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The Notch Pirates are a distinctively formed, infamous and powerful Pirate Crew That is believed to be Captained by the Infamous Pirate "King of Beasts" Ascalon who is rumored to originally have been a Commander of the Xros Pirates an insanely powerful crew lead by the one of the Yonko, "Emperor" Shiguma, until he defected and heading out on his own establishing his own crew.

However this was later proven to be false as the true captain and former Xros Commander was revealed to be Freyja.

Jolly RogerEdit

The Notch Pirates' Jolly Roger consists of a skull of a Lion grasping a crimson crescent moon within it's muzzle.

The Notch Pirates More realistic Jolly Roger
Notch Pirates secondary Alternate Jolly Roger

The Notch Pirates also have a simpler Jolly Roger, consisting of the a human like skull with several missing while biting down upon a sling of rope, wearing a black captains hat while situated in between a tangle of an Anchor and ropes and surrounded by gems which Ascalon claims that Freyja sees as Shiguma's head.

Crew MembersEdit

Notch Pirates
Freyja Portrait
AscaTemp Crowley Alistair Portrait
Ascalon "Headsman"
Crowley Alistair
Four Horsemen
Almasy D. Laszlo Portrait Blumenthal Gerhard Portrait Downer Dimitri Portrait Masanari Zakihan Portrait
Almasy D. Laszlo
Blumenthal Gerhard
Downer Dimitri
Masanari Zakihan
Eight Knights
Muzan Portrait Constantin Durenth L. Ridb Portrait Beilial
Muzan Rozetă D. Constantin Durenth L. Ridb Saffron D. Belial
Lindhurst Portrait NOPIC NOPIC NOPIC
Lindhurst Unknown Unknown Unknown
Other Members
C'Zar Portrait Fōine Portrait
C'Zar Fōine
Purgatory Portrait Limbo Portrait Heresy Portrait Inferno Portrait
Purgatory Limbo Heresy Inferno
Affiliates & Allies
Worden Luhr Portrait
Worden Luhr
Former Members
"Eight Knights"



Four HorsemenEdit

The Four Horseman are the most elite members within ranks the Notch Pirates, serving as the Commanders of the crew. They are unarguably the four strongest members after Freyja and her inner circle and are typically the ones called upon to futhur spread the notoriety of the Notch Pirates:

  • The Horseman of Death is the Commander of the first division,
  • The Horseman of Conquest is the Commander of the second division,
  • The Horseman of Famine is the Commander of the third division,
  • The Horseman of Plague is the Commander of the fourth division,

Eight Knights of HellEdit

Other membersEdit

Allies and SubordinatesEdit

Crew StrengthEdit

Professions and CapabilitiesEdit

Name Profession Capabilities Epithet

Nerthus Freyja

  • "Sea Witch (海の魔女 Umi no majo?, Viz:Sorceress of the Sea)

Crowley Alistair

  • "Headsman" (ヘッドマン Heddo man?)

Almasy D. Laszlo

  • "Death" ( Shi?)
  • "The Plague" (ス プラグ Su Puragu?)

Blumenthal Gerhard

  • "Conquest " (制覇 Seiha?)

Downer Dimitri

  • "Famine" (飢饉 Kikin?)

Masanari Zakihan

  • "Plague" (ペスト Pesuto?)


  • "Apex Dragon" (尖部竜 Surudo-bu ryū?)
  • "Lucifer" (ルシファー Rushifā?)


  • "Sake Hunter" (さけのりょうし Sake no Ryōshi?)
  • "Mammon" (マモン Mamon?)

Bounties and ProfileEdit


Notch Pirates Main ShipsEdit


Protected TerritoriesEdit


References Edit

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