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Fifty years have passed since the notorious Monkey D. Luffy was crowned as the Pirate King. Those who wrecked havoc upon the seas are now long gone, creating opportunity for another generation. The Straw Hats themselves have disappeared --whether they have died or retired is currently unknown. One Piece, however, was once more confirmed to exist and once more hidden away from plain view, leading to a new era of pirates. The world has been impacted significantly, and new forces have been established in order to maintain the balance.

Are you a fan of the One Piece franchise? Have you ever wanted to create your own pirate, marine or even your own devil fruit? Well, look no further, because your dream has finally arrived. We only ask that you provide us with your best effort and nothing less. Enjoy your stay!

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Wolfgang the Maneater is a canine mink who left his ancestral lands behind following a murderous rampage against attacking pirates, where Wolfgang consumed his enemies after killing them; to the great horror of his own kind. Although he'd succeded in protecting his tribe and all that they loved, the way in which he had done it changed the public opinion of Wolfgang to the worse.

Eventually, Wolfgang found his presence highly unwelcome, with his relations with his family and friends growing strained; something which ultimately culminated in a violent encounter with his brother; Foxpack. Devastated at the lack of apparent empathy from his flesh and blood, Wolfgang realised that the world he'd come to call his own had cast him aside.

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Yonko Wars Saga

Peaceful Horizon Arc

The war at Bedina has reached its conclusion. The Titan Pirates' Captainless Fifth Division along with Fukuoka Soren, Benjamin Tabart, Draco D. Damon, and Daryal manage to survive and safely reach the island of Coachella with the help of Marine Admiral Warren D. Ralph. The scars from the conflict aren't solely physical and their notoriety has further been increased, they can't just stop because of their wounds. Just what will they do...?

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Marines Pirates

This week in the Canon-Fanon, the usual, favourites and an unusual question!

Both were hard battles for the marines and pirates! Which did you find more engaging to read?!

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Do you think that, at some point one of the Straw Hats will end up dying?!

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