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Raimei K. Shiro (らいめい K。 しろ, Raimei K. Shiro) also know by the Nicknames Kuzuha-Chan (クズはーちゃん, Kuzuha-Chan) and Camilia (カミリア, Kamiria). She is Commadore in the Marines following the footsteps of her Father. She is a very beautiful girl with her most prominent feature being her white hair. She is very friendly and bubbly which some mistake it for stupidity buy you would regret ever making this mistake. Shiro is an incredibly smart girl being a master tactician. Shiro was born to her mother Raime K. Yuki a working women and martial arts trainer. She trained Shiro in all the martial arts she could. Her mother hid her existence as the daughter of Kurama from the world. Till her untimely death at the hands of pirates. Shiro as a young girl then ran off in search of the marines and her father Kurama. She is a very strong girl and is determined to bring justice to her mother's killers and the many other pirates committing crimes around the world. 




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