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Rackham Johnny is a young street thug who currently resides within a district of Lvneel Kingdom. As a young toddler, Johnny had bitten into a Devil Fruit which lead to him obtaining the ability of the Moku Moku no Mi. The fruit caused Johnny to destroy his family and destroy himself mentally. With the death of his own mother by his own hands, Johnny has never forgiven himself and still blames himself. With the death of his mother, Johnny’s father was driven to an extreme depression which eventually turned to suicide.

Since he was the reason for his mother’s death, whom was loved by many, no one would take him in after his father’s death. Not even the local orphanage wanted anything to do with Johnny. This left the young 12 year old to fend for himself in the streets of Lvneel Kingdom. Eventually, Johnny’s powers would once again turn on him and cause him to obtain a bounty of Beli500,000. This bounty made him run to the bad districts within the kingdom, and with very few opportunities he had to turn towards crime and by the age of 16 has already obtained a new bounty of Beli800,000.



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