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"Uhh, Thane was your name right? Are you sure you want to travel with us traders to the next island? You know trading ships are attacked and looted all the time even here in the South Blue. We have to defend ourselves every time we trade from island to island and it gets hectic. Are you sure you don't want to just get off now?" The captain of the trade ship said to Thane who was laying down on a bench with a towel over his face. "Yeah Yeah whatever, I don't really care as long as we get to that next island its fine. Just wake me up when we get there or you all are having a bit of trouble." "Umm, yeah sure alright Thane. Can I get you anything like...." The captain was interrupted by the snoring of Thane as he quickly went to sleep. "Sir, why is he here exactly?" A crew member said. "He said that he wanted to travel with us to learn the way of trade or something like that, said he'd offer protection too so I just let him come along, shouldn't be too much trouble." The captain responded.

"Alright men, set sail, should take us several hours to get there. Luckily with the winds and beautiful morning, I think we'll have a swift and pretty luxurious travels today." The ship took off from the docks of an island in the south blue, a couple of hours into travel the crew was far enough that they couldn't see any islands around. Just fellow ships on the sea traveling along like they were. A beautiful day it was, clear blue skies sprinkled with clouds here and there. The sun shined bright but the weather was pleasant. A day that people should be enjoying to the fullest, the trading crew surely were. They laughed, played music and had a good time on this day while Thane, was still just sleep, missing out on this seemingly joyous day.

After a few hours at sea the crew was enjoying a nice peacful sailing, unaware that not to far away is a pirate ship that spot the traiding ship and is vastly approaching. "Captain, the ship is within range." A pirate said gazing at it through a telescope. "Fire." The captain responded. The pirate ship fired a barrage of cannon balls at the trading ship. One of them managed to hit the the rear of the ship forcing them to stop in their tracks. "Now get us near the ship and ransack everything they got arharharhar!" The captain shouted causing the entire pirate to shout in response. "Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa!"

"The ship is being attacked!!!" A crew member said as he frantically tried to put out the fire on the back of the ship. "Get the cannons, fire back at them!!" The captain said as he went over to Thane who was still sound asleep even through all the cannon fire. "Hey Thane, wake up, we're being attacked." The captain pushed and shrugged Thane around until he finally woke up. Grunting, Thane removed the towel from over his face looking at the captain and hearing the sound of cannons being fired. "What.....(yawns).....What's going on are we here yet?" "No, don't ya hear the cannons raining hell on us, we're being attacked!!" "Oh we are...." Thane stretched at walked to the side the pirates were attacking from. Pointing at the ship that was obviously firing at them, Thane asked, "Them over there?" "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU IDOIT!" the captain screamed as a cannon whistled past them.

"Alright, I'll be right back." Thane said as he leaped from the ship he was on, launching high in the air and landing on the enemies shit. "Alright, so, uhh, can you all stop please I was enjoying my nap and now I won't be able to go back to sleep so now I gotta beat the hell out of you all." One of the pirates attempted to attack Thane, but he quickly countered the attack with a swift punch, knocking the pirate out. He then lunged towards 3 other pirates and with one move kicked two of them while punching the other. Thane's fighting seemed to be out of a movie as he was taking on the entire crew and beating them with ease. There were about 50 pirates on that ship and in less than a minute Thane was able to take out half of them. His superior speed and hand to hand combat abilities was his leading and most proficient skill; these pirates were no match.

The people on the trading ship watched with amazment as the ship was very close by it was almost next to them so they could make out whats going on. "Oh wow look at him go." One of the crew men said. "I can't believe how close these pirates got. What the heck is our look out even doing up there?" Another one said looking up at the crows next up on the main mass and then continued to watch the fighting. "ENOUGH! Half you men go and raid that ship the stay and hold this man off. We're getting everything on that ship and u can't stop us!" The captain shouted. Most of the crew men started swinging over to the ship with tangling rope and started fighting against the crew.

Meanwhile up in the crows nest a boy was sitting on the floor with piles of trash, food rapers and bottles all over the floor drinking from a bottle of booze. The boy heard the sounds of swords and gun fires and began to get up. "Sounds like their having some fun down there. Guess i better check it out." He said as he got up. He then hopped on the railing of the crows nest and pulled out knife. "Oh and mister." He turned around towards the inside of it. "Next time you should get better tasting soda this bottle is horrible." He dropped the bottle on the floor as it rolled over to a man tied up by ropes with his mouth seal shut by tape. The boy then bit his knife with his teeth and left it there as he waved goodbye. "Well see ya." He said and stepped off the railing and fell to the deck of the trading ship smashing the floor which surprised everyone. "So i heard you guys were having fun without me. Well then i decided to drop in hahahaha." He said with a huge smile.

After dispatching the pirates on the pirate ship, Thane looked at his work and praised himself until he heard the skirmish on the trader's ship. Looking back he saw that several pirates had swung over to their ship and started attacking. "Ahh crap..." Thane said to himself as he leaped back over to the traders ship and started to engage the several pirates that swung over again quickly and effortlessly dispatching them. Behind him Thane heard a loud thump and the sound of breaking wood as if someone dropped a cannon ball on the deck of the ship. Turning around, Thane saw the blonde spiky hair of a person around his age. Thane was an intelligent person, he deduced that the sound he heard was the unknown person in front of him and the trader crew. Looking up at the lookout tower poached high up on the ship, things started to make since to Thane at that moment. The reason the crew wasn't alerted to the pirates sooner was because this person was up there. "Hey, guys, you all did have a lookout in that tower right?" Thane asked keeping his eye on the person in front of them. "Yeah, we did." A crew member responded. "I see, so you were up there weren't you, and I bet you probably tied up or knocked out the person up there didn't you? Tell me, who the hell are you?" Thane said directly to the unknown man on the deck of the ship.

The boy looked at Thane with a curious look on his face. "Yea i tied him up. He had some really bad sodas with him but the food was tasty." He replyed. Then suddenly a pirate that Thane knocked down got up, grabbed his sword and ran toward the boy. "GRAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! IF WE'RE GOING DOWN THEN ILL TAKE ONE OF YOU WITH ME!" He slashed his sword at the boy but the impact caused the sword to break in half. "Ugh what the!" The pirate said in shock. "You shouldn't play with swords like that you could hurt someone." The boy said calmly to the pirate without a single scratch and punched the pirate in the gut causing him to be knocked out.

"I don't appreciate you tying that man up, if you wanted to get on this ship all you had to do was ask these are understandable people. Because of your actions it almost got some of these people killed and ya know I really take a disliking into people who place good people like this in danger. You kinda pissed me off a bit doing that so I'm gonna kick your ass and you're gonna get off this ship afterwards. Got it? Oh and your name by the way." Thane said to the person in front of him. "Hmm, his skin is obviously hard. A devil fruit maybe?" Thane said to himself looking at the man in front of him.

"I was hungry and he had food its as simple as that." He responded with a big smile. "Oh and the name is Tiger D. Alec im a pirate. Man im hungry got anymore food scare face guy?" He asked.

Smiling Thane scratched his head saying to Alec, "Yeah, I have plenty of food for you." A wisp was heard as the position Thane was once standing in was filled with air. The part of the deck he was standing on broke from the sheer force of Thane's high speed movement. In less than a second he was within inches from punching Alec right in his face. At the speed Thane was moving, the force behind the punch would be more than enough to make the defense of Alec obsolete whatever it was. Thane wasn't moving the fastest he could nor did he know how fast his opponent could react to this, his attack was nothing but a test to analyze his opponent.

Just before his punch could make contact Alecs head moved to the side as if it evaded Thanes punch on its own and not Alec's doing. "Wow your fast. So who are you supposed to be scar face guy?"

"Fast reflexes, but he messed up by trying to look cool." Thane said to himself as he drove he used Alec's evasion against him. Using the momentum of his body going forward, Thane jumped a little adding his own speed to his already fast pace momentum. As he jumped he drove his knee to Alec's stomach which was already less than a foot away when he attempted to punch Alec in the face. It would be unlikely for Alec to evade from this because Thane was moving faster than his movement when he attempted to punch Alec. Topped off with the momentum increased speed even veteran combatants wouldn't be able to evade this. Additionally since the knee is one of the strongest parts of the body, the speed and hardness would be well enough to hurt Alec.

Shocked by Thanes abilities a sudden blast of wind currents shot out of Alec's stomach pushing him backwards to the edge of the ship  to evade the attack while pushing Thane back a few feet. Alec got up and looked over at Thane. "Man that was close." He said. "Man your strong. Hey how about you join my pirate crew! I've been looking for someone to join!" He asked anxiously.

"What the hell was that. A devil fruit no doubt about it." Thane said to himself. "Psst, join your crew, no. Why would I join the crew of someone I'm stronger than, you should be joining mine." Thane said as he dusted his knee off and started to stretch a bit. "Well seems like you have pretty fast reflexes at that speed, guess I'll just have to kick it up a notch." With that Thane again took off, moving at a normal speed towards Alec until he was half way when he kicked it up a notch. A blur occurred as Thane moved at the speed of the technique Soru. He reappeared above Alec, nosediving him with a punch from above, however Thane knew he would more than likely evade this so he got his body ready for whatever Alec would do to handle his attack.

Once he vanished from his sights Alec became confused "Hu?" He wondered where he went until he noticed him up above. He let out a big smile and opened his mouth wide while facing up as he took the punch and was smashed into the ground with Alec bitting onto Thanes hand. "Hahahaha lets see you pull that vanishing act again scar face guy." He tried to say with his hand in his mouth and enduring the pain he felt from the attack. He pointed his forearms upwards pointing towards Thane as the skin of his elbows grew outward with black hole in the middle of it forming a minature engine and even tinier ones on his knuckles "Jet Jet Barrage!" The minature engines on his elbows shot out flames making his arms shoot towards Thanes stomach at rocket speed. If it were to make contact the flames would causing the engines on his knuckles to shoot out flames to push it back down and the process would repeat at blinding fast speed.

Thane's body was ready for whatever Alec did. As Alec raised his forearms up and the skin of his elbows grew outward, before Alec could even scream out Jet Jet Barrage Thane lifted his body up doing a one arm hand stand using Alec's head as the foundation thereby avoiding Alec's attack. "You're and idiot." Thane said as he bent his elbow to a 90 degree angle and then fully extended it, pressing Alec's head against the ground and thereby propelling the two several feet in the air in the same position. With his fist still in the mouth of Alec, Thane again bent his elbow and using his sheer speed, moved his legs so fast that he propelled from mid air as if it were a stable platform and drove Alec back to the deck of the ship with compelling speed. Right when the two would hit the deck, Thane would extend his arm again, multiplying the damage to Alec as he would attempt to crash him into the deck of the ship.

Alec his the deck of the ship very hard as he was smashed through the wood into the floor underneath. Alec kicked the ruble of wood on top of him and looked upward in anger. "Damn it im gonna kick his ass." He mumbled to himself. Then caught the scent of something tasty and looked around him. He appeared to be in the food storage "AHH FOOD!" He yelled in excitment.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the south blue ocean, a Navy Marine ship was sailing through the calm seas. On the ship a marine officer rushed through the ship onto the front deck and stopped next to a chair standing in solute to the man sitting in it. "Commander Kaizo we just received word a trading ship near by has been ambushed by pirates and are currently fighting it out as we speak. What are your orders sir?" The officer asks.

Kaizo who was laying down sideways one his chair with his legs dangling off of the arm rest with a riffle beside him looking down as if he appeared to be asleep suddenly opens his eyes. "Set sail immedetly." He said.

"Yes Commander." The officer said and ran to give the word to the other officers. Once the officer was gone Kaizos eyes closed once again.

When Thane drove Alec into the ground, he was able to free his hand and land on the deck while Alec fell into the ground. Thane stood over the hole in the deck and looked down as he could hear Alec scream Ahh Food, "What the hell is he doing." Thane thought as he stood in confusion for several seconds before jumping down in the hole and into the bottom of the ship. Looking around he noticed how the ship's food storages were empty although he knew they were full before they left. There was only one explanation, Alec ate all of the food in seconds. "This dude is getting on my nerves." Thane picked up a broken piece of wood and flipped it in his hands while pacing back and forwards in front of Alec. "How the hell are you so happy-go-lucky when I just planted your ass through the ship? Ya know it pisses me off when I'm serious about something and the other person or people aren't...really gets under my skin. You'll never get a crew if you don't show the slightest bit of seriousness in situations, especially one where like now you're getting your ass kicked." Thane's pace came to an halt as he turned to face Alec, pointing the piece of wood at him he said. "Fight me seriously or I promise I'll mop this ship up with your blood...." A expression that would strike fear into normal people was visible on Thane's face as he uttered those words.

Alec was sitting on the floor, his face full of crums from all the food he ate and his stomach fat and large because of it until he let out a large burp that managed to shake even the boat. "BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Once he stopped his body was back to normal and he slowly stood back up adjusting his bandana a bit to where its shadow was covering his area of his eyes leaving just the white eyes revealed. "Oh im gonna get a crew just you wait, and then im gonna find the ultimate treasure in the world, and then ill become King of the Pirates." Alec said in a serious tone. He didnt seem to be very intimidated by Thane in any way. "But first off......" He said as jet engines rose from different parts of his body. "I'm gonna kick your ass." He said in an angry tone but with a grin on his face. Jet engines rose from both his feet and shot out causing him to fly towards Thane with indredible speed and the jet engine on his arm shot out making his next punch greater.

Shaking his head, Thane took a stance as he heard the words that came out of Alec's mouth and took note of his tone. Instinctively he placed his right foot back and awaited Alec's move which was a speedy charge right towards him. Thane awaited until Alec was within range of his planned attack which was a speedy upwards kick with his right foot to the gut of Alec at a speed greater than Soru. The force would blast Alec upwards and launch him into the air. Thane awaited Alec's attack knowing his devil fruit's power of creating jet like appendages which increased Alec's speed. Thane used this incredible speed against Alec knowing he had the ability to react to Alec's speed and let Alec get within range of his kick.

Alec was kicked through the wood of the deck back up to where everyone was. His fas was all bruised from the beating he took, but he managed to recover from the attack. "What's going on here who are these people!?"  One of the traders said trying to stand his ground from ships shacking as a result to their battle "I thought these guys were supposed to be rookies without a crew. Why are they suddenly fighting as if their captains of their own crews?" The captain of the ship said stunned by the battle thats going on.

Alec looked back down towards Thane. He made jet engines rose from his back to shoot him back towards him at incredible speed. Alec rose a jet engine on his arm again for a powerful punch, however if Thane were to dodge it this time Alec could end up punching a hole through the ship.

"Do you really think doing this again will work?" Thane said as he parried the punch of Alec by using his left hand to push Alec away toward the right side of his body while simultaneously driving his right elbow towards the face of Alec at an insane speed. The arm he used to elbow Alec with held the piece of wood. As he went to elbow Alec he swiftly switched the piece of wood to his other hand. He then swung the piece of wood at the body of Alec.

While Alec was pushed to the side he quickly grabbed Thanes elbow before it could hit him and swipped it under him. He then smaked away the piece of wood and made a jet engine rise from his right foot as it shot out making his leg shoot forward smashing into Thanes face.

Squatting in place, keeping his head and body straight Thane allowed Alec's leg to pass right by his face hitting only his hair. The momentum from Alec's kick would naturally flip his body in midair and as soon as the jet engine educed kick was clear Thane jumped and spun, extending his leg out performing a basic spin kick to Alec's now wide open back. A swift and fluid movement that would be strong enough to send any man propelling through the air, in this case through the ships hold.

Alec was kicked out of the hold and up into the air and was smashed onto the deck of the boat. "Owww ow ow ow ow!" Alec shouted placing his hand on his back to stop the pain. Hey quickly got up and shouted at the hole he flew out of "HEY WHAT KIND OF JERK KICKS PEOPLE IN THE BACK!?" Alec shouted in anger.

"The same one that does it again." Thane said as he was seemingly behind Alec now. When he kicked Alec he could see his trajectory before he would fly out of the ships hold and back onto the deck. He used that opportunity when Alec's back was facing him to leap out of the hole above him and maneuver his way around to Alec's position all without allowing Alec to see him. Alec was screaming at an empty hole that he wouldn't be able to clearly see in because of the debris created from himself flying out of the hold. The kick Thane delivered would send Alec flying into the ship's mast and even possibly through it.

Alec was kicked towards the mast but before he could smack into it he reached his arms out and used his jet powers to slow his momentum and landed on the mast on his feet. He looked over at Thane and shot off the mast towards him with his jet powers wrecking the mast a bit. He then reached his arms out again on the ground to do a hand stand and with his gained momentum along with rising jet engines on his feet he began spinning clockwise. "Jet Jet Top!" He called spinning towards fast

"Hmmm, that little technique of his is a problem. I can tell when his back it towards me and when he is facing me but I won't be able to go in there to hit him because he's spinning to fast. The only way I can physically touch him is through my powers...I don't want to use them just yet however. But he can't see me at certain points in his spinning so that give me a chance to figure something out. As a matter of fact, he can probably only guide where he is going when he can only see where he is going meaning I need to try and keep up with his revolution speed, keeping in sync with his back until I get to that thing." This was Thane's thought process as Alec was spinning towards him.

When Thane caught sight of Alec's back he made his move dashing across the the ship while keeping in sync wit Alec's back. He dashed a short distance to one of the cannons on the ship which he quickly kicked to turn to the direction of Alec. The cannon was luckily already loaded and by the time it was facing Alec, Thane knew Alec would notice he was gone from his previous position. "Everyone move to the other side!!!" Thane screamed to the men on the ship as he fired the cannon aiming right on the side of Alec. It was obvious Thane wasn't trying to kill Alec but disrupt or possibly stop his spinning so he could make another move.

Alec was struck by the cannon and was sent flying with the cannon ball but was stoped by the railing of the ship. before Thane could make his next move he noticed Alec was dizzy from the spinning that he couldnt have noticed anything even if he was facing it. "ugh so dizzy." he said trying to hold back his puke.

Looking at Alec Thane shook his head in disappointment as he walked to get closer to Alec, stopping several meters away from him. "This is getting ridiculous, it's not even a fair fight I'm kicking your ass all up and down this ship literally and you haven't landed one blow on me. I think it's about time I end this fight." Thane said as he picked up a piece of wood that was broken from the cannon shot and flipped it in his hand. "I was gonna do this earlier but you became serious. But I guess I'll do it now. So you wanna become King of Pirates as well, find the One Piece, rule over the sea, blah blah blah. But ya know the goal I have above that is to become the fastest person alive. Like fast as in physically fast and not by any augmentation. Not trying to boast but I think I'm pretty fast already seeing as how I've out sped you several times already but I know that there are people faster. But if we go by just in general who is the fastest person in the world right now......well I think that would be me...." Thane said as he flipped the piece of wood once more in his hand.

Alec looked at him with a serious look in his eyes. "Fastest in the world hu?" He repeated. "Thats a pretty unquie goal you got there." Alec said with a big smile on his face.

Meanwhile not too far away the marine ship vastly approaches as the two ships both the trading ship and the pirate are in sight. "Commander Kaizo the ships are in sight. From what we can tell it appears the captain of the ship and another pirate are fighting on the traders ship as we speak, just a bit longer and we'll commense with our attack." The marine officer informed.

"No need Lieutenant" Kaizo said getting resting his rifle on his shoulder. "I'll handle this myself." He continued and started walking to the very front of the ship and rested the rifle on the railing and began to aim.

"Ahhh but commander we're not even in cannon range yet thats an impossible shot!" The Lieutenant informed.

Ignoring the Lieutenant, Kaizo continued his plan of attack aiming directly inbetween the two pirates. He fired his rifle. He then quickly grabbed his pistol from his back pocket and quickly fired it without aiming it as it followed the first bullet. Before they could reach the ship the bullet from the pistol reached the one from the riffle and bounced off each other causing them both to change direction and head straight for both the heads of the pirates.

Navy IntervenesEdit

Hearing the shots, Thane looked around to see what the sound was when he saw the first bullet near the two faces while the second bullet being close behind. The bullet bounced and went right for Thane hitting him right in the head and going right through. However, Thane didn't fall to the ground and die, instead the hole in his forehead was glowing a white light as the hole closed up. Turing to face the ship and see the banner of the World Governments military asset the Navy. "The Navy I see. Just so you know I was about to totally throw this piece of wood at your stomach and send you flying off this ship and skipping across the sea. But I got a new target." Thane said looking at the man in the front of the ship. Flipping the piece of wood once more, the wood glowed white as if it had a protective coating over it. He then threw it as in less than a second the piece of wood which was now white as snow because of the shroud of light flew over to the ship aiming at the obvious man in charge. However, Thane had bad aim and the light enhanced wood flew past the man and hit a marine near behind him. "I ate the Pika Pika no Mi, the same fruit the former admiral of the navy Kizaru ate. I'm a light human, that's why I'm technically already the fastest person in the world at the moment." Thane said to Alec as several balls of light started forming around him. "By the way Alec right? The name is Thane."

Alec was also struck in the head and fell the same direction the bullet came from. "OWWWWWWW!" Alec screamed holding onto the spot he was shot at. He looked at Thane who was also shot and noticed the glowing hole healing instantly. "Whooooooaaaaaa" he said impressed by what he saw. "Hm." He hummed as he explained his powers. "Who's Kizaru?" He questioned clueless by the name. "Well hi there Thane nice to meetcha im Alec and i ate the Jetto Jetto no Mi and now im a rocket man." He said with big smile on his face as if he already accepted Thane as his friend. Well since the marines are here we should probably get going since we're pirates and all." He said. "But first..." He grabbed the nearest person he could and pulled him closer. "Hey you do know of anyone strong around here?" He questioned. The man he grabbed was afraid and pointed in a certain direction away from the marines.

"Just head straight over there. Theres an island over there that is the resting spot of a powerful swordsman. The man has a black hair and a black coat and carries with him a black sword. many people in this sea refer to him as...Black Rogue Zora." The man said. Alec paused for a moment and then let him go. "Sounds good enough for me. Lets go Thane." He said and walked towards the nearest life boat. He pulled out a knife and cut the ropes attached to it causing it to fall off into the water.

On the ship the marine officers rushed to the marine that was hit by the piece of wood while Kaizo was focused on the ship. "So Devil Fruits hm? One appears to posses a light type Logia while the other appears to be bullet proof. Paramica." He claimed. "A devil fruit in these seas is rare but a Logia is the rarest of all. How'd he manage to get it?" He questioned himself.

"I'm not going with you idiot, I told you I'm not joining your crew, instead I'll make a name for myself by destroying these marines. Until we meet again Alec....Oh and guys, just go to the next island so you can finish your trade route. Your ship should hold on until then." Thane said as he turned into light and zoomed across the sea and in an instant appeared in the middle of the marine ship. "Now.....lets have some fun." Thane said as the balls of light that were beside him lashed out, zooming across the ship hitting marines. The balls of light were nonlethal as they were blunt instead of laizers. Thane stood in one spot looking at the man in charge, waiting on his move.

Alec watched as Thane fought the marines and made a smile. "Hehe ALRIGHT SEE YA!" He shouted waving hoping he could see it and leaped on to the life boat. He stood on it as jet engines rose from his back and started shooting wind out causing the boat he's standing on to sail at incredible speed as he rides it like a surf board. It took about a few seconds before the boat was out of sight.

Kaizo watched as the boat went out of sight. "Hm ill chase him down later, but first." He mumbled to himself and looked towards Thane holding his pistole up while glaring at him in a stand off.

"You know I can destroy this ship in an instant anytime I want to and you'd be able to do nothing about it. But with a fruit this powerful, I think I'll make a name for myself with your first by beating the crap out of you and maybe just maybe destroy this ship. Ehh who know's we'll see." Thane said while his balls of light continued to sweep through the ship, knocking marines out. Another ball of light was created near Thane that he used to go and attack Kaizo.

Kaizo avoided the attack by vanishing and reappearing next to two knocked out marines. He looked around closely and noticed they were all alive which made him chuckle a bit. "Hphm. Your soft." He said calmly ignoring the braging Thane was saying. "When take action against an enemy....." He held out his pistol down wards at one of the marines below him while looking straight at Thane. "You shoot to kill." He said and shot the marine without a moment of hesitation.

In shock, Thane looked on as Kaizo shot and killed one of the marines he knocked out. "What the hell is wrong with you, isn't that man apart of your crew. Why are you a marine if you just kill fellow marines like this. No one should lead men they wont protect let alone simply kill to make a point. You....." Thane stopped speaking as a disgusted look appeared on his face from what Kaizo did. "I'm gonna enjoy beating the living hell out of you." Thane's entire body began to glow white as most notably his hands emitted more light than the rest of his body. "Shinyū..." Thane mumbled as he took off towards Kaizo, in the blink of an eye he was at his face throwing a punch towards the ruthless marine.

During Thane's dash Kaizo quickly held up his pistol and fired one bullet. As Thane appeared in front of him and just before Thane could punch him the bullet was triggered and caused a large explosion. Thane would use this chance to jump on the railing and run accross it while pulling out a second pistol from his belt.

Thane's technique Shinyū basically gave Thane an armor of light that could protect him from damage that came from attacks like explosion and bullets which is what Kaizo used. The explosion pushed Kane back a bit before he noticed Kaizo moving across the ship's railing. By the time Kaizo pulled that second pistol out Thane was there to greet him with one of his famous kicks he had used in his previous battle against Alec. This kick was advanced, one leg aimed to kick the gun out of Kaizo's hand while the other leg aimed to hit Kaizo in his body.

"So it didn't fly threw it hm? That must mean with this coating of light he's able to protect himself against attacks." He thought in his head and leaped to the side to avoid his kicks firing one bullet at him. Once the bullet got close to Thane it exploded into a smoke cloud so that he wouldn't notice the next bullet he fired that was releasing static electricity that would electrocute him the instant it made contact to him.

The moment Kaizo leaped to the side to avoid Thane's kick Thane was right there with him using his devil fruit powers to appear where Kaizo the instant he got there. Thane moved so fast that what Kaizo shot at with his smoke cloud bullet was actually an afterimage of Thane. Using his powers again, Thane would use chop at the gun with at literally a lightning fast speed using his hand to cut it straight in half. "Futile....." Thane said as he followed up the gun chop with an equally as fast punch straight towards Kaizo's gut.

Having be able to witness his incredible speed, Kaizo wasn't all that surprised by it and only grew frustrated. He was then able to act in time before Thane could land his attack by moving his gun away in time and aiming it directly at his face making him believe that he's going to shoot him in the face, but when Kaizo pulled the trigger the pistol instead released an intense flash of light so bright that it was enough for Thane to lose sight of him and when the flash faded away Kaizo vanished.

As soon as the flash occurred, Thane knew that Kaizo would flee during his brief loss of sight. Thane jumped in the air so that he could get an overhead view of the ship and Kaizo whom he was able to see. In less than a second Thane moved to where Kaizo was appearing in front of him. "Smart I guess, blinding me with my own element....But this is where you will helplessly be beaten to an inch of your life you Marine scum." Thane would then move at light speed to lariat Kaizo, which would send him flying across the boat if not the sea. Thane was pissed at how Kaizo killed his comrade like it was nothing and he wouldn't settle until Kaizo was either dead or beaten within an inch of his life.

Kaizo was able to keep track of his light speed movements and did a back flipped from where he was standing allowing his lariat attack to miss just inches in front of him as he dived into the floor beneath him. "Hmph. Fool. In life its kill or be killed. Those who have the guts to kill survive those who can't will die. If you think you can survive in this world with kindness and compasion you might as well just give up now. Its as simple as that." He said aiming one of his postols at the hole in front of him

"Right, which is why I won't have compassion in beating you." Again using his Pika's powers he sped back towards the whole Kaizo dived into stopping right at the entrance. A ball of light shined above the whole, illuminating where Kaizo was and on his command the ball of light started shooting beams of light down into the hole. "Amanonuhoko..." Thane muttered as the hole was lit up like a Christmas Tree.

Kaizo fired one shot at the hole and then backflipped backwards evading the beams of light. He watched carefully at the hole as he got further away from it.

Thane stopped the barrage of light beams after hearing the ring of Kaizo's bullet disperse out of the ships hold. Thane then jumped down into the hole and shortly after started to glow a bright sharp light that would illuminate the hold of the ship where Thane and Kaizo were. The bright light was intended to blind Kaizo in a bright light that would constantly flow out of Thane like the sun. Any attempt of Kaizo to look at Thane or simply uncover his eyes would meet the rays of the bright light and consequently blind him. Thane took this time to look around and spot Kaizo who was a ways away from the hole. Thane's leg would glow intensely, a look was on Thane's face. The look of bloodlust. In a flash of light, Thane appeared in front of Kaizo with a kick delivered straight to the gut of the Marine. Thane's foot shot a beam of light that would outburst from the back of Kaizo and burst out the back of the ship destroying that entire half of it and continuing forward. The light traveled, splitting the sea apart and giving off a vibrant white glow as it shined brighter than the sun it seemed. From hundreds of miles away, people could see this bright light. Any other time this would kill anyone kicked by this attack, however Thane reduced he damage and gave the attack a more aesthetic appeal to people around.

Kaizo covered his eyes so he wouldn't get blinded by the blinding light and continued to running in the same direction as he was before but was stopped by the sudden appearance of Thane right in front of him. "Ugh theres no way to avoid him." He thought in his head. Without a moments noticed he was kicked in the gut by his light speed kick and was shot away by his beam from the foot. "Ugggggggggghhhhhhhh Damn." He said as he spat out blood and was then hurrdled to the back of the ship followed by the destruction of the back. Kaizo laid on a floating platform unconcious as the entire ship was slowing sinking.

Thane looked at the motionless body of the Marine and decided to leave him. He could have obliterated his body at a mere whim but decided not to. Instead Thane walked over to the hole he entered the hold of the ship and in a flash appeared on the mast of the ship. "I wish you all luck." Thane said as he using his devil fruit powers to go back to the trader ship he was on at the beginning of this trip. "You just attacked those Marines and destroyed their ship, does that make you a pirate now?" A trader asked in a bit of fear. "No, it just makes me wanted. I was already a pirate to begin with. Now onto this island right?" Thane said as he walked back over to where he was previously sleeping, closed his eyes and went to sleep as the trader ship set sail once again to their intended island.

Once the coast was clear Kaizo opened his eyes and managed to get up. Due to his injuries he wasn't able to stand up, not that he should on a floating platform and just sat there with his eyes closed. "Commander." A marine officer called out. Kaizo looked over and noticed the officer on his own floating platform with a transponder snail with him. "What happened sir? I saw what happened, why'd you throw the fight?" The officer questioned.

Kaizo sat there no responding for a moment. "Hmph. Contact HQ and informed them of what happened. Also request for reinforcements." Kaizo said calmly.

"Uh your going after him?" The officer wondered.

"No. We'll leave "her" to deal with him. We'll be going after his accomplice." He said

"You mean that other pirate that got away? You think he might have the one incharge of all this?" The officer guessed.

"Just make the damn call." Kaizo grew irritated.

"Eee yes sir." The officer said and made the call.

Kaizo looked over at the blue sea thinking about the two pirates and glared as the sound of a gun shot was heard.

To be Continued.