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Ninigi (瓊瓊杵, Ninigi) is a young male pirate loosely apart of the Fang Pirates. He takes his classification as a pirate with a long handled spoon, as he would prefer the term, swordsman. Ninigi thrives to defeat every single swordsman alive in hopes of becoming the Worlds Strongest Swordsman.

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There is no better explanation that what Ninigi has presented to many different Pirates. A personality is nothing more than a mask used by man to display what they want projected. Therefore, at any point it may be re-carved and dyed a different color. Most don't know, but even when one is settle with a single persona, they are still a blank canvas and can be painted by anything especially the villain of every living being — emotions. There is not a single historical event that can be explained without the detailing of overcoming emotions. Hatred, love, and vengeance are the main emotional traits that could lead to a tragedy.

Ninigi is dominantly a determined being that will do anything to achieve his goal. No matter what stands in his way, he will do whatever it takes to get past it. Goals are what Ninigi lives his life by goals. Placing different goals for himself gives him a reason to live on. If he is unable to achieve a goal, he thinks of himself as scum. Goals to Ninigi are more than just mere achievements. They are like trophies, something that is apart of him which he can share with the world when he decides to turn the page over in his life. These goals are one thing, and one thing only; history.

His arrogance is his second most dominate trait. Even if his opponent were to strike at him, he wouldn't fight them back, unless indeed they were stronger than him. Or if they were being just flat out annoying. Most of the time Ninigi is tactical towards opponents that are actually threats. However if he is aware that his opponent is completely weaker than him he will simply resort to using brute force to take them down. In order to judge if someone is weaker than he is, he bases it around their personality. A person with a outright personality, in his opinion is weak. Ninigi believes that if there is someone stronger than him, then they are a obstacle that must be taken down by all means. He overall refuses to accept the fact that there is a being capable of beating him, as he knows every living thing alike has a superficial weakness no matter what it is.

"Ignorance is bliss." A forever-existing quote used by many humans as well as Ninigi. Ninigi bears a deep hatred for both ignorance and those that are completely oblivious to the truth. Those that are ignorant are nothing short of fools with nothing going on for themselves. In his eyes those that are ignorant should only be those that are induced by a handicap of some sort. It is only acceptable from those that are mentally incapable of maintaining a stable mind state. Ninigi can not stress enough that ignorance call stall one's ability to learn. "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge." What ticks him off more than anything are those that are oblivious to their ignorance.

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