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"Call me Foxy and I'll break your fucking kneecaps~"

Ryoka (菱化, Ryūji) is a fox half-mink, and an adventurer who was formerly seeking the One Piece like so many others. Born and raised on the moving island of Zou, Ryoka was considered an abnormality among the population because she had interracial parents, her father being a fox mink and her mother being an ordinary human. While she was bullied by the other children to no extent, Ryoka didn't find it very hard to get back at them in the form of good old-fashioned swordplay, which her father —which her father had taught her ever since she could hold a sword—. Ryoka lived her relatively normal life like any other, until it was time for her to become a young woman and venture out on her own; as she was told many times of stories of the infamous One Piece, Ryoka decided that she would be the one to claim the lost treasure for herself and as such, set out to find it.


Ryoka Full
Ryoka is a woman of great beauty, a trait that is often remarked on by those who meet her, often represented by their awkward and occasionally even subservient behaviors out of respect for her looks. These rather embarrassing acts often cause Ryoka to get extremely frustrated and will often result in her beating what she calls "the perverts" with the butt of her sword. Despite being considered abnormal by the standards of her Mink brethren, Ryoka is considered outstandingly attractive by the expectations of humans, a trait that no doubt comes from her human mother who herself was known for her beauty.

Holding true to her status as a samurai, Ryoka is a noticeably fit woman with a build that is considered to be the most optimal for her style of combative techniques, which mostly consists of "peaceful" battle methods that predominately revolve around the evading and countering of attacks to incapacitate the enemy while at the same time avoiding directly attacking them. The body most suited for this type of combat would have to be very small and light, with extremely flexible limbs; Ryoka fits all of these criteria, as she is well below the average by standing at only 4'11" and weighing roughly 110 pounds, making her extremely lightweight and even comparable to a child. However, this comparison is found to be extremely incorrect for Ryoka's overall figure, as she possesses an overtly feminine shape with large plump breasts and a small waist with a larger posterior.

Of course, Ryoka's body isn't the only thing that makes her attractive, not in the slightest. The "main attraction" as some may call it, would easily be her facial features. Ryoka possesses an overall heart-shaped face noted to be overtly soft and free of any blemishes like scars, which wouldn't necessarily be uncommon for someone of her occupation to possess. Retaining her childlike complexion throughout her entire life, Ryoka hasn't succumbed to the effects of aging on her skin despite her reportedly being in the later half of her 30's; this trait most likely comes from her mink heritage, as those of mink blood are known to have a significantly slower aging process when compared to various other races. Ryoka has large butterscotch-colored eyes that glint in the sunlight and a small rounded nose that most often remark on by calling her names like "button" and the likes. She has somewhat circular and plump lips with a noticeable gloss and full cheeks, as well as finely trimmed eyebrows and long voluminous eyelashes. A rather trademark attribute of Ryoka's is her hair, that is the color of a flamingo and held into two messy pigtails with bangs framing her forehead and the sides of her face with a large blue-violet bow; a trait that is one of the dead-giveaways to her mink heritage are her ears, which are apricot-colored and covered in mink with small tufts of white mink protruding from them.

Conforming perfectly to her training and status as a samurai, everything that Ryoka wears seems to have at least some resemblance to traditional Japanese attire or at the very least a garment inspired by the style. As such, most of her wardrobe items are kimono or yukata, albeit modified to show more skin than the traditional style would allow; Ryoka claims it is for maximum mobility as it is admittedly hard to maneuver with little leg space. Ryoka's average attire makes her look exactly like a master of swordplay exactly like she is; it also embodies a sort of regal aspect, which could make her comparable to some sort of empress. This attire, like all of her others, is built to withstand and support Ryoka during battle, and consists predominately of a persian blue oriental-style blouse with intricate black designs on the upper and lower halves of it. On the center part of the blouse there is a large sash tightly wrapped around her waist and decorated with golden belt-like jewelry attached across; the sash is rather long, and creates two large tails that hang off of Ryoka and are decorated with oriental golden designs reminiscent to flames. Ryoka also wears a set of baggy detached sleeves on her lower arms, that are mainly black with a dark blue "overcoat" with golden trim around the bottom. Something that Ryoka is rather fond of is adding various accessories and bobbles to her outfit to enhance the overall look, like the white tassels that hang off of her loincloth and on either side of her blouse. Another example are her dark blue silk tights and large black okobo that she wears on her feet as a form of footwear.




Devil FruitEdit


The Ira Ira no Mi, prior to being eaten by Ryoka

Ira Ira no Mi (アイラアイラの実, Petal-Petal Fruit) is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that was eaten by Kyoka at an unspecified time, thus making her a Flowering Human (開花人間, Kaika Ningen), capable of both producing and manipulating various types of flower petals as well as embodying their physiology.

As mentioned directly before, the Ira Ira no Mi allows Ryoka to produce, manipulate, and become any existing type of flower petal; while it may not sound directly intimidating due to flowers status as a delicate being, Ryoka has proven that the Ira Ira no Mi is an extremely versatile fruit that opens up many abilities both inside and outside of combat. Like all other Logia, the Ira Ira no Mi's main feature is the virtual intangibility that the eater gains; this is made possible by Ryoka activating a feature that allows her to transform into a flurry of petals. For example, if she were to be "cut in half" by a bladed weapon, she would simply be split in half into a flurry of petals and reform seconds later. This intangibility is —like many other Logia fruit users— Ryoka's trademark attack and the very first ability that she turns to when an enemy attacks her, rather than do something like block with her sword.


Ryoka Sword
Shintō (神道, Shintou, lit. "Peaceful Practice")


  • Her appearance is based off of Tomamo no Mae from the Fate/Grand Order video game
  • Although it is somewhat common knowledge, her sword —Shintō— is named directly after the former state religion of Japan that embodied notions of nature spirits and peace. The latter notion refers to Ryoka's fighting style as well
  • As shown by her appearance, Ryoka takes very few traits from her mink father

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