fruits, the Ningyō Ningyō No Mi has a few weaknesses of its own. When the user creates clones of others by using materials, the item they use vanishes, giving them only one chance to utilize it; the user must carry multiple DNA samples of the individual they intend to clone. When cloning someone using their body, it does not destroy the individual, as opposed to utilizing other methods. Though the user has the abilities to create clones, the user can only actively perambulate if five or less are summoned. If a great deal is replicated, the user will become immobile and must control the clones themselves. The clones created also must not stray too far from the creator, as they will simply fade away. The clones are also not permanent, as they tend to exist for only a few minutes, depending on how many he summons. Unlike their counterparts which are made of elements such as ice, stone, fire, etc. the ordinary replications attain the ability to explode. Though they contain this ability, the explosions they release are not very lethal, unless done in a large amount. Another disadvantage that the fruit has is when the user replicates an enemy. Despite using an opponent to generate clones, they still will retain the memory of the individual they’re emitted from. Because of this, the clone will remain hostile towards Jack, so, the user might not use that technique very often or detonate the clone as soon as possible. If the user were to smash a rock or remove bark from a tree and replicate it, the item itself would simply be replicated such as a pebble, or a piece of bark from the tree. The Ningyō Ningyō No Mi also has the standard devil fruit weaknesses such as disabling the user’s ability to swim, and having the power be halted by seastones. Although the clones can detonate upon crashing into something, one can effectively destroy one if they were to attack it from behind, without it detonating.

Usage Edit

Techniques Edit

  • Multiply (かける Kakeru, literally meaning “To Put On”): One of Jack’s most commonly used skills; he can generate clones of himself for various tasks. With his rather menial tasks, Jack would summon a few clones to assist him from mowing lawns, to carry heavy objects. When in battle, Jack will summon clones to assist him by overwhelming their opponent. He can also utilize his clones to spar with whenever he feels the desire to. When creating intangible clones, he can create more at one time than tangible ones, while still retaining the ability to maneuver on his own unlike when summoning tangible ones that he needs to control.
  • Fabricator (製作者 Seisaku-sha, literally meaning “The Producer”): When coming into contact with another, Jack can generate clones of that person, and utilize them to his advantage. When generating clones at a distance, Jack must utilize a material that pertains to this specific individual. When generating a clone of them from a distance, Jack typically does this to allow their ally to evade various attacks. When generating clones instead of letting them retain their ordinary glow, Jack can utilize other items when generating clones such as combining ice with the DNA samples, to make the clone of ice.
  • Photo Copy (写真のコピー Shashin no kopī, literally “Copy Photos”): When creating intangible clones, Jack can nearly double the amount he creates than with tangible one’s without the need to control them. Similar to how Jack creates tangible clones, Jack can make intangible clones which commonly act as a distraction towards an enemy. Intangible clones can also detonate like their counterpart, but do not inflict damage towards opponents. Instead, the clones can emit a light which can momentarily blind enemies.
  • Rock Blast (爆破 Bakuha, literally “Blow Up”): Jack replicates various pebbles that he uses to throw towards various opponents, which can detonate upon contact. Because of their small size the explosions can do little damage if left alone, but can give a great deal of damage if launched in succession.
  • Exploding Dolls (爆発の人形 Bakuhatsu no ningyō, literally “Explosion Doll”): When creating a great quantity of replicas Jack is rendered immobile, but gains control of every clone he creates, as opposed them normally being sentient. When controlling them, he sends them towards an enemy and forces them to detonate resulting in a larger explosion than normal.

History Edit

After being shown some good will from a stall vendor who he stole fruit from, Jack knowing it would be the only food he had for the night, ate what would turn out to be the Ningyō Ningyō No Mi. After consuming it, Jack would utilize his abilities to assist him in stealing food and other items to avoid being apprehended.

Trivia Edit

  • The abilities of this fruit are loosely based on the characters Blake Belladonna, and Sun Wukong of the RWBY series.
  • The term Puppet/Doll Human refers to the user being able to create clones, and manipulate them any way they would like dolls (This however only applies if a larger quantity is summoned).
  • The kanji can have multiple translations, allowing for the fruit to either be referred to as the Doll-Doll, or Puppet-Puppet fruit.