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Phoenix D. Red(フェニックス ・D・ レッド; Fenikkusu D. Reddo) commonly referred to by his epithet "Fire Red"(ファイアレッド;Faia Reddo) is a Division Commander of the Sixth Division of the Yonkō Crew, Black Widow Pirates captained by Daddy L. Legs. Formerly a member of the Royal Guards of the Noah Kingdom in East Blue, incidents followed him murdering its Ruler and being banished from the Land and thus was a member of the Fortune Pirates until its demise. He has made his name in the underworld as Dark Pepper(黒胡椒;Kuro Koshō) and is currently the consumer of the Paramecia Devil Fruit Rapa Rapa no Mi.


Born to Margarette Sora, Phoenix D. Red's birth was a very tragic one. Red was an experiment of Gozaburo even before he was born. His Body modified, Phoenix D Red's birth became the first of the seven successful experiments of Gozaburo. Red's birth was the result of Gozaburo wanting to create an army of superhuman's to revolt against the Nobles of the Noah Kingdom. Shortly after his birth, his mother died. Gozaburo fell ill when Red was around six years of age and died. Before he died however, Gozaburo revealed Red's purpose and implanted into Red's conscience some of his own memories. Red undertook rigorous training along with his brothers. There came a time of war, when Red was twenty year old when Noah Kingdom was struck in a war against a Pirate Alliance and due to shortage of soldiers within the army and for the defense of the Kingdom, the King called out all men capable of fighting to join the royal Army. As per instructions of Gozaburo, Red joined the Army along with his siblings and they played pivotal roles for an victory during the War.. After the War, the military of the kingdom was left shaken and Red and his siblings were offered a position in the Royal Guards for his achievement in the war. As a Royal Guard, Red was exposed to a new noble environment, which he enjoyed, but was also exposed to the things people outside knew nothing of the noble family. It was during this time, Red ate the Rapa Rapa no Mi. Time came to strike when, the Royal Family started an slave auction. Under the orders of Gozaburo, Red and his siblings gathered few like-minded men, Red attacked the Auction house freeing the slaves. In the encounter, he also succeeded in killing the Ruler of the Noah Kingdom. Creating an uproar, Red and his siblings were on a blood massacre for few minutes before the assault was stabilized by hired Marines and Pirates. Red and his siblings were banished from the Kingdom and were labelled as "WANTED" by the World Government.

Red and his siblings along with some of the freed slaves, stole a ship and disappeared into the seas with Red helpless without the help of his mentor Gozaburo whose only lingering memory vanished during the murder. With the Marines behind him, Red's escapades from them, eventually led him to an encounter with Captain Shaman, Captain of the Fortune Pirates, who sheltered him from the Marines in a place named LogueTown. Under him, Red managed to master his Devil Fruit Powers and eventually become a prominent member within the Crew. Day after day, Red helped the Fortune Pirates gain notoriety in East Blue, earning himself more bad recognition from the Marines. During one of the many skirmishes, due to to a mistimed strategy under the part of Red, the Marines blew up the main ship of the Fortune Pirates killing Captain Shaman and severely injuring several other of his Crewmates. Escaping from danger, Red rode the seas until his met Daddy L. Legs who offered him a chance to relive his life by making him a part of her Yonkō Crew for which he rose through the ranks becoming the Division Commander months later.




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Fire RedEdit

An ability granted to Red due to the circumstances of his birth, Fire Red allows Red to grow a set of wings made of crimson flames. Red can use these wings to fly around and set ablaze people or objects within its vicinity. Red can control the wingspan at will, and can reach up to lengths of a large ship. The Crimson Flames can be regulated by Red to burn selectively, as the flames do not burn him or his clothes. He was shown sitting on a chair in his cabin with the wings pressing against the back of the chair without burning it nor putting on fire the various flammable items that were stored inside the room. The appearance of Red as he soars the sky with his wings made of crimson flames gives out the resemblance of a Phoenix which suits his given name.

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