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I have journeyed over the highlands and mountains, through valleys and forests, and even past desolate wastelands. Everywhere I go, there is always fire. An unextinguishable flame that keeps everyone's soul burning. Saving the lives of people, destroying the baddies, and protecting even the most gentle of creatures. Truly, the world we live in, is quite interesting.
— Gin referring to Michael

Rakuen Gin (楽園の銀, Rakuen no Jin), is the sole survivor of the Rakuen bloodline and the navigator of the Silver Scarf Pirates. With an enjoyment of nature itself, he dreamed of setting his footprints all over the world and create the greatest map in the world.



Gin's general appearance


Gin is a man of unknown origins, for he is a very mysterious, yet approachable man. He is rarely seen in town, and mostly seen in the fields, watching the clouds as he enjoys the fresh air while walking through the plains. The only time he is present in town is if he was either buying food, getting a new pack of cigarettes, or playing chess with one of the villagers. It is because of this fact that many people have been interested in him. Gin is known to be a wise man throughout South Blue, even though most of the things he say are rarely wise at all.

Also known for his intelligence and senses of directions, Gin is considered one of the best navigators that South Blue could offer. He is a pretty friendly person who will not mind to have a nice conversation with people and hang around the bar. But when it comes to intelligence, Gin could become a cruel and intimidating man, using his intellect to dominate over his enemy's mind and shut them down mentally.


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