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Reed is a chef from an island in the South Blue called Meat Rock Island. He is well known on the island for his delicious gourmet cooking skills and hunting large and dangerous beasts that inhabit the island and cook them to feed to the islanders. He also tends to steal food from the citizens of the higher class of the island who live in luxury of fine and well cooked meals and give them to the poor and hungry of the lower class islanders.


Reed is an extremely muscular and exceptionally tall 25-year-old man with somewhat messy blue neck-length hair. He has three scars running from his left ear to just under his left eye which he obtained during his childhood. He has strong, angular facial features and somewhat catlike eyes.

Reed is often seen wearing a tight muscle orange spandex jumpsuit consisting of tight spandex orange cargo pants with pockets on the legs, dark blue knee-high boots, a black belt, a thin tight muscle black t-shirt with a tight muscle orange sleeveless vest both tucked in, and a red arm band on his left arm.


Reed is a kind man and a fearless individual




Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Due to years of very hard training under Zapa since childhood, Reed has developed enormous physical strength.

Fighting StyleEdit

Chef Style KenpoEdit

Culinary ExpertiseEdit

Reed is a exceptional culinary master of the highest caliber, possessing vast knowledge and the capability of preparing almost any kind of delicious food with a strong sense to the aesthetics of cooking. He cooks with amazing speed and dexterity, particularly in his use of knives and his bare hands. 

Hunting ExpertiseEdit

Connoisseur ExpertiseEdit

Reed is an expert judge in matters of taste. often, he is able to deduce the qualities of aspects (i.e. ingredients, and method of cooking and preparations) involved in a prepared dish in a very short period of time by matter of taste. 


When he was a child, Reed was a hunter in the South Blue with a goal of hunting every beast in the world. During his travels all over the South Blue, he told anyone who would listen that he had sailed to many islands in order to hunt vicious beasts known to man and has succefully killed thousands of them.

One day he sailed to an island called Meat Rock Island on his single man boat equipped heavily with weapons of an expert hunter in the hopes of hunting every last beast on the island. Once he made it to the island, he equip himself heavily with every hunting weapon he could carry and marched deep into the forest.