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Rubeck Island is an island in North Blue. It became the the undisclosed base of operations for the Black Dragon Society seven years ago at beginning of Dao's appointment as its leader. It is led with the organization being in charge of the country and its affairs but acting through a puppet ruler. The country itself acts as a reclusive state to most countries besides its few trade partners.

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The Tree of Valor is a landmark of Rubeck Island and it's kingdom. The tree stands at the center of a hill where the former leader of the nation stood and perished from his sustained injuries after defeating an intruding radical that evaded the country in order to destroy it. It's a symbol of hope to the citizens of Rubeck and a show of its indomitable sovereignty to its enemies . Due to disrespectful delinquents vandalizing it, it is no longer open to the public and the citizens can only look at it from afar. Several of the Revolutionaries have met here during some nights as a special location for meetings that aren't pressing. More Coming...




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