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The Nō Nō no Mi is an infamous Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that turns whomever eats it into a brain-human; granting them the power to influence the outside world with their mind. Its power manifests in several different ways, firstly is that of telepathy, the ability to read the minds of others, and then later control them; once their proficiency with its power increases further it is possible for them to manipulate the world mentally as opposed to physically as well.

Due to the nature of its power, it is believed to be a fruit that can only be used for evil; and whomever has imbided it has invariably been corrupted by its power; which enables one to enslave ones own kind, and indulge in the most depraved of desires. Everyone has darkness within them, even the most well-meaning of individuals thus eventually fall prey to Nō Nō no Mi's corruptive influence. All it takes, is one thought: what if?

Falling into the hands of what many would consider the worst possible user, the Nō Nō no Mi was eaten by the former Cipher Pol agent Isamu, a man whose cruelty and contempt for humanity is often compared to that of Donquixote Doflamingo.


In accordance with its infamy, and the corruptive influence it has on its users; the Nō Nō no Mi most resembles a rotten apple; grey and disgusting with patchy texture. Its tasty exceeds its appearance in terms of just how horrible it tastes, with people refusing to eat for days afterwards.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit


Feared, despised and cursed; those are all words that apply to whomever eats the Nō Nō no Mi, for ingesting it, they've doomed themselves to a downwards spiral towards losing their humanity. Its power is however unquestionable, no other Devil Fruit has the potential to upset the balance of the world at its scale, for by mastering it, one could create a shift in the balance of the three powers, by including a fourth one -- that of the user of the Nō Nō no Mi themselves.

The ability to manipulate the world, whether it be mentally or physically is the core power of the Nō Nō no Mi; and this first manifests as the ability to read the minds of those the user focuses upon; a power which when developed allows one to insert powerful suggestions, and this finally makes way to actually controling anothers mind with ones own thoughts. Those who have truly mastered it are capable of systematically repressing the minds of others, eventually 'suffocating' them in order to forge new 'fake' minds for their victims and turn them into their obedient servants for life. Unfortunate victims of this inhuman application of the Nō Nō no Mi retain their battle prowess and powers; but lose all sense of their personality and humanity, being but living dolls, playthings and weapons to the brain-human.

But merely assuming control over another being is not the full extent of its telepathic capabilities. For in heated combat the finesse required to consume anothers conciousness is frequently too much. Instead, skilled users of the Nō Nō no Mi strike at the mind of their foes directly, piercing their thoughts with ice cold daggers of raw mental energy, or implanting illusions and deceptions within to warp their understanding of the world around them.

If all mental assaults fail, then the brain-human can resort to manipulate the physical realm with the power of their own mind; which manifests in a myriad of ways, from directly unleashing the very force of ones mind like mighty shockwaves of raw concussive force, to lift enormous masses of bedrock to crush a battalion of encroaching pirates to immobilize dissidents with invisible restraints conjured by a firm mind. But while its powers of offence are great indeed, its potential powers of defense are extraordinary as well, ones own mind is a fortress, it can be said -- and rarely is this more evident than with an user of Nō Nō no Mi. With a thought, they can generate barriers of great if hardly inexhaustible potency, halt the trajectory of bullets, cannonballs or other projectiles dead in their tracks and reflect them back on their source, to even utilize their ability to read the surface minds of enemies to predict attacks with great accuracy; in a manner identical to that of Kenbunshoku Haki.

In truth, the possibilities of the Nō Nō no Mi are essentially endless; and this fact has only lent credence to its sheer infamy.


Like all Devil Fruits, consuming the Nō Nō no Mi makes the ingester helpless while submerged in standing water of knee-level height or more. However, in addition to this, there's a couple other weaknesses.

Head Trauma: As the Nō Nō no Mi depends upon sustained thought and the ability to utilize ones mind, any kind of head trauma, however light can momentarily disrupt its powers. Breaking mental holds, and disrupting any ongoing techniques.

Pain: For all its power, the use of Nō Nō no Mi comes at a great prize, for in order to utilize it at its greatest point, they must endure having all of their power stored away within their mind, a feat which strains their entire bodies to the utmost limit. The sheer intensity of this pain shatters the minds of weaklings, reducing them to gibbering lunatics. The greater ones feat, the greater the price in pain, to most, the true limiter of their power is not the extent of their training, but the amount of agony they can withstand before breaking.

Immorality: Among all Devil Fruits, Nō Nō no Mi is the closest one to be labelled "Evil", for even ignoring the nature of its powers, or the sheer punishment it inflicts on its user -- it has a tendency of luring out the absolute worst in people. Everyone has that darkest thought, and with the Devil Fruit in hand they can realize it, there's nothing stopping them, and thus, all it takes is that one little slip for them to gradually descend into the depths of depravity.