Through the Gates Edit

Days after the major tournament, the newly formed pirates, got together for something serious rather than wine and dine. For whatever reason, The Pirate Captain had planned for his next steps of action. The Meeting concluded with no injuries whatsoever and Higashi Ryū found himself in his room soon afterwards. He was to depart with Amunet to the Sky Islands in search and conquest of Spirit Island, a island of the Spirit folk as reported by the Pirates ally and former captain of the Ninja turned Pirate, Taiga. He wanted to learn ore about it, but the wine he had previously took the better of him as he fell to his bed fast asleep only to woken up by the first rays of the dawn. As promised, Higashi reached the tea-shop besides the Port waiting for his partner in combat.

Amunet came walking from the ship. Making her way through the port of the strange place that she just arrived, she looked around with a rather tedious expression, searching for the location where she was supposed to meet her companion. With so many different things catching her attetion, she almost forgot the real purpose of being there, but the sight of Higashi made her realise once again her duty. Approaching the tea-shop, she stopped right at his front, just to start talking.

"That's quite an interesting place, huh?", she said, "Should we start things right now?"

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