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Seimei Kikan: Rokuoshoku Haki (生命帰還・六王色の覇気, Seimei Kikan: Rokuōshoku Haki; literally "Life Return: Color of Six King Ambition"), or simply referred to as Rokuoshoku Haki, is an advanced battle technique invented by Kurama which reconciles Rokuogan, Life Return, and Haki. He considers it to be his trump card, which is the result of a decade's worth of training; taking the pinnacle of the Rokushiki, the "Six King Gun", and turning it into a technique which allows the user to essentially unleash tremendous bursts of force with their every movement. It is known that Sparrow Ryan and Turner Dyan, two Vice-Admirals who work directly under Kurama, have also come to master this technique.


Rokuoshoku attack

Releasing a burst of force.

This is a technique which unifies three significant principles: the Life Return, which allows its user to control every aspect of themselves; Haki, which is an internal power aligned with the user's willpower; and Rokuogan, the highest form of Rokushiki which utilizes all six techniques in order to produce a tremendous shockwave which is projected through a victim. Combining the concepts of these three techniques allows one to knead their Haki through the Life Return, which causes an intense white light to glow from their eyes, and then release it in tremendous bursts of force which can cause large-scale destruction. Rokuoshoku Haki essentially allows one to channel their Haki, knead it into a more concentrated form within their bodies, and then release it in expenditures of force which can take on different shapes such as beams, spheres, or even more complex shapes like weaponry.


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