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"What is your motivation, why do you continue to be so reckless, explain to why you would do such a thing, because I do not understand it. Did you promise a loved one, or did you lose a loved one and want revenge is that?!?!? Well no matter who or why you did it, you must suffer the consequences, because continue to bring chaos to the world. "


Rokurō Shin
Name Rokurō Shin
Kanji 六郎シン
Romanji Rokurou Shin
Personal Status
Birthdate February 2nd
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Height 178 cm (5'11")
Weight 48.8 kg (107 lbs)
Family Vegapunk (Creator)
Occupation Marine
Affiliation Marine Marines
World Government flag World Government
Firefox-logo Tech Industries
Gakuinkisai Symbol Gakuikisai
Rank Admiral
Doriki 30,000
Fighting Styles Shi-Kata
Unique Trait(s) Lasers
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name Nikyu Nikyu no Mi
English Name Paw-Paw Fruit
Meaning Paw
Type Paramecia

Rokuro Shin commonly known by his alias Terminator, is one of the Admirals of the Marines, recognized as the one of the Military's Greatest Powers. Shin is also the CEO and Co-founder of Tech Industries. Shin is a cyborg, made by Vegapunk to be his personal protector. But as time went on, and age caught up to the old doctor, Shin became Vegapunks's "last project" using everything he has learned throughout his life to make Shin even more powerful/superior than former cyborg Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma. It is said Shin is Vegapunk's will, and his goal is to complete goals Vegapunk was unable to as well as dreams he wished could've been possible.

After Vegapunk stopped supplying the World Government and Marines Pacisfista, the world presumed that the old genius had died. All ties with World Government and Marine were broken, and all supplies was hidden on an island that not even the Celestial Dragons knew about. Two years later a new company opened up, known as Vegapunk Industries. A company that supplied the world with new found technology. The World Government was quick to find CEO Shin, who had working for the Marines for about 7 years now, and have been discussing a complete alliance between the company and the World Government.

Appearance Edit

Is it a fishman, is it a hybrid, is it a human, oh, its has to be a Cat who ate a human human fruit, nope. Shin is a being that no one has ever laid eyes on before. He is a being that has surpassed any cyborg ever built in all aspects, including appearance. Most do not expect to hear that Shin is highly advanced cyborg, that possesses metal, lasers and bunch of other high tech things inside of his body. This is truly because of his skin. Where most cyborgs have lines or places that seem metallic on their bodies, Shin does not. Though what Vegapunk used is still unknown, Shin's skin seems too realistic, but is said to be even stronger than metals used on the Pacifistas. It's so realistic that there are places on his body the even "sag" a little bit. His skin might play a major role when it comes to closing the gap between him and actual living things, but he possess other traits that also decrease the size of it.


Shin has a very unique physiology, or make up. When people guess what creature he is, he is often called a Human-Cat, Human-Kangaroo, and even sometimes a mixture between several different animal. Before even the protector, Shin was first designed to be Vegapunk's "pet", so Vegapunk chose his favorite animals and decided to put them all in one. This list include, cats, kangaroos, and rabbits. After deciding that this pet would be his personal protector, he gave it some human like characteristics as well. First were the ears, he decided to take the giant ears of the Kangaroo. This was partly due to Vegapunk's obsession with enhanced hearing, but mostly because Vegapunk had weird animal choices. Though most people don't see the rabbit in him, he really possesses a rabbit habbit. His constant twitching of his nose, while having conversations he often just twitch his nose as if it were itchy. The most noticeable animal trait he acquired is of the cat. Gaining the sinister look in the eyes, long tail, and even the claws. What is truly shocking is that he does not have fur.

Being a strange creature of different animals, Shin didn't wear clothes at first. He used to walk on both his hands and his feet, barely spoke. After Vegapunk created BRAIN, Shin gained several traits from the humans. He gained posture, different dialects, including speaking to sea kings, as well as gaining clothes. Vegapunk felt like gold suited his purple skin well giving him gold bracelets and collars. He even got gold leg bracelets as well as a earring on his left ear. He wears clothes similar to those of the people of Alabasta, wearing legging, no shirt, and average shoes.

"He looks like a tall cat who has been underfed, who doesn't go out, and has humongous ears as well" - Death. A quotes from Vice Admiral Shunsui, about Shin's lack of muscle. Though it might appear that Shin is a humanoid cat who barely has any muscle, or even fat for that matter. But appearance eyes have been known to deceive. The purple skin is actually just as strong as the any muscle from either human cyborg giant or even fishman. His legs are said to be even more sknny than his arms, which is the real reason he chose the alabasta leggings.

Personality Edit

Shin the Marine Edit

Shin was created to help the those who cannot help themselves. This was a section that Vegapunk focused on when creating him. These is probably due to Vegapunk fear of lack of protection, and Shin's natural instinct to protect those who are not protected. This was first demonstrated during his first days in the marines. Most marines in the area were selfish, abusive, self-absorbed bastard who only cared about controlling their own selfish goals. After defeating one of the most prominent pirate figures in the land he was living, he was promoted to base commander, and decided to make several changes. He told the marines working there either "straighten out" or "find a new occupation" because he had 0 tolerance for "assholes, especially those who abuse the weak, and use their title to overwhelm them". This was the first but most certainly not the last time he did this. As he continued to rise through the ranks, his willingness to help people increased, going across the world, searching for new ways to help the world.

His personality around pirates differ depending on the pirate. He almost basically zero tolerance for petty pirates, meaning any pirates below Beli50,000,000, he will not stand for. Any actions they make, would suffer the wrath of Shin's lasers. He will not make conversation, he will not trash talk, he will not goof around, he will not even ignore them, he would simply, deal with them. But for pirates who have bounties more the Beli150,000,000, Shin might take his time, learn about his opponent, trash talk, and enjoy the battle. He finds the pirate life quite amusing, especially the ones that actually live it to the fullest. An example of this would be his relationship with Shenron, though he has never caught this him, he continues to build up this relationship, for the day when he actually can catch him.

Some say that Shin has a strong sense of justice, taking down pirates, and other threats to the world but its just him wanting to see closure. Not knowing if Vegapunk is alive or not truly bothers him, though he does not show this to anyone else, its dwells deep inside his body. This uncertainty makes Shin want to help other find closure, so they do not have to feel what he is going through. He wants no one to feel the pain of losing someone and not knowing it, that uncertainty can break people's hearts. An example of this would be in the Grandline, a mother had her boy taken from her by pirates, most vice admirals would just send troops to follow the trails of the pirates but Shin took it upon himself to find these pirates and search for the boys. Luckily for the mother the boy was safe, and was able to return home. But this is one of the many examples of the closure Shin needs to help for his own.

Shin the CEO Edit

Shin is a die hard marine and will do anything to protect those who cannot protect themselves, but one of Vegapunk's was to sell his creations to not only the marines but to the public. This brought forth a new industry, known as Tech Industries. Selling technology of future now, to all customers including pirates. What started out as a small goal became what Shin likes to call an "empire". He is basically the technology industry, without him he feels that the world would revert back to its slow technological development. He considers himself "God of Technology" and a genius that has no competition.

According to the Industry owners, and CEOs, Shin is considered ruthless, always getting whats he wants when he wants, getting it through any means. In meetings he is always considered the alpha male, never letting any of his competitor patronize him. He only hires those who he knows who are truly loyal to him, which only means the cyborgs he makes that follow orders. Unlike his marine self, he truly does not care what happens to his competitors, always telling them "it's strict business.". When he feels threaten he will use his marine resources to find any of his competitors secrets and exploit them. He feels that if he has the resources to remove of his opponents, then why not use them.

This is also true in marines but more so in his CEO aspect, Shin is very organized, some say even OCD. Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder where people feel the need to check things repeatedly, have certain thoughts repeatedly, and feel they need to perform certain routines repeatedly. People are unable to control either the thoughts or the activities. Common activities include hand washing, counting of things, and checking to see if a door is locked. Some may have difficulty throwing things out. Though Shin's habit is to continuously check whether files are organized, his employees are where they are suppose to be, and even check how much money he is making every week, to make sure his percentages naver drop.

SHin is a very wise business man. He knows where to hit, where to hit, and how hard to. They say this was developed after many years in the marines. His constant strategizing and problem solving has prepared him for the hardship of CEO. Shin seems to always know who to partner with, when to leave a deal, and when to try to fight for a better offer. An example of this would be his partnership with the richest man in the world. Though the man is selfish brutal loud and is also an alpha male, Shin knew that a world noble would be a brilliant partner and must be smart being the richest man in the world. Even though some of his buisness goes against what he stands for in the Navy, Shin has one major goal and is willing to put anything before it.

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History Edit

Perfection, humans strive to achieve this, and they will do anything to get it. Human's continuously discuss what it takes to become the perfect being, they usually rely on Science for the answer. A brilliant man known as Vegapunk, a genius by all standards, has been trying to achieve this for most of his life. From Devil Fruit, to cyborgs Vegapunk has been testing the human abilities to find the perfect key. Though not all creations started with this motive. Actually the project that did not begin as the creation of a perfect being, is now consider the strongest most intellectual being ever made by the Genius known as Vegapunk.

Man's best friend, this technically does not have to be a dog but an animal that is loyal to you at all times and is there to both comfort and support you. During his days with working with the World Government and Marines, Vegapunk rarely had time to himself, creating dozens of Pacifista for them. But he never truly had time for himself. He never really had a true relationship with anyone, which cause some say even depression. This caused Vegapunk to invest his time into a small mini project that would suit both his loneliness and his own needs. This project was known as Project 000: A man's best friend, where Vegapunk would create a creature to ease his boredom but also create something because he wanted too.

So he began, he chose his three favorite animals as a base for his new pet. Choosing purple as his favorite color the creature skin, Vegapunk slowly but sure began to develop the blueprint for his new design. But with the World government hounding him down for more and more pacifista, Vegapunk was unable to bare ever able to even start his new project. Sadly this was no shock to Vegapunk, he is usually never able to see his own personal projects through to the end. It wasn't until a group of well-known pirates were able to hunt and track down the scientist. With very little marine protection, the pirates almost succeeded in their mission to kidnap the smartest man of their time. If it weren't for the sudden call an admiral, the scientist would have been taken and maybe never seen again. This made him think, what if there was no admiral to protect him, what if he would have been kidnapped. Vegapunk the realized that what he needed was not a pet but a protector, a being who is strong enough to fight an admiral or even one of the Pirates of Yonko. He began to redo his model for his pet as an ultimate machine.

Completely redoing his design, Vegapunk decided that this being would be like no other, tie or even surpassing the cyborg warlord Kuma. But design was also one of his top priorities, making sure that people do not realize what he is was important. So he spent a lot of time developing the mecha's "skin" want it to be stronger than even Kuma's metallic armor. He began to neglect the World Government often saying his old age is catching up to him, which was not entirely a lie. He began also to use the World Government's supplies they were providing to make the pacifista, as equipment for the protector.

It spent Vegapunk a whole year to complete just the skin unique armor. But now, he wanted to develop a whole new laser system. No longer just basing the lasers off of the Pika Pika Fruit, Vegapunk finally decided there would be no one area where this being would shoot laser but every area. He would also be able to gather energy like in increase how powerful the laser beam will be. But he will no longer settle for just basic, offensive skills. He would finally get to use his more recent creations, the memory chip. Putting a memory chip in every type of transponder snail, so the military could re-run past communications and videos. Being the creator and maintenance of these memory chips, Vegapunk had access to all these different forms of communications, including footage. He was able to grab clips from different fighting styles, decided to put them in his memory, to maybe learn someday.

As time continued to go on and the creation seemed to keep on getting better and better. Though the same cannot be said about the doctor himself. Handling both the Pacifista and his protector, he began to overwork himself. He might have been ignoring some of the World Governments orders, but with constant hounding of pacifista and advancement in knowledge of Devil Fruits, it really didn't help. Vegapunk realized that he had to make a choice either work with the World Government till he was dead or finish his chosen project and die doing what he wants. This was no easy choice for, the old scientist who has been working alongside the marines for more years than he could count. But he decided to finish up his protector and making it his "last project"

He took as many resources as possible, stealing most of the equipment required to finish up his project and see it through to the end. Unlike all previous designs, where the "brain" would be in the inside the cyborg, Vegapunk decided to make a massive control panel station where continously information can be stored and accessed whenever needed. It'll be known as "BRAIN". With this system in place, Vegapunk or anyone else who had access to the BRAIN could store any information they have acquired and allow the being to access it whenever needed. A system that only his creation will possess.

Throughout the creation Vegapunk continuously added small little details to improve the his final project. Whether it be increasing the amount of tongues spoken, developing a personality, even clothing. Though the day where the project was almost complete was coming closer, Vegapunk then realized that he is no longer going to be around for very long. Not wanting his creation to be worthless when he is gone, Vegapunk decided to leave his will, dreams goals and even motives with his creation. With this never ending list the cyborg would never be pointless, and hopefully achieving more than Vegapunk ever had.

Joining the Marines Edit

Where one dies, one is born, though this is not entirely true, this is what Rokuro Shin believed when he was brought into the World. He believed that his creator had just passed entrusting him with his many dreams and goals. While most are clueless when they are born, often struggling to adapt to their surrounding, but Shin was nothing like this. He was quick to get used to his body, map his location on the globe, and think about what he should do next. His first mission was to show what it feels like to be in the battlefield. Often sitting on the sidelines, creating new items Vegapunk rarely had the chance to fight or participate in the action. While the he did want to "enjoy the high life" Vegapunk was a man of justice, realizing this, Shin took it upon himself to become a marine. But not completely familiar to the way humans are yet, he decided to start in the East Blue, a place with pirates who barely have bounties over 50,000,000 belly.

When entering the Marines, Shin was not very popular, actually most found him odd, being a strange animal no one has ever seen before. He was initially quiet reserved and just observed at first. It wasn't until he ran into Beli20,000,000 pirate. For the people of the eAST Blue, this was a relatively large bounty. But for Shin who possesses knowledge of pirates with bounties 20 times that amount, Shin was not impressed. He quickly beat the pirate in one blow, earning him a promotion that day.

After one month of being in the Marines, Shin left the Infantry and Sailor Division and entered the the twelve top positions in the marines. He was ready to head over to the Grand Line but had to make himself known first. So he decided to head over to Loguetown, a place where pirates stop to gather supplies for their trip to the Grand Line. This was the perfect place for Shin to capture pirates to gain his name, similar to former Vice Admiral Smoker. He was said to capture a total of Beli500,000,000, of pirates before he headed to the Grandline becoming a Commander of his own ship.

When entering the Grandline, he met a new breed of pirates. No longer dealing with these petty pirates, Shin finally met a pirate worth more than Beli200,000,000. Though he did not struggle at all, built to fight the toughest of opponents, such as Vice Admiral Admirals and Warlords. He would continue to gain the nickname terminator. Hearing of the Marine with unique laser like abilities, old cyborg Warlord Bartholomew Kuma gained interest of the Commander. The two actually hit it off, relating with one another, becoming "friends".

This relationship with the the Cyborg warlord, as he fought for his position versus a new upcoming powerful pirate. The old cyborg has gotten slower and with no new advancements from the Genius Vegapunk, he was outmatched defeated and killed. Angered filled Shin's body, and he made it one of his own personal goals. Knowing the cycle of the Devil Fruit, he wished to find his deceased friends fruit and carry on his powers. This would be the beginning of Shin's many side goals to achieve Vegapunk's main goals.

Sometime after this, Shin found Kuma's devil fruit, captured the pirate who killed Kuma and was promoted to Vice Admiral, during the timespan of two years.

Start of an Empire Edit

One of Vegapunk's goals was to sell his creations to not only to the marines but to the public. This would give the people the protection they truly need not just having to rely on the marines all the time. But Shin being a highly intelligent robot realized the big bucks were in the pirates. But with him being in the discussion to be promoted to admiral, Shin could not risk selling to pirates, at least not on his own. He began developing a plan to create an empire which will grant him power and money.

During the start of his empire he met the most powerful Celestial Dragon in the entire world, also known as the richest man in the World. The two discussed each others plans and decided that if the two worked together there would be no force strong enough to fight them. With their plan, they'd be able to conquer the world and have the highest chance of finding Gold D. Roger's legendary treasure the One Piece. So the two would begin the business by having the World Noble fund and having Rokuro build. Eventually the business would become a success becoming the world largest Industry making billions a year. But they had no intentions of stopping there. They needed control of all great powers. This included pirates.

Against Vegapunk's morals but still doing it anyway, Shin experimented on kids, known today as the Mugen Siblings. These four children would be the pawns of an empire never before seen by man. Two of them staying in the marines, one becoming a world wide famous pirate and the other becoming a revolutionary. With this plan put into play all the Shin had to do is wait, wait for the kids to grow up and become legends with their enhanced physical and mental capabilities. Four years later Shin would return to the but not as the scientist but as a kind Admiral who using the knowledge he possesses to help the marines locate Vegapunks hideouts. The experiments went exactly as planned, each kid specialized in something different as well as possessing unique different personalities but more importantly all of them survived.

Abilities Edit

Cyborg Physique Edit

  • Superior Intellect: The average human IQ is about 110, a genius is considered someone who has an IQ over 140. Though all human minds end up buried never to be used again, after death. Being 500 years ahead of all his competitors, Vegapunk realized that a mind that can possess all and never lose it would be superior to any human mind. A mind that can calculate number instantaneously, predict movements based on previous records, record data for future purposes. A mind like this can only be a computer mind. Rokuro Shin has an intellect just like this, superior to any human mind. The gap between human's brain and his mind is so wide that it's almost a large and vast as the grand Line. According to the genius himself, the cyborg is what the future is, Shin is a glimpse of what future people will be. From strategy to manipulation to straight-up mathematics and physics, Shin is ahead of the game. He feel truly superior to all humans, that he find most of the meeting that involve the marines boring, only commenting in the end. Some chose to challenge his intellect and miserably fail while others accept the fact that they are inferior. According to other scientist Shin would have an Intellect of over 300.
    • Predictability and Clarity:
      Tumblr nre2fo5NOT1s9bwrpo1 500

      Shin easily predicting his opponent's movements.

      As stated above, Shin possesses an intellect that surpasses any human. Possessing a computer as a brain, he has access to knowledge across the world, from the east blue, to the north blue all the way to the New World. Shin's mind breaks down facial expressions, word usage, body language, and even techniques. When he fights against an opponent, Shin observes until he sees their fighting style in action, watching his opponents every move with great detail. When he gets a match on a fighting style, he will go to other recordings of the demonstrated style and see combos along with weaknesses. This allows him to carefully breakdown his opponent, seeing their moves before they even make them. Possessing information on various pirates and criminals, his brain breakdowns the fighting style and searches for a weakness, something similar to a omnicompetence. This ability also grants Shin great Predicticality skills, allowing him to protect himself from techniques before they are even launched
    • Geographical Knowledge: In the the world of pirates and sea battles, and where power through location is crucial, knowing the the Geography of the Globe and where stuff is quite useful. Pirate have great navigators to travel across the great blues, while marines have teams that have outlines of the entire world. Someone who possesses knowledge of most of the waters and islands, would be a great help to not only the Marines but anyone who wishes to travel in the Great Pirate Age. Vegapunk got this idea from his previous work, Kuma. With this Geographical knowledge Shin does not only aid the marines in finding new lands to secure but also it is good for business. He is able to figure out how many pirates travel there, is it safe to put a base in the area, will he have east access to it etc. According to many of his subordinates, he always knows where he is and all times and knows the climate and people who live in the area. AFter eating the Nikyu Nikyu Fruit this ability would become even more useful to him. With ability to travel anywhere in the world, this allows him to travel anywhere in the world when needed without a boat. This was not planned by Vegapunk but happened by mere coincidence.
    • Master Manipulator: Manipulation is the skillful handling, controlling or using of something or someone. Many consider this an art. Not many are able to convince people that they are one thing, when they are something completely different. When this art is used correctly, the evil can pretend to be good, and the good can pretend to be evil. In other words, a cyborg who is interested in global domination, can act as if he were a marine who cares for the well being of the people of the world. Shin is a master manipulator, able to deceive the marines for more the twenty years. He has been working his way to admiral, never committed treason, is an idol to many, but truly Shin has been working for years and years on this project, making well-known pirates aka Mugen X. Shenron. He is also able to get in your mind in battle as well. After gaining so knowledge of his opponent's history and past, he will use all troublesome information against him/her mentally destroying them. He was once able to completely breakdown a pirate just through a hunch of what his life probably was; not actually knowing anything about them.
    • Master Strategist & Tactician: A strategy is something like, an innovative new product; globalization, taking your products around the world; be the low-cost producer. A strategy is something you can touch; you can motivate people with; be number one and number two in every business. You can energize people around the message. This is a quote Shin told fellow industry owners on strategy. Many depend on their raw strength to win battles. If your strength was extraordinary you might survive against non formidable fighters. But when you fight with actual fighters raw strength never wins. Strategy is crucial in almost everything. Whether it be in battle or pre battle, strategy is crucial in and off the battlefield. Shin uses strategy to help the marines clear islands of pirates, surround pirate at open sea and even during battle while losing men. But he also uses strategy while in the office dealing with investors and competitors. Strategy is important in all aspects of life and Shin is considered the one of the best strategist and tacticians ever to set foot in the Grand line.
  • Enhanced Speed and Agility:

    Shin demonstrating his speed and Agility

    Shin's speed is nothing short of "SuperNatural". His moves are so quick and elegant, he is said to be almost impossible to see, unless you have enhanced vision, or haki. His speed is very crucial when he is fighting. Shin's agility, speed, and overall reflexes are also extraordinary. He has shown that he is quick enough to keep up with with Warlords, as well as several well known Admirals and could possibly keep up with pirates of Yonko. He can move at nearly imperceptible speeds, jump to astonishing heights, and dodge projectiles with ease. His speed is borderline instantaneous when he is in sync with his Paw Paw Fruit abilities. It is even hard for Kenbunshoku users to even keep track of this speed. He has been able to take down Vice-admiral and Beli200,000,000 pirates in single blows thanks to this nerve wrecking speed. A magnificent combination of his speed is his agility. Shin is truly agile and limber, his flexibility allow him to make fluid elegant movements that can be quite unpredictable. With his ability to maneuver in the skies, he is able to twist and turn and make sudden movements to counter his opponent's attacks.
  • Enhanced Strength:
    Tumblr n8s1wvVmSe1rfejkno1 500

    Shin's enhanced strength

    Built to compete with the toughest of opponents, Shin has been blessed with enhanced strength. This strength aids him while he is either using Hasshoken or even his own Shi-Kata. Even with his swords, Shin has monstrous physical strength. Even before his self modifications, Shin was lifting up object 10 times his size, with ease. Shin is so strong he was able to block a punch for one of the physically Strongest Pirates alive, Shenron with one hand; Shenron is a man who has been converting damage to strength his entire life. Shin does not need to focus his strength into a fist, he is able to focus his to even the tip of his finger nail. He proven dozens of time by just using his fingers he able to send his opponents flying. Though he does not use a sword or weapon often, when he does he is able to create wind projectiles with a single swing. Combined with his speed and agility Shin is one of the best fighter alive because he possesses all the components to be a true warrior.
  • Enhance Reflexes:
    Tumblr n6gazjRqJm1rgn3nyo2 400

    Shin's enhanced reflexes

    A defining trait of Shin's combatical prowess is his unrivaled reflexes. Being an experiment, Shin's body has been exposed to chemicals and radiation ever since the start. In turn, he was granted tremendous speed and reflexes. Because of this trait, his reflexes are at their utmost limit and absolute highest peak. Depending on if he has previous recording on his opponent's fighting style his reflexes can be even better than Kenbunshoku Haki. He is able to react to almost anything, especially incoming projectiles directed his way. Almost as if he has a "sixth sense", Shin is informed of incoming danger through the pores of his "skin". Only those who can rival his supreme speed have been able to even lay a finger on him. And when he uses Kenbunshoku Haki along with his enhanced reflexes...god bless those who will be fighting him. Even fighting opponents who are close range specialist, with guns swords and haki he has been able to outmaneuver them.
  • Extreme Durability: When you think of durable pirates you think of Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Edward Whitebeard, Mugen X. Shenron, all these are example of people who are able to continue to fight even when they have passed their limit. For any strong fighter durability is crucial, without yo will not last. You gotta have a high tolerance for pain, some say to even enjoy it. But if someone did not feel pain, then would they be taken to a whole nother level? Vegapunk took out Rokuro's pain sensors so he will never have to feel pain and can continue to fight even with severed body parts.This alone surpasses most being alive, many after one pierce, people overreact. Though this does not mean he does not acknowledge he has been damaged or hit, he does take the required precautions but despite this he is durable either way. His purple skin is not like any other, its as strong as Kairoseki but feels like regular skin. Shin has been able to withstand a slash from a master swordsman encoated with Busoshoku Haki, only coming out with a scratch. He fought armies of pirates faces bullets and cannons with ease and continues to impress.
  • Kairoseki Nails: Kairoseki (海楼石 Kairōseki?, translated as "Seastone"; literally meaning "Sea Watchtower Stone"), called Sea-Prism Stone is a naturally occurring (though apparently rare) substance that can drain the energy of Devil Fruit users to the point where they can't consciously control their powers. Dr. Vegapunk has invented revolutionary ways to use this rare substance. One of unique ways is turning Kairoseki into weapons. All around the world marines use Kairoseki bullets swords cannon etc to fight better against Devil Fruit Users. Vegapunk has given Shin unique way to use these rare stones, by giving him 10 small but dangerous claws. These do not affect Shin because there is something between his skin and his the kairoseki allowing him to it. Because people do not expect Shin to have dangerous nail it is mostly ignored. Shin uses these nails to catch his opponents off guard making Devil Fruit Users more Vulnerable to his fighting style.

Lasers Edit

A laser device that generates an intense beam of coherent monochromatic light (or other electromagnetic radiation) by stimulated emission of photons from excited atoms or molecules. Dr. Vegapunk was the first to bring this unique technological power to the world, after studying the powers of the Pika Pika no Mi. The have the power to ever pierce steal and Kairoseki. Like most of Vegapunk's creations, Shin was blessed with laser launchers. Unlike Bartholomew Kuma who only possessed one launcher in his mouth, Shin has several launchers in different spots of his body. Shin can generate lasers from his fingertips hands feet mouth even his eyes. This could be because Shin was a cyborg before he ate the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi unlike Kuma who became one after. This allow Shin to be a tricky person to fight versus, because the opponents never know from where he is going to shoot nor when.

  • Images (12)

    Shin's Yellow Pika laser

    Yellow Pika Laser: This laser is the first laser developed by Vegapunk. Like stated earlier these lasers are based on the former admiral's Pika Pika no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into light at will, turning the user into a Light Human. These lasers travel nearly at the speed of light, with the ability to pierce almost any substance including steel and Kairoseki. He often uses his finger tip launchers when he uses the yellow laser, similar to the technique known as Amaterasu. This laser used to be his only laser in his possession. But now Shin using this and other devil fruits as base made several other laser, making this one of his weakest laser, but still the fastest.
  • 3990753-dragon-ball-z-battle-of-z-cards-guide

    Shin's nova laser

    Orange Nova Laser: The orange nova laser, it is Shin's second strongest laser, but it also takes the longest to prepare. This laser was Shin's first laser, as in the first he created. Shin studied the mera mera no mi, and merged his knowledge with the pika pika which created the orange laser. Its as fast as light but it is capable heating up an enemy to the point where all the liquid inside their body evaporates. Shin often use this orange laser to finish opponents off or attack their ships. This technique takes time to generate, but that is because he does not usually use the laser for small attacks but knockouts. Shin first used this technique when he confronted his first pirate crew as admiral. The people of the town compared the blast to the sun, earning the name Nova laser.
  • Blue Spirit Laser:
  • Purple Laser:
3990824-battle 013

Shin's purple laser

Fighting Styles Edit


Shin using Shi-Kata

Shi-Kata Edit

Main article: Shi-Kata

Shi-kata is a unique fighting-style created by Shin that inflicts internal damage to his opponents by applying pressure to various points on the body. By applying a significant amount of pressure to specific point throughout the body, Shin can inflict damage to organs, cause his opponent's body to go numb or even knock his opponents out. These pressure point can be hit with light jabs using his fingers and knuckles. His swift movements combined with his speed and agility allow him to attack his opponents off guard. Depending on whihc pressure point is forced, a different effect takes place.(More Coming Soon)

Hasshoken Edit


Shin using Hasshoken to enhance his flick

Main article: Hasshoken

Devil Fruit Edit

Main article: Nikyu Nikyu no Mi

Rokuro's Devil Fruit Power.

Awakening Edit

Other Skills Edit

  • Dancing:
    Tumblr n9y7vztmSG1qfbz1so1 500

    Shin dancing

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Images of Shin are from the anime series Dragon Ball: God Of Destruction Beerus
  • Shin is the user's favorite character on this site
  • According to the databook(s):
    • Shins's hobby is to fulfill Vegapunk's dream
    • Shin often questions whether he wants to be a pirate or not.
    • Shin does not have to eat or sleep
    • Shin's most used phrase is.....

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