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The Para Para no Mi is a Logia type Devil Fruit which allows the user to create, manipulate, and transform into earth at will. "Para Para" is the Japanese onomatopoeia of the sound small stones make upon hitting the ground. The current user and consumer of this fruit is Newton Brown.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The Para Para no Mi allows the user to create, manipulate, and transform into earth at well. This includes the creation, and manipulation of elements of the earth such as material like, mud, sand, rocks, and even diamond. For minerals and metals, the user can only make small amounts of a certain metal or mineral. The Para Para no Mi is a highly versatile and powerful Devil Fruit, one of the strongest of its kind. One ability of this devil fruit is the ability to harden or soften the earth the user creates, manipulates, or transforms into. This harden earth in some instances can be harder than steel, and can become as soft as cotton. Additionally, the Para Para no Mi has the ability to soak up water. This is however not as advanced as the Suna Suna no Mi. This fruit only has the ability to absorb sitting bodies of water and not from objects that contain water or water vapor from the air. Another power of this devil fruit the user has is the ability to cause destruction of massive proportion. With the ability to manipulate the ground on which upon they stand, the user can cause the ground to completely shift to their liking. At any time the user can do things from lower the ground, raise it, crack it, or cause it to act as a weapon.

The main weaknesses of the Devil Fruit are lighting abilities or lighting based devil fruits. However, the user can counter this by using mud.