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Rander Vladious: Also known as The Scum of the Sea, is the Captain and president of the Vladious Club pirate crew which is also the worlds largest Trafficking Company in the slave trading business and is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea with a frozen bounty of Beli???,???,???. He is one of the most influential Slave Trader and Broker under the codename "Nova" referred to by his Devil Fruit ability. 

At one point in time he ate the Yabu Yabu no Mi, which gave the ability to release heated energy blast from any part of his body making him a Blaster Human.


Vladious is a tall, lean man with slim yet well-built body. He has cold, black eyes with eyebrows that are widely straight and jet black, spiky hair which firmly stands upwards, and has a prominent widow's peak. His has a well chiseled face and tan, rough skin. his choice of clothing is peculiar to most people, he wears a dark blue sleeveless jumpsuit with white gloves and boots with yellow tips on the boots. He has scares on parts of his body mostly hidden by his clothing. He is also seen often, if not always, angry wither he's happy or not, though sometimes he gives a bit of a smirk.

Whenever he is about to do business with his clients or run his company he wears the same type of jumpsuit but with a dark grey color, with long-sleeved and wears white chest armor with an orange part that goes over the shoulder and stomach area. on the left Pectoral of the chest armor is the logo of the Vladious Club.

When taking a break from his company and title of a Warlord, Vladious wears a white with a stylish, dark blue, buttoned shirt over it with folded down collar and a pocket on the left pectoral where he keeps his Transponder Snail and wears light brown pants and black sandals.


Vladious is a confident yet arrogant individual

Abilities and PowerEdit

As a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Valdious is one of the strongest pirates in the world compared to the Three Great Powers and has full authority to do as he pleases without having to worry about the Navy getting in his way. Due to this, He used this chance to construct the most influential Trafficking Company in the slave trading business, the Vladious Club and became its captain and president.

His influence and power are of an extraordinary caliber as he was able to attack a load of pirates and citizens and took them all in as his slaves and giving them up to the highest bitter. The grand total of slaves he took in from just one attack added up to 500 people counting both citizens and pirates alike along with other races. 

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Devil FruitEdit

Seven Warlord 5.4 Vladious using his devil fruit

Vladious using his Devil Fruit Power

Vladious is the user of a Devil Fruit known as the Yabu Yabu no Mi (lit. Blast Blast Fruit in English), which is one of the rare and legendary Devil Fruits. After consuming the Yabu Yabu no Mi Vladious has the ability to release heated energy blast from anywhere out of his body and attack his opponents with them. The blasts he fires are powerful enough to obliterate a normal person in just one attack and is able to fire them repeatedly with no trouble. 




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