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Fifty years have passed since the notorious Monkey D. Luffy was crowned as the Pirate King. Those who wrecked havoc upon the seas are now long gone, creating opportunity for another generation. The Straw Hats themselves have disappeared --whether they have died or retired is currently unknown. One Piece, however, was once more confirmed to exist and once more hidden away from plain view, leading to a new era of pirates. The world has been impacted significantly, and new forces have been established in order to maintain the balance.

Are you a fan of the One Piece franchise? Have you ever wanted to create your own pirate, marine or even your own devil fruit? Well, look no further, because your dream has finally arrived. We only ask that you provide us with your best effort and nothing less. Enjoy your stay!

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There are tales of a great beast, a living weapon that walks the earth. One that bends tide, breeze, and rock to his monstrous control. A demon of dread and malice working for the goddess herself. They refer to him as the Demon Doctor, Thatch Vincent. Thatch presides as the personal doctor and scientist to the Yonko herself, a position befitting of his masterful skill and talent. With his consumption of the Doku Doku no Mi he has become a poison man, nay a demon. A mad beast with no limiters that consumes the very earth he walks on all in the name of his own twisted science. The townspeople of Wano commonly refer to him as Ōmukade, the monstrous centipede that even dragons feared. For dragons knew that but a single drop was fatal.

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Members of the Three Great Powers!

Who is your favourite member of the Marine Admirals?!

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Current Events

Yonko Wars Saga

Peaceful Horizon Arc

The war at Bedina has reached its conclusion. The Titan Pirates' Captainless Fifth Division along with Fukuoka Soren, Benjamin Tabart, Draco D. Damon, and Daryal manage to survive and safely reach the island of Coachella with the help of Marine Admiral Warren D. Ralph. The scars from the conflict aren't solely physical and their notoriety has further been increased, they can't just stop because of their wounds. Just what will they do...?

News Report
Marines Pirates

Many Pirates have managed to enter the Grand Line and not one of them has gone stagnant, gathering even more crew members!

A humunguous battle between one of the Shichibukai, Bimore O. Jack, and the Izanagi of the Black Widow Pirates, Wolfgang, has resulted in immense catastrophes for the G-13 Base! Wolfgang has been reported as dead, having not taken part in the battle of El Dorado!

A Battle at the illustrous City of El Dorado has begun! It is being led by the Black Widow Pirates, with the Yonko herself partaking into the conflict!

Numerous rookies have invaded the Grand Line from all the Blue Seas! They had fought against young Marines and each fared differently!

After the conflict with the Shichibukai, the Notch Pirates have taken upon themselves to disrupt the ruling system of Cartecielo and are engaging with the Imperial Pirates!


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Who is your favourite Marine Vice-Admiral?! Round 1!

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Which Yonko Crew would you want to be a part of?!

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