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Perun is a genius Scientist who used to work for the Marines together with his Lab Assistant, Viktor. He has recently quit from his position and made off with precious information, making him a wanted man by the Marines. He was often thought to be the next Vegapunk, but he knows this to be far from the truth. Because of this renown, and due to him having eaten the Zou Zou no Mi, Model: Mammoth, he has received from the Marines the epithet Thundering Genius.


Perun is an aging man with a thick mop of hair on his head and who has a large moustache and beard, none of which has started to grey. He does shows signs of his age with the wrinkles that cover his face though. He has a large hook nose and dark, beady eyes; one of which he usually keeps covered with an eyepatch whenever he is in a brightly lit place, so as to keep his night vision in that eye. He has a long face beneath his facial hair, and is afflicted with a hunch in his back thanks to always leaning over his work. These features, when combined with his beak of a nose, have caused some people to remark that he bears some resemblance to a vulture. Perun is naturally a short man, but combined with his hunched back, he becomes especially short. His body is fairly scrawny, but his work has given him a wiry strength. He has wrapped his fingers up in bandages and wears a large lab coat, of which he keeps the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He also keeps shorts and flip flops on.





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  • His appearance is based off of Kiryūin Sōichirō, under the guise of Matoi Isshin, from Kill la Kill.
  • His name is Slavic, meaning "thunder". This is a reference to the noise elephants make.
    • This is also where his epithet comes from.
  • His birthday is the same as Nikola Tesla's.