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Rednaz Ehnuk, more widely known as the God of Fortune(福の神, Fuku no Kami) is the treasurer of the Dii Consentes Pirates with the alias Pluto and a member of its Tribunal. Since his birth Rednaz has been raised in the middle of every Underworld business dealing, cultivating in a cunning mind with a keen eye for business. Being inspired by the stories and exploits of the one of the richest men in the world, Gild Tesoro, Rednaz' greed grew tremendously as he desired such riches. His most lucrative deal was securing the Hakkin Hakkin no mi and eating it moments later allowing him to manipulate the metal platinum, which he used to create a wide assortment of high quality ship engines and being sold for the highest bidder. Due to these dealings he acquired a vast amount of wealth at his disposal. Rednaz eventually joined the Dii Consentes Pirates after being impressed by the captain Bakugou D. Erharde for outwitting him at a secret slave auction. He uses his vast wealth and influence to keep his crew off the radar from marines by bribing the Celestial Dragons, but when things get out of hand, Rednaz won't hesitate to protect his crew and showcase his power as one the main powerhouses of the crew. Due to his wealth, everyone one thinks that he can acquire whatever he desires but his true dream is to be become an Underworld Emperor controlling the entire black market division.





Our base is the Moon?

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Devil FruitEdit

Rednaz ate the paramecia type Hakkin Hakkin no mi allowing him to create and manipulate the metal platinum as he sees fit. His power is only bound to what his imagination limits. At first he used this power to create much sought after ship engines and sold them to pirates and marines, and amassed a vast amount of wealth due to this. His greatest creation was co-creating the Olympus, the main ship of the Dii Consentes Pirates. He has full access to the ships arsenal as he supplied not only platinum but also the metals of the platinum group namely Ruthenium, Rhodium ,Palladium ,Osmium and Iridium, each just as valuable as platinum.

Rednaz suit

The lustrous "White Knight"

Platinum is a very dense material and that allows Reddnaz to attack it's victims with extreme blunt force or manipulate the metal into a wide array of weapons for specific occasions. His most common use for the Hakkin Hakkin no mi is to envelope himself in a suit that boosts all of his natural abilities to superhuman level. Rednaz dubs this ability his White Knight form due to platinum's lustrous silvery-white appearance. His combat suit is fire and corrosion resistant due to various Platinum group alloys that forms it. Rednaz' suit can conduct electricity by just absorbing hydrogen and oxygen in the area and superheat his weapons with plasma to increase their overall destructive capability. It also acts as a catalytic converter, rendering Rednaz immune to toxic environments and converting toxic materials into energy boosters for Rednaz. For his legs, Rednaz has equipped high quality miniature engines designed by himself giving him immense amounts of speed and flight. Rednaz does not have to build up this speed as the initial burst itself catches most of his enemies off guard.

Olympus: Tartarus mode

The greatest power Rednaz can currently manifest is manipulating the entire Olympus to his will. By taking over the cockpit of the Olympus and neurolinking with his White Knight suit, Rednaz can manipulate the platinum that the ship consists out of and transform the entire ship into an enormous Mecha. Dubbing this technique Olympus : Tartarus Mode, It's size dwarfs even that of a giant. Due to neurolinking with Rednaz, The Olympus becomes sentient and acts as an extension to Rednaz' body. Any damage sustained affects Rednaz as well although Rednaz is unable to die if the Olympus is to be destroyed. The power granted by Tartarus mode is of catastrophic proportions. He has full access to all weaponry on the ship that allows Rednaz to mount a full 360° spherical attack leaving no blind spots open. These attacks include various missiles and lasers. The Olympus loses none of its speed when it was a ship and gains increased maneuverability. Due to being mad out of platinum it allows Rednaz to create plasma weaponry out of thin air and manipulate it to immense degrees like wiping away an entire mountain.


The force generated by superheating the platinum body of the Olympus

Fighting StyleEdit


  • Infinite Persephone

    Infinite Persephone

    Infinite Persephone: Extracting every last bit of potential energy within Olympus: Tartarus Mode and concentrating it within it's chest where his main engine is located, Rednaz launches a massive plasma blast as his opponent. After firing this ability, the air around the energy blast superheats, thus the further the blast travels, the stronger it becomes. It has such destructive capability that it destroyed 3/4 of an island, leaving the island a barren wasteland afterwards.


Busoshoku HakiEdit

Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

Other SkillsEdit

Rednaz is the Treasurer of the Dii Consentes Pirates, thus he handles their finances. His crew does not need to rely on raiding any villages due to his wealth supporting them. When there are underworld events, Rednaz is always present and exudes a thick aura of excellency due to his wealth. He constantly bribes the World Government and the Celestial Dragons with various trinkets as to keep the Marines off his crew's tail. Rednaz uses his influence to manipulate his own crews' bounties and turning them in at Impel Down just to get the bounty, only to be break them out within a day. Rednaz' wanted poster only shows him in his White Knight form, thus he eludes The World Government and the Marines till this day. Due to these actions, Rednaz essentially steals from the World Government constantly by bribing them first and receiving more than double the Berries by surrendering his crew, only to break them out. His entire crew is in constant laughter due to this extortion.