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Lift-off Edit

Darkness looms as glittering stars illuminate the night sky, with the ocean reflecting its holy light. At that moment a huge shockwave occured on a certain pirate ship. As Bakugou D. Erharde was lying on the deck of his Olympus looking at the stars, he pondered if what's beyond the sky is more vast than the ocean. The Dii Consentes Pirates are relatively unknown and Erharde was anxious to make an even greater name for himself after his mercenary days but he just couldn't find any answers. Erharde muttered to himself,"This sucks".

"Oi, get your ass up you sick excuse for a captain!", Mars yelled. Erharde sighed at the prospect of doing another all night combat session with Mars. "You're our captain and you should lead by example. Only the strong can be capable leaders!" Erharde looked back at the night sky and in that split second Mars kicked Erharde into his captains quarters. "You piece of shit I said stand up and fight!, Mars continued. Apparently Mars' forcefulness rubbed off on his captain. As Erharde emerged from the rubble he thought to himself that Vulcan will have a field day fixing this mess. "Okay Mars, I'll show you what your captain can really do!", Erharde replied with his signature smirk on his face.

The next day, a hungover Bacchus crawled his way into the kitchen where he and his co-chef Ceres were to make breakfast for the crew. As he entered he saw Ceres making the finishing touches for breakfast. "You're late again, Bacchus", Ceres said while reprimanding him. Bacchus maneuvered himself in a prayer position and asked Ceres for forgiveness. He did not want to anger her or get on her bad side for he is in love with the grapes her Hito Hito no mi Model: Mother Nature produces. Although he ate the wine logia fruit, his wine can't compare to her grapes.

As each of the crew members started to enter one by one, they laughed at the hungover Bacchus laying on the floor. "Remember this you bastards! No more wine for all of you", Bacchus proclaimed. Feeling an unbelievable presence behind him, he looked back to see Jupiter standing behind him with his sword Caliburn over his shoulder. Bacchus knew that Jupiter is one of the only two members of the crew that hasn't eaten a devil fruit, but feared Caliburn for eating the Hito Hito no mi Model: Archangel. Bacchus started panicking, his hangover suddenly expired. Jupiter bowed down his torso to look the floor stricken Bacchus in the eyes and proclaimed, "Well looks like we'll just ask Ceres to make us wine, no?" As Jupiter walked past Bacchus a sigh of relieve exited his mouth. Not a second later Bacchus' eyes widened as he looked back at his crew and said, "Hey what's that supposed to mean? Since when are you replacing the mighty Bacchus?", with his crew laughing at their utmost.

Midway through breakfast, a crazed Vulcan barges into the dining room and yelled with excitement, "I did it! I did it guys! Although the ruckus that the Captain and Mars caused were unbearable, I finally figured out a way to use the captain's devil fruit the Boutou Boutou no Mi for flight travel!" The entire crews' mouths fell to the floor with wine pouring out of Bacchus' mouth. He continued, "Not only that but I installed vertical and horizontal thrusters on the ship for better maneuverability! I also invented an anti-gravity thingamajig that will allow us to stay in the air! INDEFENITELY!" The entire crew were flabbergasted and wine was still pouring out of Bacchus' mouth. Erharde rose from the table and said that at noon they will witness what life is like beyond the clouds with fire in his eyes. "Oi, Bacchus! Pour us more wine!", Erharde shouted. "Damn you bastards!", Bacchus replied with wine tears of joy pouring down his face.

After breakfast was over, Erharde secluded himself in his captain's quarters to prepare for the days proceedings. Just as Erharde entered his room, He saw Venus on his bed. He thought to himself that this going to be bothersome. As Venus started crawling towards Erharde, she tried seducing him to join her. "I really wanted to take a nap before we go flying Venus. You know your seduction techniques won't work on me. My will is too strong." Venus moaned that her Captain doesn't want her and he confirmed them. "You know, Mars and Vulcan is infatuated with you. Why not go for one of them?", Erharde asked. " No, no, NO you big meanie! Venus only wants the captain to love her! Mars is too forceful and Vulcan is too much of a nerd. Why won't you love me captain? Each day Erharde has to go through the same procedure with her and he continuously shuts her down. He knew Venus consumed the heart heart fruit and it allowed her shoot hearts at her victims and make them love each other. Although a con to that ability would be that she can break hearts as well, breaking their fighting spirit. This is last thing that Erharde actually wants as Venus can't fully control her powers.

The door to Erharde's cabin opened and Venus rushed out of his cabin and entered Neptune. His hulking mass barely fitted in Erharde's quarters. Neptune is second person in the crew to not wield a devil fruit. He is a fishman that was abandoned when he was a baby and found by sea kings. Being raised by them, the sea kings taught Neptune a very powerful variant of fishman karate, namely Sea King Kung-Fu and left him the only practitioner of this fighting style. With it he can manipulate any liquid on unprecedented levels. "No wonder he and Bacchus can fight so effectively together.", Erharde thought to himself. "All preparations for today are in order Captain. We only await the use of your powers then we will ascend the skies." Neptune proclaimed while making a militant pose. "All right Neptune, thank you for the heads up. Just let me find my bearings. Will Pluto be available when we launch.", Erharde asked. "Unfortunately not Captain. Diana used her zoom zoom fruit to confirm that Pluto has some underworld dealings to handle to ensure our cash flow will not be hampered. He expresses his utmost apologies for not attending.", Neptune said. Erharde was quite saddened by this as he wanted his entire crew to be present.

Noon has finally struck and the entire crew gathered at the bridge. "This is the control panel which will allow the captain to use his devil fruit to make the Olympus fly. Okay Captain this is how it's going to work. Left controls the vertical thrusters and right controls the horizontal ones. You'll have to use them at the same time if we want to launch properly.", Vulcan explained. To Erharde those words went into one ear and exited the other. "Yeah, Yeah I understand. Just use my devil fruit.", Erharde confirmed. As everyone took their seats and prepared for lift-off Erharde proclaimed, "This will definitely put the Dii Consentes Pirates on the map. Time for Lift-off!" Erharde poured in his power in the control panel. Suddenly the front vertical thrusters shot the Olympus in a vertical position and without a second to recover from the whiplash the horizontal thrusters activated and the Olympus flew straight beyond the atmosphere.

Everyone panicked and believed that death was on their doorstep. Erharde shouted, "Vulcan! activate that anti-grav thing of yours! NOW!" Vulcan activated it just before arriving in space. Due to the coldness all technological functions of the Olympus shut down. As the crew drifted in zero gravity they were all stunned at what has occurred. The crew felt the Olympus tilt and was mesmerized by the the beauty of their planet and the moon. Diana used her zoom zoom fruit to zoom in on he moon and yelled, "There's a city on the moon!" Everyone was shocked but that didn't last a second as they felt the Olympus starting its descent. As the the ship entering orbit Erharde ordered his crew to take their seats and prepare for a bumpy ride. Erharde activated the horizontal thrusters and accelerated towards the planet. As they broke through the clouds and witnessed the ocean surface they knew this wasn't going to end well. Just when the Olympus was about to hit the ocean, Erharde activated the vertical thrusters in the nick of time as to level the ship the surface. The ship came crashing down on the waters sustaining heavy damage. The entire bridge was destroyed and the crew lied beneath the rubble.

As the crew started emerging from the rubble, Erharde and Vulcan locked eyes and approached each other yelling, "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!", with Vulcan talking about his captains stupidity and Erharde referring to the fact that they entered space and that there was a city on the moon.

To be Continued - E3wulfy5