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Ravinger Terell, more commonly known under his alias of Fuyuki, is an Admiral of the Marines; and a man noted for his sense of justice and strong moral compass. Although he hunts down pirates, he has vowed to treat them with the respect they deserve as fellow human beings and prefers to end encounters with them without shedding blood. Due to being the child of a runaway slave, he is most notable for his great hostility towards the Slave Trade; and curses his inability to deal with it due to the overarching influence of the World Nobles.

He is also known for being a widely acclaimed researcher of Devil Fruits, particularly in regards to the unusual phenomena known as Awakening, and a well-known scientist who keeps a lab onboard of his personal vessel. Logia-type Devil Fruits are of particular interest for him, due to having eaten the Yuki Yuki no Mi himself. To this end, he's written and memorized extensive lists of all currently known Logia-types as well as the names and appearance of their last-registered owners. As events in his past has lead him to recognize the great dangers these fruits pose in the hands of the malicious, foolish or inexperienced.

In Fuyuki's hands, the power of the Yuki Yuki no Mi; at first discredited as offering a lesser power in comparison to the Hie Hie no Mi has had its fullest potential unlocked for the very first time in history. With its full-potential being known to affect the world on a semi-global scale when wielded to its greatest extent, it is said that whenever Fuyuki sees fit to go all-out one fourth of the world is plunged into sudden winter, which lasts for weeks at the very least and has resulted in severe weather instability when it has occurred in the past. Hurricanes, tornadoes and other forms of chaos forms in the wake of his battles, as nature struggles to right his foreign influence.


A large and muscular man, Ravinger strikes an imposing figure that is rather at odds with his true personality. Hailing from the large island nation of Ekran, situated somewhere in the Grand Line, the man's descent is difficult to miss because of his exotic blend of dark skin, white hair and red eyes -- peculiar traits unique to people of that island. Although his appearance has earned him more than his share of looks, Ravinger carries himself with a poise, dignity and certainty not found in most men. Ravinger Terell is considered by quite a few to be an attractive man, for many find his qualities pleasing if only because of how unusual they are.

His face is well-sculpted, with a well-defined jawline, even cheeks and an overall shape that has just the right proportions to be called symmetrical. These pleasing features are then framed by white hair common to men of his homeland, with meticulously trimmed sideburns curving out to point at his fetching eyes. Ravinger keeps his hair swept back into a spiky ponytail, giving him a slightly wild appearance. Given the importance of his office, he goes to great lengths to always appear well-groomed and presentable, rarely failing to make a good first impression.

Ravinger's clothing consists of a long dark blue coat with lines of white and white a ruffled collar; despite its appearance, this material is very light and would offer no protection whatsoever against cold; being instead worn for the sake of his own identity. Above these garments, he wears the standard Marine coat with the word justice inscribed on the back, as expected of a Marine Officer of his station. Naturally, despite his clothing, the weather is of no consequence to him, as no amount of cold can offer him the slightest discomfort.

Being a Scientist, Ravinger is rarely seen without his special goggles, which are meant to protect his eyes from dangerous spillage and chemicals while he works in his lab. Furthermore, due to the potentially life-threatening effects of his Devil Fruit upon people, he always carries around several vials of a chemical made to accelerate the body heat of the target, as a way of preventing his foes from dying to hypothermia after he's incapacitated them. He sometimes offers these to his opponents mid-combat to help preserve their life, especially if he has come to grow fond of them.


Perhaps above all else, Fuyuki is an official who believes in fairness, to him, nothing is more telling of a governing body than how it treats its very worst. True justice to him is to fight those who oppose the law and endanger others for their own gain, while simultaneously keeping oneself to a far higher standard. Reasoning that if he were to resort to brutality and cruelty he would have no right to judge anyone, nor criticize their actions, in light of this Fuyuki is a staunch opponent of the Shichibukai system on moral grounds, likening it to forgiving petty criminals and undermining the core ideal of justice. Despite his views, Ravinger is a man who understands that the system can only be changed from the inside, and he is loyal to the cause of the marines despite its many flaws. Which he struggles to avoid when he goes about official business, resolving to treat even the most ruthless of criminals with the respect he'd show anyone else, even to the point of being willing to listen to their recounts of their actions for a clearer picture.

Due to how the World Government has dealt with matters in the past, he holds an intense dislike for them and the very notion that six people can govern an entire world. Their willingness to condone the existence of terrible institutions like Impel Down further cements his already poor opinion about them, a prison he describes as being so barbaric that he'd like to arrest all of its staff for torture if he could. Claiming that the horrors perpetrated by the wardens and guards far exceed what most of the actual inmates have done, this belief has made him something of a controversial figure within the upper echelons of the marines, although his popularity as a superior is notable among younger and more idealistic recruits and officers.

In Terell's eyes, there is no such thing as Absolute Justice; in fact, to him, the entire idea is merely an excuse to perpetrate a vicious cycle. While he realises that the guilty must be punished, the punishment must always fit the crime, and the idea of absolute justice dehumanises enemies. Which in turn justifies terrible actions such as slavery, torture and other gruesome actions by the government or its elected officials, indeed, in its name Fuyuki has found himself forced to perform acts he'd never do otherwise. Such as executing prisoners and other actions that will forever stain his soul, but even in light of these actions his desire for a better future where people understand and act according to values of compassion burns strong. Adversaries that meet their end at Ravinger's hands, however, do so in the most humane manner he can muster, with most of them losing consciousness almost immediately when he notices them and then drifting away into a silent death by hypothermia, a process that the man strives to make as peaceful as possible.

There's great kindness in Fuyuki, and he takes responsibility for whatever collateral damage he might cause in his quest to capture criminals and defend the world from those who'd seek to do it harm. For this reason, he is known for maintaining a minimalistic but extremely efficient approach to fighting, using abilities of lesser and more focused scope over applications of his overwhelming power that might lead to far-reaching consequences to innocents. Indeed, unlike some other high-ranking officials, Ravinger prioritizes the lives and well-being of civilians above that of capturing criminals, in this, he has many similarities to the late Issho. And according to his superiours, many a pirate has taken advantage of this in the past, with some of them even labelling it as a weakness -- but to those Ravinger simply replies that respecting life is the greatest expression of justice there is, to be forced to kill is a measure of great personal failure, and so he expands his powers and experience to that end. Not to make them into tools of murder, but to empower them to the degree that he can deal with even the Yonko in a humane and benevolent manner.


Quiet BeginningsEdit

Many great men have great beginnings, or so it has been said, but Ravinger Terell's life began when his mother, a runaway slave, ran from the World Nobles that owned her on the Sabaody Archipelago. How she managed to escape somehow is still a mystery, but having been captured and sold shortly after becoming impregnated with Terell, she begged the local doctors to bring her son into the world free of the bonds of slavery. Knowing that while her freedom was forever lost, she could at least offer him the chance to live in her stead.

As expected, her pleas went unanswered by the majority of the populace aside from one specific doctor; who offered his assistance in spite of the grave dangers involved. It was at that moment that the woman's collar exploded, killing her instantly and forcing the kind doctor to free her unborn son from her mutilated corpse. For the cruelty he was shown that day, the doctor vowed to let the boy know of his mother's death and the reasons behind it from an early age.

Terell's life began then, and the kind doctor immediately fled the island, settling down and raising the Ekran child as his own. That doctor's name was Thomas Ravinger, and his adopted son inherited his surname and received a name after local customs. Although his life hadn't had a particularly good start, he soon came to view Thomas as his father and living on the island was as happy a childhood as anyone could wish.

Reassuming his old profession, Thomas became doctor for the village and the young Terell eagerly helped him out; proving to be a chemist of significant talent even at an early age such as that. Making medicines to help the patients of his caretaker instilled within him a sense of pride, and warmth, that peculiar feeling born of compassion. These quiet years saw the young Ravinger blossom into a valuable aide and a known face within his village. Unfortunately, this was not to last.

Snow's GiftEdit

Throughout the Grand Line there's many stories about pirates attacking villages, plundering and murdering citizens for their own gain. There's stories of slavers making off with entire towns in chains.. but there's only a handful of stories where the victim was the perpetrator, if not in intent, then certainly in deed.

Devil Fruits can appear anywhere, and it was precisely on this specific island that the one reappeared, and as fate would have it, the young child stumbled upon it while he was out gathering herbs. For someone trained and taught by a learned man, the appearance of a Devil Fruit was quickly identified, although something about this particular one seemed more.. peculiar somehow. Perhaps it was the crystalline skin, the fact that it was a blinding white, or that its appearance resembled an oversized snow crystal. For the twelve-year-old, the idea of being extraordinary somehow overrode all reason, and he gobbled the fruit down in a fit of childish impulsiveness.

Had Ravinger directly brought it back to his guardian, Thomas might've informed him of its nature as a Logia. Given his sheltered upbringing and limited contact with the rest of the world, Terell had only ever witnessed the powers of Paramecia and Zoan-types, never had he testified the frightening powers of a Logia. With excitement, the boy rushed home to meet with his father, heedless of how the earth beneath him was covered in expanding rime and snow.. how plantlife withered as he passed, and how snow trailed behind him as he ran.

Bursting open the door, Ravinger ran inside and did what he always did, with tearful eyes filled with pride he embraced his foster father tenderly as any child would. As tightly as he could, and at first Thomas responded in kind, as he always did. But then he heard shivering, which only caused the boy to hold his father tighter to give him warmth, then he felt how Thomas' grip began to weaken until he collapsed on the floor. With a weak voice, he spoke to the boy.

"I feel so sleepy."

Those would be the last words spoken by Thomas Ravinger. For he never woke up again, having passed away due to hypothermia in his sleep. Tragically, it was Terell's devotion to his only family that killed the kindly doctor, for, throughout the night, he never left his side, not understanding that his very presence was killing his parent.

When morning came, the entire town was shook awake by the hysterical wailing of a child in the town square. His wails resounded throughout the air and walls of freezing air spun around him like a perpetual whirlwind of snow and sleet. Try as they might, they could not venture close, for although he was just a child, he now harbored the powers far beyond their understanding; powers he very clearly could not control. Crops were ruined, the ground was frozen underneath him and the water turned to ice as well, freezing due to the sudden decrease in temperature.

Unless tempered with caution and control, the powers of a Logia running rampant are a danger to all and everything within its range, and although they realized the tragedy of the situation it was decided that he could not stay, for he was a danger to everything around him, including himself if left unchecked. Seeing only one option, the townspeople summoned the marines to take the boy with them to their nearest base, where the limitless potential of his Devil Fruit would be honed and refined, and put to use in defending the world.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As a Marine Admiral, Ravinger Terell maintains authority over the thousands of marines below his station, and can command fleets of them to assemble on an island, his status the second highest within the marines, second only to that of Fleet Admiral Kurama. Furthermore, he has the power to initiate a Buster Call on any island he considers a threat and can, given due cause, revoke the title of a Shichibukai. He has command of his own battleship and frequently travels the new world with no issue, proving his strength by association with the many great threats of the region. In regards to his personal combat strength, Fuyuki represents the very pinnacle of power within the entire World Government structure, being considered to be one of its greatest fighters; and an essential part of the Three Great Powers. He can clash evenly with, or in many cases overpower the worlds most powerful pirates, being described as a monster even by many fearsome pirate captains. His feats include plunging the entire New World into a sudden inexplicable winter simply by using his powers to their fullest potential, single-handedly fight and dismantle the entire fleet of an infamous Pirate Captain, alongside the Captain in question and prove victorious without noteworthy effort, to later execute all of these pirates in an instant when he received orders from a superior to do so, reckoning that they couldn't house so many prisoners. Managing to accomplish the latter without any of his prisoners feeling pain or discomfort for even a moment, or even sensing what was about to happen to them.

Ravinger is also widely acclaimed for his research on Devil Fruits, particularly those of the Logia variety, and his extensive work on the subject of the rare phenomenon known as Awakening. Explicitly attempting to find ways in which to discover the precise factors and requirements that lead to this fascinating transformation of powers. As a well-known scientist besides, Ravinger Terell keeps a lab onboard of all the battleships that he uses, allowing him to identify foreign substances, conconct chemicals of use for his crew and analytically examine whatever strange things they might encounter in their journeys. Furthermore, due to being the adopted son of a doctor, he is well-versed in matters of medicine and a remarkable chemist, capable of making various compounds and conconctions for a wide array of ills and ailments.

Given his extensive study of Devil Fruits, and being someone who received the powers of a Logia at an early age, Ravinger is extraordinarily powerful, among the greatest users of Devil Fruits in their entire history, capable of amazing feats which few can match, much less surpass. His overwhelming personal strength as a combatant is made evident by the fact that he was capable of effortlessly defeating the current Shichibukai Bimore O. Jack in the match that saw him inducted into the organization.[1]

Physical ProwessEdit

Although his forte lies within his extremely developed Logia powers, Admiral Fuyuki is a monster in terms of physical ability as well. With a single punch he can cause mighty tremors in the earth and generate tectonic movements, shatter well-armored warships and block the attacks of very powerful individuals with little issue. All utilizing only his bare hands, it is expected of Admirals to be superior in all fields of physical prowess, and the man follows this tradition. What differentiates him from others is that while his body is top-notch and his strength, speed and durability among the greatest in the world; he lacks the will and drive of a true martial artist. He completed his training as a Marine with stellar results, but there’s little soul to be found in his martial combat. Ultimately, this is not a weakness of particular note for his physical prowess is by all accounts satisfactory to his position, and more. Because while other users of Logia might harness their powers as a crutch, Fuyuki is motivated by a constant need to improve.

Ravinger's physical durability is considered to be his strongest asset in this category; having deeply conditioned his body to withstand almost any kind of trauma imaginable within human reason. Blows that might shatter a mountain only elicit a grunt from him and blows imbued with Haki require tremendous force behind them to be effective. Coupled with his way of defending against attacks before they happen, and Winter’s Cloak: Admiral Fuyuki is an extremely tough foe even to injure, much less take down.

Like with everything else, Ravinger’s approach to combat is entirely centred around the powers of his Devil Fruit, focusing not on punches or kicks but a wide variety of grabs and holds; knowing that any such action vastly increases the power of the Yuki Yuki no Mi. So trained is his understanding of holds and grabs that he can find ways to turn any attack made against him into an ample opportunity, reacting with extraordinary reflexes to turn foes own momentum against them seize hold of flailing limbs so that he might undermine them with ease. His ability to witness openings is impeccable, and in this manner, he appears to merely slip through the defences of his opponent to touch them directly for lethal effect.

It is not presently known as to what degree exactly he can use the Rokushiki, or even if he can use it at all. Because the man prefers not to talk about that peculiar subject, but one thing is certain – with or without the six powers, Ravinger Terell is a man who is so much more than just a wielder of snow. He is someone who can stand his ground even in the face of the strongest people on the entire planet and do so with confidence.

Devil FruitEdit

Fuyuki ate the Yuki Yuki no Mi at a young age; and has since had almost thirty years to perfect its powers. Coupled with his innate intuition, intelligence and understanding of how Devil Fruits operate in general, Ravinger is easily one of the most powerful users of Devil Fruits in the entire world, having the capability to literally upset the natural order with the power at his command and affect world in truly profound ways should he desire to. Indeed, whenever he has been forced to exert his full potential the consequences have been dire, not only for his enemies but for entire continents. Noone understands the immense ramifications of misusing his powers better than Terell himself who has developed ways to focus his incredible power into applications of less scope. Ravinger has stated that as a researcher who specializes in the power Logia-types, that its the sworn duty of every user of these fruits to control their power effectively in ways which does not negatively impact the lives of innocents.

His emphasis on controlling and refining his powers has led to many breakthroughs, of particular note is the ability to use the powers of his Devil Fruit without requiring any physical movement or gesture of his hands to focus it; his power manifests as he desires it, wherever he wishes it to. Adversaries are almost never able to even touch him, as seemingly impenetrable snowflakes manifest seemingly out of thin air, and icy winds bite into their exposed skin, further weakening them -- for anyone, even among the fighters of the New World to lay even a single finger on Ravinger Terell is an exceedingly rare occurrence, so great is the extent of his defense. His lack of reliance on his hands coupled with the fact that he can produce limitless amounts of his element, means that there is nothing restricting the amount of actions he might make. This has been proven time and time again, the most famous example is him single-handedly defeating an entire fleet of pirates in the New World without lifting a single finger. Numbers are therefore completely meaningless to Fuyuki, and indeed, the troops of marines that are willing to follow him into battle often find themselves playing cards in their cabins while wondering if any of them really needed to be there.

While the presence of Haki in the New World is pretty much universal, Fuyuki corrects those who feel renewed confidence upon seeing his Logia-derived powers that in order for Haki to be effective they need to actually land a hit on him. Something which the vast majority of fighters on the New World are simply put unable to accomplish, rendering their achievement entirely inconsequential. In the event that someone, whether by skill or miracle manages to do just that, they're in for an unpleasant surprise. For Ravinger has carefully woven a mantle of extreme cold around his body, which greatly punishes those who utilize their limbs for combat, such as martial artists and Zoan-users. For upon contact, that seething cold, indescribable by normal words seeps into their limbs and inflicts extremely severe frostbite, arms become unuseable almost immediately, especially vulnerable are the muscled limbs of well-toned individuals, which due to a lack of fat lose heat far more quickly. Without treatment, those who strike at Terell are often forced to amputate the afflicted body parts which quickly grow gangrenous.

Like most Logia-users, Ravinger has trained himself to turn intangible by reflex to incoming attacks, which when combined with his highly developed Kenbunshoku Haki renders it more or less impossible to conduct sneak attacks upon him. Should he discover a foe capable of putting up a fight despite his Cloak of Winter, he can always separate his body into a disembodied white mist to evade even Haki-imbued attacks with strict ease by splitting his body away from the attacks and reassimilating himself afterwards as usual. He might also launch an immediate counterattack in this state due to the perfect control over his abilities that he possesses, typically by turning himself into a raging whirlwind of ice cold air that syphons the remaining heat from his foe and thus making them lose consciousness almost immediately. But even in this Ravinger proves himself to be leagues ahead of most Logia-users, for he's trained himself to reflexively sense the residual Haki in another blow and if so, shift AROUND the attack in question so as to not take damage at all.

It is a grave misconception held by many that because one fruit is lower on the order of magnitude than another that it is inherently inferior. This is untrue, and an exceedingly dangerous notion, for while Ravinger admits that were he to meet a user of the Hie Hie no Mi who were at his level of power and relative skill; he'd find himself at a disadvantage in terms of raw power -- the true beauty of the Yuki Yuki no Mi is the vast range of applications to which it might be used. While the former is largely only capable of generating and manipulating solid ice, the latter can work across a much larger spectrum, allowing the user to create icy winds, blizzards, manipulate cold itself, and eventually achieve all that the former might through more roundabout means. As an example, Ravinger is capable of freezing moisture and people in much the same manner as the Hie Hie no Mi can; although it cannot be done instantaneously, it can still be done fast enough to be of great use. He remarks that this approach is extremely effective at rendering previously unbreakable substances brittle, due to freezing them on a subatomic level, where even a casual blow might shatter them into a thousand pieces, although it took him many years before he could accomplish this.

Given his flawless control over the powers of his Fruit, Ravinger is capable of manipulating thousands of snow particles with utmost precision, such as greatly increasing the size and density of specific snowflakes to truly stunning heights. Which he has used to perfect a secondary form of transportation involving the use of massive snowflakes that makes anything they carry the weight of freshly falling snow, almost weightless in other words. Through manipulating cold air and blizzards he can move these large objects across the sky and thus stealthily descend upon a pirate's crew hiding place without ever giving them the opportunity to prepare their defenses. Likewise, by expertly reflecting light off of snow particles in the air that he summons, Ravinger is even capable of turning others and himself invisible at will, as well as create minor optical illusions. But perhaps the most noteworthy of his achievements in the field of Devil Fruit Utility is his ability to merge with existing snow in the area in a manner virtually identical to that of an abnormally powerful Paramecia, making it exceedingly difficult to find his real body given that Terell's mere presence causes the surrounding area to be swept away in snow and blizzards. This ability extends even further, to the extent that it allows for an unusual form of teleportation, namely by allowing him to travel great distances without occupying the space in-between, through the medium of snow.

Fuyuki's respect for the lives of others naturally extends to his subordinates, and in situations where its suitable he prefers to create his own reinforcements from snow, manifesting either as towering Snow Golems rivalling the strength and size of Giants or the far more modest-looking Snowmen, who are essentially clones of Ravinger who retain limited power over the abilities of the Yuki Yuki no Mi, enough to be more than a match for most of the weaker pirates in the New World. Adversaries have thought they'd had the advantage only to realize that they've been simply fighting a simulacrum of Ravinger Terell all along, where its desireable, the man is also known to these Snowmen to reinforce his own abilities, by assisting in controlling and manipulating the element of Snow and all that it entails. Although they're very powerful in comparison to most similar techniques, the Snowmen disperse into snow if they're struck with a single potent blow, although the sheer cold they exude upon being struck often leaves severe frostbites on their destroyers. Like with the clones produced by the former Shichibukai known as Joker, Ravinger is capable of speaking through these clones and have them act after a predetermined pattern, although their attack patterns are based upon a simple priority system and is easy to predict and counter.

While the powers of the Yuki Yuki no Mi are incredibly dangerous to anyone, its power to defeat enemies through hypothermia is especially effective against cyborgs and Zoan-users based on cold-blooded animals and insects. In the case of the former, the metals of which they're partially made of is highly susceptible to being frozen or broken down through its powers, furthermore, due to most metals being excellent conductors to heat; they indirectly assist Ravinger in stealing away their warmth, increasing their susceptibility to hypothermia. Likewise, cold-blooded animals are unable to regulate their own body heat, and as a result, such Devil Fruit-eaters are left almost entirely at Ravinger's mercy, with him being capable of literally freezing the blood in their veins by simply focusing his power upon them, such a death is more or less instantaneous and sees the target frozen solid, their bodies overtaken by snow and rime.

Blooming White FlowersEdit

Probably Ravinger's single greatest achievement is the ability to utilize the vast majority of his Devil Fruit's techniques without the assistance of his hands, or any movement whatsoever, removing the limiter on how many times he might attack entirely; thus allowing him to essentially do the work of an entire army on his lonesome. But this talent wouldn't have been nearly as overwhelming were it for the series of attacks and manipulations of ambient water that has received the unofficial name "Blooming White Flowers" within the inner circles of the Marines.

Ravinger's ability to manipulate ambient water present in the atmosphere is exceptional, and with the powers of the Yuki Yuki no Mi he is capable of freely altering each snowflake on a massive scale around him, with such flawless precision that he can essentially turn it into anything. From elaborate and magnificent snowflake barriers created by substantially increasing the size and density of singular flakes, to whirling shurikens of wintery might, or perhaps even turning thousands of snowflakes into gaping maws of white death to chomp down on a foe from all cardinal directions at once.

With but a thought, he can utilize these snowflakes in a thousand different ways, and without expending any effort at all, neither physical nor mental. Enemies find themselves besieged by elaborate snow formations, torn to shreds by what appears to be invisible teeth, and overcome by the sheer presence of his attacks. Due to being able to manipulate the element of snow on the most precise level possible, there's no practical limit to how quickly he can generate constructs or attacks, with even massive snow labyrinths being summoned into existence at what appears a single moment, despite spanning multiple miles in their sheer size, a testament to the overwhelming power of a mastered Logia-type.

Snowflakes generated directly from the Fuyuki's body are far more powerful than those drawn from ambient air, being capable of forming abnormally dense miniature shields, which when interlocked into massive barriers are virtually indestructible, being capable of protecting thousands of people from a medley of detonating Veno bombs without even cracking the slightest[2]. With simple gestures he can freely empower to even greater heights, and the extent to which he might employ these snowflakes are simply staggering -- for by allowing his snow to seep into and saturate the ground underneath him, he's capable of expanding his influence on the very foundation upon which he and his opponents stands, the earth. As he causes extremely dense snowflakes to expand abruptly in size, tearing the earth asunder and moving the tectonic plates underneath the surface in order to create frost quakes of immense power. Given this applications enormous potential for widespread collateral damage, Admiral Fuyuki has proved capable of perfecting a more contained version of this power in order to tear open large fissures or chasms instead through similar principles, holes and wounds in the ground that he might later seal.

Seventy-Two TransformationsEdit

Perhaps the truest expression of the Blooming White Flowers application is how it allows Ravinger to manipulate his own shape and body, with every snow particle that forms his elemental body offering a realm of possibilities. Even the previous although far less successful user of the Yuki Yuki no Mi, Monet, understood this truth and she used it to shapeshift into abominable monsters, with needle-like teeth and a serpentine form. But whereas she aims to be a horrific monster specifically, Ravinger is far more varied in his pursuits, and has developed the derivative application known as the Seventy-Two Transformations, a set of memorized shapes and forms which he draws upon as necessary. Most of these are harmless and allows him to blend in on virtually any island he is; such as transforming into a a snow mink, a winter wolf, or a white owl as necessary – useful for matters which require discretion and stealth, but naturally unsuitable for heated combat.

But within those Seventy-Two, roughly seven shapes are formed after old legends, myths and fairy tales from all over the Grand Line; and these transformations possess power untold, allowing him to draw upon more of his limitless elemental might at once, and causing his physical strength to go beyond what was thought impossible, even for an Admiral. Ravinger is not a man who does things half-way, and as such the scope, reach and might of these imitations of mythical beings amount to imagery of colossal world-shaking strength. Likened to the acts of a raging mad god by those below his station.

Through the power of the Yuki Yuki no Mi, nothing is beyond Ravinger's scope, and if it is, then surely he has yet to encounter such a limitation. The transformations are made by adding or removing snow particles, and then using the mystical power of the Yuki Yuki no Mi to make those transformations fluid and life-like, size is not truly an obstacle unless it negatively impacts Fuyuki's ability to fight in ways which outweigh the improvements made. His greatest transformations possess the size, and certainly the strength of Zunisha the World Elephant of Zou.

According to what Fuyuki once told his fellow Admirals, his most powerful transformations or otherwise applications of this ability are known as Winter Dragon, Snow Titan and White Legion. Each of which reputedly is capable of challenging a Yonko's fleet all on their own, although whether this is the truth or simply an overstatement of Fuyuki's capabilities is not yet known. Although the man appears to be highly optimistic about its strength nonetheless.

Winter's CloakEdit

The New World is a place of epiphanies for those who have relied upon the peerless defensive properties of Logia-types as a crutch in battle. For in this last of the four oceans the amount of Haki users is extraordinary, and many foolish Logia-users meet their bane here. As a man who understands the need to ensure ones own survival, Ravinger Terell developed Winter's Cloak; an application of the Yuki Yuki no Mi that springs to life around him the moment he is engaged in combat, surrounding his body with a mantle extreme cold. Which forms a layer of dense ice above his skin to serve as makeshift armor against the Haki-imbued blows of his adversaries, absorbing a portion of the damage they would deal, and thus increasing his durability greatly. Given how the mere presence of the Winter's Cloak has a tendency of greatly weakening attacks made against him, this layer of frost armor is usually sufficient to negate attacks entirely without further defensive measures.

However, the defensive prowess of the Winter's Cloak is twofold, that of direct defense and that of preventive defense. The latter is achieved due to the sheer amount of cold he radiates, which is so focused and concentrated so as to seep deep into the musculature of whoever is foolish enough to strike him. Chilling them with such potency that their limbs become unuseable almost immediately afterwards, blackened by extremely severe frostbites, which often necessitate the afflicted limbs amputation unless it is treated. This process is even more brutal against skilled martial artists and muscular individuals, for their lack of surplus fat greatly increases the rate at which their bodies lose heat. Interestingly, the process is therefore less powerful against females than males for similar reasons, although not to any significant degree.

But, even though it is a formidable defensive ability at its core, its offensive uses are likewise incredible, for its not at all necessary for his target to strike him to feel winter's ruthless bite. Fuyuki's mere presence causes the temperature to drop steadily, and the closer the adversary the more intense the cold is, at regular fighting distance, merely mustering the strength to walk towards him is an effort that requires strong will, as their bodies already begin to undergo the process that eventually leaves to hypothermia. Tissues begin to freeze, and their bodies fight desperately to keep them warm, muscles grow weary and weak, knees buckle and eventually they can no longer support their own weight and fall over in the snow, quivering as their bodies makes preparations for death. Ravinger's kindness is worthy of note, for he rarely kills his enemies and he frequently carries around medicine and remedies to treat hypothermia-related complications. Treating them while they're unconscious to minimize the potentially cruel effects of his Devil Fruit.

In exchange for most of its defensive properties, he can choose to expand the range of his Winter's Cloak greatly to cover a much wider area, so as to be able to deal with a much greater number of enemies. But this is an application he only uses when he faces multiple weaker opponents who is confident he could take a proper hit from, which truth be told is the vast majority of pirates even in the New World. Anything within the domain created by this ability drops in temperature at a fast pace, until people are eventually frozen solid where they stand due to the freezing air. Its power cannot be doubted and Ravinger hasn't made any efforts to hide his power or how it works, reasoning that by doing so he can protect weaker foes from himself and the might of the Yuki Yuki no Mi.

White CradleEdit

Owing to his desire to find a way to prevent unnecessary fatalities, and seek a way to curb the overwhelming lethality of the Yuki Yuki no Mi, Fuyuki spent many years attempting to find a solution, and for decades his dream remained just that, a dream. Only after he successfully awakened his Devil Fruit, and with that achieved a far greater level of power over its properties was he at last able to devise such a solution, to a problem that had long haunted him. But the answer surprised him in that it lay not in lowering the intensity of his cold-based attacks, but rather in heightening them to the point that they only stopped short of Absolute Zero, and reached the power known as cryostasis. This was the birth of Fuyuki's third major principle, White Cradle.

According to the Logia Master, White Cradle specifically deals with the idea of cryostasis, the ability to freeze and preserve any substance by cooling it to sub-zero temperatures. It is thought to be an exceedingly difficult, if not impossible feat if done through ordinary methods, but the sheer might and potency of an awakened Logia, when wielded by one who has dedicated most of his life to uncover its many secrets. Through this power, Ravinger can place others into a state where they remain perfectly preserved and alive, but essentially frozen in time, unable to interact with the world around them but protected from its horrors. Indeed, virulent diseases, poisons and acids can be prevented infinitely through this principle, because at low enough temperatures, any enzymatic or chemical activity is effectively frozen in time alongside the patient, and in the past Fuyuki has used this application of his powers to preserve the lives of the ill until they received medical assistance, for Fuyuki can revive those affected by the White Cradle with but a single thought, all without the risk of doing them any harm.

Yet this application is not the main purpose to which it was devised, for the White Cradle is ultimately meant to be used in combat to incapacitate pirates without killing them, and affording Fuyuki an alternative to the chilling death that his attacks would otherwise inflict upon his targets, in this endeavour it has been massively successful for everything that Fuyuki does can be imbued with this principle as he desires, such that an otherwise benign and harmless looking snow flurry can incapacitate a large score of individuals on its own. Additionally, any applications of Ravinger's powers empowered through this principle of are rendered extremely resistant, and often immune to acids and other attacks made through chemical processes. But there's a telltale sign to anything that bears the mark of the White Cradle, for any such attack possesses a faint but noticeable blue lustre due to it being influenced in large part by an awakened power.

Being a power born out of a desire for peace and intended as a tool of mercy by a man who despises taking lives unnecessarily. White Cradle is governed by Fuyuki's Left Hand of Peace and when it is raised, the already impressive powers of this principle are magnified several times over to the point where he can apply it directly, allowing him to impose cryostasis over large areas, such as the surrounding landscape and even use it to the point where it might achieve feats that cryostasis alone could not achieve under ordinary conditions. Most well known of these is Fuyuki's ability to create an expanding wave of cold air bearing an enhanced version of these properties that can halt all motion within a large radius, an effect that places all within range under this condition and stops even approaching attacks dead in their tracks, from an outsiders perspective it appears as though Fuyuki has somehow managed to freeze time itself.. and in a manner of speaking, through the power of cryostasis he can, although the Admiral admits that its more like an exclusion than a prevention.

Right Hand of JusticeEdit

Due to his complete mastery over his Devil Fruit, the use of his hands in order to manipulate his powers is entirely unnecessary, and he's capable of easily fighting opponents of similar strength as himself with his arms crossed thoughtfully across his broad chest. For Fuyuki to lift his hands is a rare occurrence indeed, and telling signs of his intentions, for it is in this way that he most closely restricts and focuses his power. Fuyuki's right hand embodies the concept of Justice, and is the hand which governs the overwhelming destructive potential afforded to him by the Yuki Yuki no Mi. Given his disposition, Ravinger is loath to wield his powers to their fullest potential, for a single mistake can mean the loss of thousands upon thousands of innocent lives.

Indeed, the scope of the Hand of Justice is beyond the wildest fantasies of most; for with it, he's capable of destroying an entire nation single-handedly, as his powers work over a scale that is just humongous. A gesture of his right hand can produce avalanches with the size and scope of a massive tidal wave, threatening to wipe out entire cities with its overbearing size, burying them beneath millions of ton of eternal snow. By gesturing at the heavens, he can subject a nation to the terror that is hailshards the size of meteors, that impact the ground below with all the force expected, showers of mass destruction that last for weeks on end. Leaving even the strongest of nations broken and battered, but it is his restraint that allows people to place their trust in him. To believe that although he might be a monster among mortals, he is still but a man striving to do good by the world in which he lives, and protect his people and subordinates.

Whenever he raises the Hand of Justice, the weather trembles and changes into thunderstorms, blizzards and hurricanes; as his mere presence upsets the balance of elements to a great degree. Tornadoes form out of nowhere, people freeze to death despite their greatest attempts at staying warm and everything around him dies off at an accelerated pace. Simple applications of his powers are magnified tenfold, their range increasing tremendously to the point where he might affect anything within a several mile radius around him, attacks which might before have seen weak are empowered to the degree that they completely overwhelm their opponents, everything about Ravinger Terell changes with this. For alongside governing most of his raw destructive capabilities as a Logia, it also represents his pride as a man, and his belief that killing is an action done only very reluctantly, if at all. Once Ravinger has raised the Hand of Justice, it is a sign that he fully intends to kill his opponent, and do so swiftly.

Given how rarely Fuyuki fully exerts it, the true depths of his power is unknown to all, perhaps all except for the man himself who appears to be highly reluctant in letting others know just how powerful he indeed is. It has been speculated that in his hands, the Yuki Yuki no Mi has the power to threaten the entire world as they know it. Because of its ability to impact the weather at such a profound scale and the very threatening possibility of it forcing permanent and severe climate changes upon the areas in which it is used.

Left Hand of PeaceEdit

Just like how the Right Hand of Justice embodies Ravinger's role as a high-ranking marine official, and all the sacrifices that he must often make to act as befits his position. The Left Hand of Peace represents nothing less than his views on humanity, and his own personal brand of justice and moral compass. It is therefore raised far more often than his Right Hand, as he is far more willing to engage in these ideals than the brutal idea of Absolute Justice which he so despises. In a similar vein as that of the fellow Logia-user of the Pirate Kings time, Crocodile, Ravinger channels a different power entirely through his Left Hand as opposed to the Right. Although whether this is by preference or because his Left Hand can only channel that specific power is not yet known, and Ravinger avoids the question altogether. It might simply be out of a desire to not mix his "polarizing ideals".

That power is the ability to siphon heat directly from his surroundings at a frightening pace, causing the ambient temperature to drop so quickly that adversaries have been known to enter a state of shock due to the immense differences between one moment and the next. It is commonly used as a way to incapacitate very large amounts of people without killing them, although it can lead to medical complications in its own right. By simply raising his hand, he can absorb so much heat from the surroundings that people collapse within seconds, unable to fight back as he puts them under arrest. Although like with the Right Hand of Justice he is known to greatly restrain himself while using this grand application of his abilities, for he understands that the mortality rate if he makes a single mistake is exceedingly high. Indeed, even touching another person with his Left Hand while channeling this power is an act that leads to instantaneous death, as their bodies undergo hypothermia immediately as his palm touches their skin. Due to how quickly death occurs, the process of dying to this is described as quicker and easier than falling asleep by Ravinger.

Although it is a terrifying offense, its defensive capabilities is also significant, for it allows Ravinger to naturally counter the primary weakness of the Yuki Yuki no Mi, namely that of fire by siphoning the heat right out of the offending flames, causing them to disperse harmlessly. There's many users of fire or heat-based Devil Fruits, and the power to nullify the heat with which they oppose the Law is a great one indeed. Given his natural ability to counter his primary weakness, Fuyuki stands among those limited few who have the innate capability to neutralize their own weakness. Although it has been suggested that the amount of heat he can absorb is finite, but that he, due to his extraordinarily developed powers have yet to find anyone capable of matching him in that department.

By turning his powers towards the ground underneath him, Fuyuki is capable of widespread devastation through generating incredibly powerful cryoseisms, which causes the ground to break apart like shattered glass and thus upset the foundations of many a castle or fortress. Unfortunately, whatever ground he touches and wields the full extent of his powers against is turned into a barren tundra, unable to further support life. Understanding this, this capability is very rarely seen, despite how it illustrates just how extensive his mastery of his Devil Fruit truly is. Rendering him able to influence the world in ways which many thought impossible for what was once thought to simply be a weaker version of the Hie Hie no Mi.

Wings of KuraokamiEdit

Packed SnowEdit


Among Devil Fruit users, the rare phenomena known as Awakening is considered a proof of greatness; for its a sign that one has thoroughly mastered the powers that is given. Ravinger Terell managed to awaken the true power of the Yuki Yuki no Mi roughly ten years past, at the age of thirty-two. What welled up within him was a great power, but he found to his great disappointment that unlike his companions with Paramecia, his powers didn't truly expand, not as he would've hoped. He'd expected a revolutionary change, something to match the change happening in his compatriots. Being a Researcher, he studied the causes of why this might be so, and concluded that as a Logia-user, there was no further power for him to conceivably 'unlock', as his ability to manipulate his element was effectively limitless.

But what he did discover, was that his presence began to change the landscape around him, effortlessly and independently of his powers. Summer turned to winter, tropical islands were made arctic under his presence, the very weather was changed and warped dramatically.. rain became hail, and moisture in the sky fell to the ground as snow -- as he watched the landscape was transformed into one matching the element of his Devil Fruit, the Yuki Yuki no Mi. Temperatures began dropping steadily across massive areas; as the influence of his Awakening spread further and further, bringing with it winter and snow wherever it touched; above tropical islands thunder and hurricanes were summoned from the colliding of hot and cold air. Ships had difficulty moving about in the surrounding seas, as thick layers of ice formed on the water surface, seemingly of its own accord.

Eventually, he achieved control over his powers, but at that point the island he was on, and many neighbouring islands had been warped permanently by his presence, and due to his existence, the islands of Wasserlend, Tuwak and Urland were transformed from tropical paradises into arctic islands. Fortunately for him, none of the islands were inhabited, although they were popular tourist attractions. Nowadays, Ravinger keeps these properties under strict control, unleashing them only very reluctantly, and always in a restrained and focused manner, understanding of the devastation that might befall innocents should he be careless. The elemental powers are not to be trifled with, not even for a Logia-master.


Being a Marine Admiral, and thus at the very pinnacle of power, being regarded as one of the four greatest military powers within the entire Marine structure, Ravinger’s Haki is simply exceptional. Shaped by a strong will to change the established order, and strengthened by the many sacrifices he’s had to make to strive towards that dream. Not a day goes by where Admiral Fuyuki doesn’t have his viewpoints challenged, opposed or at times even ridiculed – his willingness to continue to serve such a flawed institution as he does, with great loyalty and pride in his heart is an indication of the strength of his soul.

There is no alternative path in his eyes, and he posits that although the idea of the marines is a pure one, and most of their numbers are indeed well-meaning; the highest leadership is not. To oppose Ravinger’s Haki is, therefore, to challenge his beliefs, beliefs that have stood the test of time against the most powerful and influential leaders within the entire World Government structure itself.

Nothing less than the same single-minded determination can overcome the willpower that his Haki represents; the commitment to suffer the slings and arrows of your colleagues while still refusing to yield or flee. Fuyuki claims that most pirates cannot understand this concept, preferring instead to run from their problems or separate themselves from the source entirely.

Due to the raw strength of his will, Ravinger is more or less entirely immune to the effects of Haoshoku Haki, as none currently exists capable of overpowering his will to that extent. Thus far, all attempts at doing so has proven entirely fruitless, with the Admiral standing undaunted even in the face of a clash of such Haki.


His use of Busoshoku is known to be primarily focused around maintaining a solid defense in the unlikely scenario that his Winter's Cloak proves insufficient, given the strength of his convictions, will and overall might; his Haki is known to be a chore to break, and is unbreakable by most below his station. For Fuyuki has his strength of will reaffirmed, reasserted and reinforced every single day of his life, as he wakes up each morning with renewed resolve to serve a flawed institution -- knowing that the only change that matters is that which occurs from the inside. Thus, his Haki is an expression of that unshakeable ideal, and rejects the influence of others who lack his vision.

By utilizing his Haki in a masterful manner he's even capable of coating all of his Devil Fruit-related attacks in an aura of the same Haki, allowing him to overcome protections and resistances inferred by other Devil Fruits. In this manner, he's capable of utilizing his abilities even against foes who'd otherwise resist them. Greatly increasing the sheer reliability of his Yuki Yuki no Mi. This is most often applied to a large array of snowflakes that he conjures in the air, making each of the extended applications of them strike true against all manner of Devil Fruit users.

Regarding his ability to empower himself, Ravinger is trained enough to know how to apply Haki to his entire body, significantly increasing his physical strength and defensive power. Likewise, like Sentomaru, he's capable of projecting his spiritual life force outwards with his attacks, generating shockwaves of raw concussive energies with all the strength of his regular attacks, being capable of decimating massive battleships and send a whole crew of pirates flying off into the air. Ultimately, Ravinger Terell is a man of excellence in all fields of combat, and Busoshoku Haki is no exception.

Given the overwhelming strength of Fuyuki's Haki, he's mostly unaffected by the haki-imbued attacks of others, unless they possess raw willpower and determination rivalling his, something reserved mainly for other Admirals and the Yonko themselves. With most below that station finding that even Busoshoku Haki, which they've come to rely upon against Logia-users such as himself, fails to have the intended effect with Ravinger merely reforming as usual afterwards without taking damage. Citing that their Haki isn't strong enough, given the existence of the Winter's Cloak and the extreme dangers of striking Fuyuki directly; as a result, testing ones Haki against his is a gamble that few are willing to make lightly. Similar to how the late Sakazuki remained unharmed by the haki-imbued attacks of First Division Commander Marco Phoenix and Fifth Division Commander Vista during the Battle of Marineford.


Kenbunshoku is a highly valuable form of Haki that allows the user to accurately predict and perceive the attacks and movements of others, as a master of this style of Haki, Terell has enough understanding of this ability to be able to view people miles upon miles away, observing them within his mind's eye. So precise is his view of these distant targets that he can focus his powers and attack them from extraordinary ranges with utmost precision and accuracy. Such as disabling a Pirate Captain while they're asleep by decreasing the ambient temperature through the moisture naturally present in the air while being on an entirely different ship.

He's also used this to cover entire islands in violent snowstorms before even setting a single foot on their islands. Allowing him and his subordinates to move around with minimal hassle, their threat hidden and covered by the heavy downpour of snow, setting the stage to be to his advantage. Truthfully, the full range of his Kenbunshoku isn't known; but its believed to extend farther than what has been seen. Nevertheless, it is a dire threat to his enemies when combined with his extraordinary powers as a Logia-user.

In terms of his ability to understand the attacks and intentions of his opponent, he's capable of picking up even the subtlest signs of their Haki, the simplest distortion or the most minute change. Thus, much like the past Queen of Mermaids Otohime, he's capable of sensing and understanding the emotional state of others, giving him a great deal of empathy and capacity to learn about his foe mid-combat. Adversaries who fight with fear or despair in their hearts often find that the Admiral asks them directly about what troubles them, even in the middle of combat. He uses this because in his mind, intent is the most important part of whether a crime is a crime or not. Pirates who are hesitant, fearful or desperate often have other reasons for fighting, and may surrender when given the chance to do so.

In all matters of Kenbunshoku Haki, Admiral Fuyuki is a seasoned master, he's especially skilled at singling out more powerful signatures of Haki and accurately determining their strength versus his own. Although given his sheer station, it is exceedingly rare for him to sense the presence of anyone in a league remotely close to his own. Nevertheless, he uses this information to know who it is that he needs to defeat first for the safety of his subordinates and eventual civilians or hostages.

Similar to a man of fifty years past, Ravinger's mastery over Kenbunshoku Haki is exceptional enough to allow him to see into the future. Allowing him to react against things that have yet to occur, he used this to great effect to preemptively defuse the majority of the bombs planted under a wedding ceremony in Elbaf.[3]


  1. A Winter's Breeze: Ravinger defeats Jack while fighting with both hands behind his back, and using but an iota of the full power of the Yuki Yuki no Mi. Yet emerges from the battle untouched and uninjured.
  2. The Royal Wedding: Fuyuki demonstrates the incredible durability of his Snowflake Barriers.
  3. The Royal Wedding: Fuyuki is revealed to have the ability to peer slightly into the future.


  • Ravinger is gay. Although this is not something that has much of a bearing on the man himself, as he's far too busy to even think about finding a lover.
  • Terell's alignment, as determined by his author is Lawful Good.