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Phim D. Sera is the current Captain of the the Feather Pirates crew, as well as a former Knight of the Flower Kingdom in North Blue. Exiled from her homeland after winding up on the side of a civil war the world government, she has since lead a life of piracy across South Blue.


A petite woman, Sera Phim is not an imposing figure by any means. Standing at a meager 5'2" most tower over her, yet she doesn't seem all that small. There's an air of confidence that seems to exceed her size about her, as if she has a purpose.

In terms of looks, Sera is a respectable beauty with milky white skin and dark raven hair., while not one that likes to show herself off, people find themselves attracted to her red eyes. Her body is muscular and toned, as befitting a former knight. While she does have a few scars here and there, as a whole they tend to just add to her air of confidence and strength.

She always stands tall, as if at attention, which is a holdover from her past. This posture may seem to make her unapproachable, but the warm smile she sports helps her come off as a friend, even to those that would normally consider her enemies.

Her normal attire consists of a blue backless, to allow her wings to spread, shirt attached by some ties at her neck. In addition she wears semi-loose leggings underneath an armored skirt. Her arms and legs are covered in steel gauntlets and shin guards, which she uses to support her brawling style of fighting.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the captain of the Feather Pirates, Sera has complete control over he crew, all of whom are veteran fighters and duelists from her home country in South Blue. While they are not a large crew, with only twenty their maxmum, they are all steadfast members, holdovers from her time in her homeland's military who chose to follow her to see than to watch the final stages of her homeland's civil war fall to a close.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

As the captain of the Feather Pirates, Sera is by default the strongest member of the crew. Her physical capabilities are well beyond that of any normal human.

High StrengthEdit

Sera's physical body has always been one of her most reliable aspects, as she has trained since the age of five to become a knight of the realm. Her strength is easily high enough to smash boulders, her punches supposedly having the powers of a shotgun ever since she was ten years old. Her rigorous training had her lifting and carrying large suits of armor for miles in service for her knight. This squire training left significantly stronger than the average man. She is capable of physically overpowering normal humans easily, and can stand up to most physically powerful combatants on equal footing. At her maximum, she is capable of lifting boulders as large as fifteen feet around, easily weighing several tons.

Utilizing her devil fruit, Sera gains a massive increase in her physical abilities. For each wing she manifests, her strength increases by the same amount. At two wings, her already formidable strength doubles, at three, it triples. At her current maximum of five wings, her physical strength has increased five fold, giving her the ability to clash equally with most giants in terms of pure strength. She showed this off when she caught the blade of a giant mercenary's sword during the end stages of her kingdom's civil war, stopping it cold.

High SpeedEdit

As with her strength, Sera has been forced to train her speed to be top notch to keep up with other opponents on the battlefield. Her normal speed is quick, able to move at supersonic speeds. She easily outpaces most combatants, capable of keeping up with other Zoans and multi-million bounty pirates. She has shown to be able to dodge bullets, even at point blank range, even in her normal form, though she can just as easily move her wings to block them, even at multiple angles.

Once you add into account her transformations, her speed is capable of increasing up to five fold, same as her strength. She has been shown to outpace high powered rifles, explosions, and cannonballs, and has in one occasion managed to dodge lightning from an opponent with a electricity based devil fruit. Her reactions play a good part in this, as four years in a constant war zone have honed her senses of danger to high levels, allowing her to react and dodge extremely fast attacks.

High EnduranceEdit

While her strength and speed are both good, Sera has been forced by her devil fruit to work on her stamina and endurance above all else. All of her abilities directly drain her stamina by an equal amount to the power she utilizes. If she hadn't have trained her stamina to the level it was today, she could easily exhaust herself within minutes of fighting, even against low level opponents.

Overall, she can fight four to five days in her normal form before tiring, or up to about 10 minutes while utilizing her current five wing maximum.

Noted IntellectEdit

While note a genius by any means, Sera is a fairly intelligent individual. Scholarly knowledge is nearly as important for an aspiring knight as combat prowess. The nation would not always be at war, so there would not always be a demand for martial prowess. Sera is an expert in the fields of Botany, Navigation, Ship Construction, and Religion. Many of these things have proven to be quite useful to her crew along their travels. In combat she is also known to use her mind to help her plan out strategies several steps ahead, and to come up with combinations that most opponents don't expect.

Devil FruitEdit

Phim D. Sera is the current user of the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Tenshi, a Mythical Zoan type devil fruit. This fruit gives her the power to turn into an Angel Woman.


The most obvious physical change that Sera undergoes when she activates her devil fruit is that she grows snow white wings. She is currently capable of growing up to five of these wings. Each of these wings increases her body's physical power by an amount equal to her base form. In addition, a halo manifests over her head, providing a soft light through even the most rugged darkness.

These wings are a cornerstone of Sera's fighting style, as she is able to harden them like steel. She will block and attack with them even as she is punching and kicking about, the up to 9 limbs she is able to fight with overwhelming most opponents. These wings have been known to block both swords and bullets.


The transformation into an angel grants Sera a number of unique powers that belong to angels.

The first is the power of purification, granting her the ability to purify substances. At it's most basic level, it allows her to purify things like the air or her blood, cleansing them of toxins and poisons. As long as she has time and energy to do so, she can cure poisoning and other toxifications from living organisms before they are killed, though she can't revert the damage they've already taken from them. She commonly uses this to purify the air of toxins, as poison gases are not exactly uncommon.

Sera is also capable of wielding the holy energy of angels in an offensive manner. She has in the past generated holy energy in either the form of solid light, or bright golden flames. She can wield these energies as solid objects such as swords or shields, or fire them off as projectiles towards her opponents. She has even been known to infuse this energy into her limbs for increased striking power. However as much as a boon this power is, it is immensely draining on her stamina to use, and as such is used sparingly.