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Really? Why must you all fight each other? Revolutionary? World Government? Pirates? Please just stop, you all can't live in peace. I know the feeling of anger, hatred and betrayal.
—  Aliyx shouting at a former Revolutionary

Oni D. Aliyx is a pirate captain that lives in the New World, he currently is the captain of the Aliyx Pirates and the founder of Void. He would always speak and argue while smiling, literally no matter what the situation is. Aliyx only becomes very serious when he is injured and would often talks louder than usual. He has travelled from the West Blue to the New World so far, and would always be busy attending meetings for Void or could be searching for treasure. He has been given the epithet The Worst Pirate (最悪の海賊,Saiaku no kaizoku).


Aliyx does not always have the scars on his face. In fact, they only and unusually appear when he uses his Devil Fruit powers, but when he doesn't he looks like a normal person, and less scarier. Aliyx often wears a black leather jacket and gloves as his usual pirate clothes. When he is casually walking in a city he'll always wear a grey hoodie. But in attending meetings he wears a black cloak like all the other members, they do this to cover their identities, so no one but the World Government knows them. The black leather jacket Aliyx wears can break very easily when engaged in a battle with a powerful opponent, it is also a sign that Aliyx is about to lose his cool and become very serious. In islands and cities, to hide his identity, Aliyx goes by the alias Alegar or A.L and dresses up very differently in each setting he goes to.

Aliyx in his grey hoodie without his scars.


Although he takes a problem and argument very calmly and with a smile. Many people consider him to be very dangerous man, because of finding Void and becoming a great pirate. If he was being sneaked on Aliyx would face the attacker by smiling, many people could find this creepy. Aliyx's crewmates thinks of him as a kind person, even though they know nothing of his past. He has been through a lot as a kid, having to feel anger, sadness, hatred and betrayal all at the same time. He could get very angry when he is about to lose a battle or is in near death condition. Now he has no emotions other than anger, this was because of his tragic past that happened 13 years ago.


The Aliyx Pirates: His crew contains 8 people so far, and he cares a lot about them. He does this because he doesn't want them to suffer the same things he has and wants them to live a happy life no matter what happens. His crewmates are eight very powerful people, some having mighty Devil Fruits and Haki.

Family: Aliyx has two brothers, one is with him in Void while the other one recently disappeared and was claimed dead by the World Government. His parents are unknown and left he and his brothers in a village where Aliyx grew up in.


Aliyx's Busoshoku Haki is very powerful, he is able to stop many attacks once hardening his arm into Haki. Since he doesn't use much Haki against foes to fight them, his Haki never really depletes. Once it does Aliyx relies on his Kenbunshoku Haki or Devil Fruit to help him.

His Kenbunshoku Haki is not so powerful, but it can help him a lot if using his Devil Fruit. Even though this Haki isn't powerful, Aliyx still can do various things with it like dodging attacks. His speed isn't so fast so he cannot dodge most attacks.

Devil FruitEdit

The D. D. Fruit is a rare Devil Fruit that is eaten by Aliyx. The fruit gives different powers if the user has a different last name. For example; if Oni D. Aliyx eats it he will have a different power than if Gerald Fred eats it. When Aliyx ate the fruit he had gained the abilities of controlling chemicals and states of matter around his field of vision, this gives him an advantage of defeating his opponent, like using Ammonia and forming pesticides. But this fruit also has a weakness, it has a 10% chance of activating, and can only be activated for a full 30 minutes. Once activated, the user will gain scars on his face. So since Aliyx has only 30 minutes to use his powers, after that, he is mostly useless. The power can work well with Kenbunshoku Haki, boosting his field of vision. The fruit was given to him as a small child, handed to him by his father.

Aliyx's Last Resort

D.'s Death Punch: This attack injects Aliyx's fists with plasma, gas, nitrogen and oxygen into it, making it have red light. When it punches a foe it gives off a huge explosion.

Last Resort: First time using it on Zebel, it sets Aliyx's eyes with explosive chemicals, making huge waves of explosions, hitting opponents but also hurting Aliyx.


Aliyx is the founder and one of the leaders of Void, a undercover group of pirate captains that wants to find out about the True History and The Will Of D.. This is what Aliyx was trying to find, he believes that doing so would allow him to become further close towards being the Pirate King.

The D. D. Fruit before it was eaten


13 years ago, when Oni D. Aliyx was 12, his younger brother Kanto was 7 and his other brother Zebel was 15. Their parents had fed them Devil Fruits before they departed and left them. Kanto was a shy boy while Zebel never really talked to them, and disappeared soon after two months. Aliyx and Kanto lived in Riddle Village, on the island Broken Cater. Aliyx had to care for Kanto, the two of them lived a normal life, Aliyx had a lot of friends and many people were kind in the village, helping and giving food to them. After a short while Kanto became very sick. The only person in the village who has medicine was the elder Perri, he told Aliyx and his friends that a rich man named Hedder stole the medicine from him and that they must retrieve it back, he told them to not resort to violence and ask politely to Hedder.

Aliyx went home and prepared himself to go knock on Hedder's door. When he heard a scream coming from the castle, Hedder's scream. He muttered to himself, wondering what's happening. He ran towards Hedder's castle. Kicking the door open to a giant hallway, decorated with blood, hunks of blood. He looks down and sees Hedder, now dead, stabbed and shot about twenty times. Aliyx gasps, and looks up again. There, stood his friends, all holding weapons. They looked towards him and explains that they work for the World Government, and that they were assigned to kill Hedder. Now that Aliyx has seen this they can't let him leave. He looks at all his friends, his heart broken from betrayal. Aliyx turned, grabbed the medicine and ran out. He ran towards the docks, but everywhere he runs he could see his friends, or enemies, right on his tail. Aliyx was huffing and puffing, but he just kept running.

He was then crashed into a tall man, a former revolutionary. Aliyx runs past him, he turns around and the revolutionary was trapping his friends with his Burnt Burnt Fruit fire powers. He then threw them into the ocean, Aliyx looks at him, The unnamed revolutionary asks him to join the army, to overthrow the World Government. It was quiet for a very long time, Aliyx cries, he grabs the man's shirt and looks at him, dead in the eye. He starts yelling, asking him why the Revolutionary, World Government and Pirates have to fight each other. He asks that why can't they all live in peace. And that he already felt anger, hatred and betrayal, by his parents, by his elder brother and by his friends.

The revolutionary throws him off his shirt, and was about to kill Aliyx, he formed his hand into burning fire, and attempts to take his life. On Aliyx's face the scars have appeared. He looks into the flaming revolutionary, eyes turning blue, and, as loud as thunder, the revolutionary fell down yelling out in pain, Aliyx had infiltrated the man's body with Potassium Chloride, stopping the revolutionary's heart. And so killing him. Aliyx didn't have time to check the pulse, as he ran home to save Kanto.

8 years later, as Oni D. Aliyx, 20 years old, was sitting upon the cliff of Broken Cater. He thought of what the revolutionary said to him, and wanted to become a pirate. As they were the only ones with the most freedom. Still smiling, he walks towards the docks of where he killed the revolutionary. He had learned Haki from Perri. And was ready to start a pirate crew. Promising Kanto that they will meet again as pirates, he sets off with a big ship, sailing towards the Grand Line.

Time Marker ArcEdit

Many weeks past and Aliyx had three crewmates already. One who was Tobu, the vice captain with the Omni Omni Fruit, the ability move all things around him. While Kenway, the navigator, has the Kingu Kingu Fruit, the ability to turn blood into Haki strength, although it wasn't what the fruit was called but Kenway named it himself. And Janus, their architect, she has the Form Form Fruit, the power to create various objects from her body. Their ship Infinite Void.

The Aliyx Pirates were already at the end of the first half of Grand Line. Kenway steers the wheel towards their next island. Tobu tells Aliyx that he senses a strong presence near the island, known as Bland Archipelago. Janus creates a telescope and looks through it. She mutters about seeing a big town, in the middle was a huge clock tower. Tobu senses the presence again, this time it came from it. Infinite Void lands onto the docks, where three armoured guards attacks them suddenly. Tobu uses his powers and throws the three into a building. They come out, unharmed, and attacks again. Kenway jumps in and punches them with Haki three times. Aliyx looks over at the clock tower, a very strong presence is there, but he didn't know who it belonged to. He heard a voice, and sees a young girl talking to Janus. She walks back to him, saying that the girl told her the clock tower was the castle of their imperial monarch, King Vlad. Who just became king two months ago. She said that the girl really looks up to Vlad. Kenway comes back, hearing the conversation, he too looks towards the tower, stating that the presence must be the king's. Aliyx nods, he tells Tobu to finish so that they can go ask the king why he ordered the guards to attack them. But they weren't sure if it was his order.

Many guards were guarding the tower. All very stern and scary, now Aliyx was not sure if Vlad was good or evil. Kenway asks if they should go in with force. Janus reassures him and tells him to wait for an opening, considering the guards are wearing titanium for armour. Aliyx begs his Devil Fruit to activate, so that he can destroy the tower and give the king a piece of his mind. He tells Tobu to wait and when the time is right, Tobu will remove the armour off of the guards. He nods, and so they waited for a while. Janus looks through her created telescope again, pointing it towards the window of the tower. She sees a room with a desk and fireplace, and that was all. Aliyx asks if any of his crewmates can use their powers to fly, they all shake their head. He sighs and waits.

Finally some of the guards fell asleep during their duty. Tobu took the chance, and quietly removes their armour. Kenway went in and knocks out the rest of the guards. Aliyx walks into the tower. And to his eyes he sees a huge mechanical system moving the clock from the outside. His entire crew gasps at the magnificent sight. Janus starts talking about how beautiful it is when they heard a laugh. The presence was still far away, so it didn't look like it belonged to the laugh. Instead, a tall and big lady appeared, standing atop of one of the mechanical gears. She looks down upon the crew, it seems that she was holding a wrench. The lady introduced herself as Renesse, the third clockworker for King Vlad. Tobu asks why the king sent guards to attack them. Renesse smiled, telling them that Vlad does not care what happens to Bland, he just wants to rule the island, and once the big clock is finished Vlad will stop everyone from moving away from this island, starting with foreigners. Aliyx was still smiling, he turns over to Janus, who has created a voice recording transponder snail and had recorded Renesse's speech. Kenway laughs and tells her that they will show everyone her 'lovely' voice. Renesse gets angry, she jumps down and attempts to punch Janus, she dodges the attack as it destroys the ground.

Janus tells Aliyx, Kenway and Tobu to keep going and not worry about her. The three of them jumps up the gears towards the next floor. Renesse yells at them, stating that they will never defeat the other clockworkers. She turns back to Janus, who was throwing the transponder snail up and down. This angers Renesse more, she turns very bulky, and her teeth more sharp, she tells Janus that she eat the Human Human Fruit, Model Monster, Janus stares at the huge form, and felt a fast punch from Renesse. She falls back and wipes the blood from her lips. Janus creates a blade and clashes with the giant Renesse's fist. She creates a shield and blocks her other punch. Janus uses Kenbunshoku Haki and dodges many of Renesse's punches. She eventually was able to cut a bit of the monster's arm skin. Renesse yells out and bites Janus, she stops it with her blade. Her teeth was still clenching the blade, Janus jumps up and creates spears from her hand, shooting at Renesse's clothes, getting her stuck on the ground. Renesse screams out, struggling to get free. Janus just sat down, keeping guard of the monster.

Aliyx, Kenway and Tobu jumps up the gears towards the top clock, when a man jumps in front of them, carrying a single sword, infused with Haki, and had a shiny beam around it. The man was Darrel, the second clockworker of King Vlad. Aliyx looks at the sword, Darrel holds it up, saying that he had infused it with his Radiant Radiant fruit, so now the sword can move at the speed of light. Making his attacks faster. Darrel slashes it at Kenway, he blocks it with Haki, the Haki clash fills up and almost destroys the gears they were standing on. Aliyx and Tobu continues to go up the gears while Kenway deals with Darrel. As the clash went on, Darrel slashes again, Kenway tries to dodge it with Kenbunshoku Haki when he got hit, unable to match the speed of the blade. There was blood spilling on Kenway's shirt. He touches it, making it disappear and making his Busoshoku Haki much stronger. He asks if Darrel is about to get serious, then clashes with the sword again. This time pushing the sword back a little. Kenway punches Darrel's face into a few gears, and looks up, wondering what kinda man would Vlad be. He looks back down and sees Darrel running towards him, now at the speed of light. Kenway got stabbed in the arm. He fell back, destroying , many gears. The swordsman tells him that they will not vandalise the clock tower anymore. Kenway touches his stab wound, taking many of his blood, as he transformed it into more powerful Haki. He jumps up and punches one gear, making the rest fall down onto Darrel. He slashes the gears into pieces but still some fell onto him. Kenway takes the opportunity and jumped down, punching the swordsman's face, knocking him out.

Tobu looks down, wondering why almost all the gears have fallen. Aliyx says it was probably Kenway. The both look up and sees a man looking at the gears with shock. He then realize that Aliyx and Tobu were watching. The man introduced himself, Skrill, the first clockworker for Vlad, one with the Logia Rock Rock Fruit. Tobu nodded, then dodged a boulder that was flying at him. He looks at Skrill, then Aliyx continues up once again. Tobu punches Skrill, and felt something as hard as stone. The rockman punches him with a giant boulder for a hand. Tobu dodges and jumps back onto the last few gears. He moves some of the gears and throws them at Skrill. Hitting him hard on the stomach, also pushing him back. Skrill gets up and headbutts Tobu, he coughs out blood from the rocks hitting him. He moves the rocks and even the gears up above him, then, as same as Kenway, he throws them at Skrill. Covering most of his stone body.

Aliyx lands onto the top floor of the clock tower, where a man in his mid-thirties stood upon the window, looking outside, with a blank expression on his face. The man was tall and bearded, he turns around and sees Aliyx, they stare at each other for a while, until Aliyx feels the pain of 100 punches in his stomach. He took a step back, and coughed out blood. The man was Vlad, Aliyx looks up, wondering what Vlad did to him. The king finally speaks up, telling Aliyx to leave his tower or he shall die just like the rest of Bland. Aliyx stares as Vlad continues, stating that he has the Time Time Fruit, a fruit that allows him to manipulate time, stopping it around him and allowing him to punch Aliyx many times. He was able to do one punch per second, so he had stopped Aliyx for 100 seconds. Aliyx runs up and punches Vlad in the face with Haki, knocking him towards the giant clock. Vlad gets up from the blow and stops time once again. This time punching 300 times. Aliyx coughs out more blood, falling down to his knees. He looks up and sees Vlad smirking, telling him that nothing can beat time. Vlad explains that he was an orphan once in Bland, he killed the former king and wrote his will so that Vlad will become the new monarch. He wanted to become one because of how poor he was, no parents, no friends and no one to care for him. Vlad wanted power more than anyone, he wants no one to leave the island no matter what. And so once the clock on the tower is fixed he will stop the movement of everyone on the island. Aliyx was confused, he punches Vlad again, throwing the man out the tower, destroying the clock and so casting him into the village. Vlad screams in horror as his clock was destroyed. Aliyx comes out and felt another 500 punches, he was running out of blood fast. Vlad does this again and Aliyx spew out more blood, falling down, the king yells at him, telling him to stop smiling and get up. Aliyx does this, he finally stops his smiling and looks towards Vlad. The scars have appeared at the right time, activating his powers. Aliyx raises his hand, and starts mixing plasma, gas, nitrogen and oxygen into it. His fist was now covered in a strange red light, Vlad does not see this, and gets punched in the stomach, causing a huge explosion, destroying many buildings. Aliyx looks at the fallen king coughing from the smoke of the explosion, he says that maybe Vlad was trying to stop the movement of everyone on Bland.......was because he was lonely. Vlad looks up, he was about to stop time again when he felt another punch, and another explosion occurred. Aliyx finds out that Vlad can only stop time with his eyes. And so he puts Ammonia into Vlad's eyes, making him yell and grabbing for his eyes, Aliyx had blinded Vlad, so that he could never stop time again.

The Aliyx Pirates abandons Bland Archipelago, leaving the three clockworkers to their business. Vlad as well, becoming blind, he once again ruled Bland peacefully, now understanding Aliyx's words. The crew once again sails towards the New World, in making Void and Aliyx to become the Pirate King.

Zebel Infiltration ArcEdit

Soon 5 years have passed and Aliyx, now 25 years old, had created Void. Kanto, now 20, joined it and became one of the leaders of it, alongside Aliyx and Hendrix. Aliyx is mostly always absent from Void so Hendrix has to take care of the meetings. The group now has about 11 members so far, all pirate captains. Many feared Void and often feared Aliyx when he casually walks around an island with his crew. Soon enough, the group became very famous throughout the New World because of their viciousness.

The Aliyx Pirates and The Electro Pirates, which was led by Kanto holding the Electron Electron Fruit, were travelling together in the New World. Kanto yells over to his brother's ship, saying that they will deport soon near a pretty big island. Kenway takes out the map, he tells everyone that the island is called Genovasa, he explains that the population was very small and had a small amount of food. Janus creates her telescope and looks through it, she mutters about seeing a crevasse and a huge mountain, and nothing more. One of Kanto's crewmates Kirsa uses Kenbunshoku Haki, she sees the same but adds that there is a small village under the crevasse. And so they went there.

The villagers talked to the two pirate crews, they claim that a certain man told them about the Void Century. Aliyx and Kanto gets surprised by this and calls all eleven pirate captains to come here. Aliyx wanted this information badly, he wanted to know more of the man. The villagers told them that the man was somewhere on Genovasa but they don't know where, as the eleven pirate crews arrive Aliyx told them to search the island for the man. The search goes on for a long time, Tobu asks Aliyx if this man was part of the 1000 year century, he answers no, and if that was true then the man would have shared the information to the entire world then. So soon the island was filled with pirates, and yet still no report of a sighting of the unknown man.

Aliyx gets his scars, he touches it as his powers activate. Aliyx touches the ground chemicals, looking for footprints around the island. He finds some, leading up to a small hill. He goes there alone, running towards the location, having the same feeling he had that time when his friends betrayed him. Aliyx didn't have time, so he just ran. He could see the hill up ahead, it was very small, at least compared to the mountain. His powers was running out, as he arrived at the spot the footprints was gone. He looks up and sees Kanto on the ground, beside him stood their long lost brother, Zebel.

They both looked at him, soon midnight has fallen and it was very quiet, Zebel was a very tall man, now about 28. Aliyx looks back at Kanto, who looks like he was beaten up with just Haki, he remembers that Zebel had eaten the Melt Melt Fruit, a powerful fruit that can melt any living thing the user touches. The lost brother asks if they miss him, Aliyx grabs his transponder snail, attempting to call the others when Zebel, so fast, touches the snail, making it melt. Aliyx drops it and takes a step back, then activating D.'s Death Fist, turning his fists into red light. He looks at Zebel, asking him why he attacked them. Zebel replies, telling Aliyx that making such a group will not get him to find the True History, he says that he will kill all the members if Aliyx refuses.

The two of them clashed, Aliyx using D's Death Fist while Zebel was using Haki. Kanto quickly moved out the way as the area was surrounded with energy waves. Aliyx struggles against Zebel as the brother looks as if he was doing absolutely nothing, he punches again, Zebel blocks it too, setting off another explosive clash. Aliyx creates sleeping gas and throws it at him, Zebel grabs a tree, lifting it up from it's roots, and throwing it, protecting himself from the gas. He still looked roughly bored, asking them to give up. Zebel places both his hands onto the island, it suddenly began shifting, He explains that the island is melting all the way to its center, leaving nothing left. An injured Kanto hears this, he grabs his transponder snail and calls all the members to come back immediately. Aliyx gets angry and punches Zebel in the face, causing another explosion, yet still he did not flinch. Zebel punches Aliyx back with Haki, crashing him into the mountain, Zebel runs up and kicks him again, letting him cough out blood. Aliyx's time limit for his powers have ran out.

Zebel punches Aliyx again, the mountain began melting from the force of his punches. He asks his brother if he feels any resemblance to the time his friends have betrayed them. Aliyx nods, the blood drips down his lips, he was very serious now, Zebel kicks Aliyx through the now melted mountain and into the forest of trees. Aliyx grits his teeth, he turns his hand into Haki and clashes with Zebel, but it still wasn't enough, as he loses the clash and falls to his knees. Aliyx looks up, he pleads Zebel to answer why he never talked to them and do so at a time like now. Zebel replies by grabbing Aliyx's arm, literally melting his Busoshoku Haki into a normal hand. He tells him that many people wants to know about the True History, and that if they find it out now, nothing will remain a secret anymore, he'll destroy the Will Of D., Aliyx shakes his head and grabs a stick on the ground, he utilized it into Haki and tries to stabs Zebel. He stabs and stabs but Zebel keeps dodging. Eventually, he grabs the stick Aliyx was holding and melts it into thin air. Zebel headbutts him onto the ground, making him lose more blood. He then walks over to Kanto, who was still on the ground. Zebel turns his arm into Haki and was about to kill Kanto when he sees Aliyx behind him, huffing and puffing, the scars have appeared again. Aliyx activates D.'s Death Fist punches Zebel with all his might, Zebel blocks it quickly but was pushed back for the first time. Aliyx punches a few more times, pushing more further, finally giving Zebel a hard time. Finally, Aliyx finishes with another blow of his red fist. Zebel was alive but was also coughing out blood. Aliyx was gasping for air, he fell down to the ground, his powers were still activated but his body cannot move. Zebel stares at both his brothers, laying on the ground. He walks over to Aliyx, the chemical reaction had changed the weather, making it rain a lot. Their eyes looked at each other, both wondering how long until the island melts. Zebel whispers, telling Aliyx that he is sorry he never told them who their parents were, and he won't. The entire area was destroyed, the mountain and field was now plain. Aliyx jumps up and grabs Zebel by the neck, he yells, the rain covers his voice as he says that soon Void will reveal the True History for everyone to hear. Aliyx's eyes turns blue, activating Last Resort. The explosion was bigger than ever, even using its chemical reactions to stop Zebel's island melting. Damage was done, Aliyx lays on the ground, his shirt wrecked, and he was covered in debris, there stood Zebel, who had the same amount of damage. They were both surrounded by Void members, Zebel looks at them, and smiles. He walks out of the crowd and turns towards the fallen Aliyx, stating that he had found great comrades, then left the island, Janus, Kenway and Tobu comes to help. The sky was now clear, Zebel was known as a mysterious person, but Aliyx knew that they'll meet again.

Sun Of Death ArcEdit