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The Pawa Pawa No Mi or the Power Power fruit is a Paramecia Devil Fruit which was gifted to Akashi by his father. It grants him the ability to absorb energy in all its form. Sound,light even basic motion Akashi is capable of absorbing said energy into himself and release it as beam of highly destructive light. This ability has been found to be highly effective against logia user as Akashi is able to drain them of energy directly forcing back into a tangible form.

This fruit was previously owned by Naomi Ryouta but was handed to her son following her death.


The physical appearance of the Pawa Pawa No Mi is that of a Oranage Papaya with series of swirls all around it somewhat  resembling bolts of lightning strikes.


The Pawa Pawa No Mi allows the user to absorb,control and manipulate energy in all its forms. In order to absorb energy the user must simply will the energy into him. However the user must ensure that they fully accept the energy. It cannot be forced upon them they must voluntarily without any fear take on said energy. The fruit's greatest strength is seen in combat the user is able to absorb kinetic movement energy of an attacker rendering their attack useless and then he can use that energy to empower his own attacks. This seems to be highly effective against logia user as the user can drain them of energy forcing them into a tangible form where they can attack without the use of seastone or Haki based attacks.

Similar to his mother before him Akashi has been able to use the energy he absorbs and expel in various beams or waves capable of causing untold damage. He is able to emit large amounts of pure energy at any target and can manipulate said energy into any shape or form he requires. He has been known to use the energy to absorb the brunt of powerful attacks and even to aid him to absorb some energy from those attacks.

Akashi has been able to master the manipulation of energy to such a degree that he is able to make energy weapons. These are unique in there own right for example an "energy sword" created in this way would never clash with another weapon rather it would simply pass through it the only way to prevent is if the latter has coated their sword in Haki. Even then the energy sword has been seen to shatter the swords of those who are not as adept at using their Haki empower their weapons. These weapons are near weightless this particular feature tailors well to Akashi as he can use it as a simple extension of his being. Besides weapons Akashi can make a large range of things for example a temporary mast and as a replacement for material on a damaged ship so that it may still make it to the next Island. This means Akashi is only limited by his imagination when it come to the manipulation of Energy.

During his time in the jungle Akashi found he was able to draw the life energy out of the various plant ble and use it to reinvigorate himself or in some cases to even heal his wounds. This is an extremely effective ability Akashi has been known to track animals for hours on end absorb the energy of the  plants to keep his stamina up. This somewhat vampiric ability is the main reason why Akashi was able to survive as long as he did in the jungle. He was able to drain the life energy from the tree and use this for his own life processes Akashi theorised that if he could literally extend his life if he simply has a constant supply of energy. He has no reason to disprove this theory but it is still quite interesting Akashi could hold the answer to eternal life albeit not eternal youth.


Akashi's use of the devil fruit seems to be hindered as he is suffering from several limitations:

No Dual Absorption: Akashi is not capable of absorbing energy from more two or more sources simultaneously. This is not a huge factor but it does mean that Akashi will often strive to put himself in situations where he is able to single out opponents so that he is able to drain them of energy. This limitation was discovered by Akashi when he attempted to absorb the force of a stampeding animal whilst absorbing the energy from a tree. He was able to absorb the energy from the tree but took the full brunt of the animals rampage.

Absorbtion Limits: Akashi can only absorb so much energy before reaching his limit. If you can picture Akashi as a glass and the energy he absorbs being water. As more water (energy)is poured into the Akashi the water fills up and he has energy to use. But as the glass fills up and reaches the rim any water added beyond that will overflow. Hence Akashi will begin to lose energy as quickly as he gains it. This is quite problematic as when in this conditons he will not be able to absorb the energy of attacks and as such will take all damage from any attacks. In this state he must quickly expel all excess energy so as to be able gain more energy. However another possibilty can occur Akashi can actually become overloaded with energy causing him to effectively short circuit and become incapcitated for sometime