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"What is your actual problem? Spouting your random philosophies like I give a damn. Do whatever the hell you feel like doing no reason to try and justify your crap to me! "
— Akashi

Akashi Ryouta originates from a small Isle in East Blue where he was raised by his parents who made a living as the town's blacksmiths. Akashi always had an attraction to the sea hearing the stories of the old days where the worst generation were constantly raising hell. However he always believed he could cause far greater mayhem on the seas than those old Fogies. He learnt from a young age how to create high quality weapons in his parents smithee. By the age of twelve he was capable of creating swords that were comparable to his father's. Eventually he was even enlisted to create weapons that would be used by the marines and on one occasion for personal use of an Admiral however he did not complete any of the commissioned weapons to the best of his abilities it was his own form of passive resistance. At the age of 16 Akashi had found the conviction to carry out his dreams of becoming a pirate. He set off in a battered old fishing looking for power,fame and adventure!

This dream was short lived not long into his journey he was left shipwrecked and now Akashi aims for the One Piece not for fame or power but because he knows his friends will be heading there.

After becoming shipwrecked on an Island inhabitated solely by wild animal,he was picked up by the Zodiac Pirates perhaps one on first Pirate Crews to past the Island in 6 months. He would later join them as a permenant memeber of the crew and in time he was appointed  Commander of the Third Division of the Zodiac Pirates

Appearance Edit

Akashi is a rather handsome man he was born with black hair but as he grew up for some unknown reason he decided to bleach his hair and has stuck with the pale blonde hair he has today. He is most commonly seen wearing a Gi which is a clothing worn by those who perform martial arts. This the traditional clothing of his Islands Martial Artist whom he trained under as a child her wears it with much honour and respect. The only time he does not wear his Gi is when it is being washed at which point he is either in his underwear or worst yet walking around the ship butt naked.

Personality Edit

"All in all my life was pretty boring until I ended up on that island and even that died out pretty quick!"
— Akashi's laid back personality

As a child Akashi has always had a rebellious nature coupled with the urge to simply stand out. Whilst other children wanted to become marines or Admirals Akashi only wanted to be a pirate. This shocked quite a few people as regardless of how much of a nuisance Akashi no one could quite see him as a pirate. The main reason being that Navy propaganda made the townsfolk see all pirates as these vile blood sucking creatures with poor dental health. Akashi was rather handsome for his age and always wore a dazzling smile.

However this mindset made him the subject of ridicule children bullying the "smelly old pirate". Even the adults segregated him not wanting their children to play with him whilst the more understanding elders always sent Navy officials or Marines in Akashi's direction in a bid to inspire him to join the World Government rather than become a pirate.

He was however able to find a friend in Mai Kaya and later on Nuriel Damien two children who were for several reasons were attracted to Akashi. The friend collectively shared the dream of exploring the oceans in search of adventure. They promised each other that as soon as they were ready they would set off together and conquer the Grand Line and then the new world.

Akashi was raised by both his mother and father and for most of his early life helped run the family business of smithing. Something which Akashi took great pride in. Creating impeccable armour and weapons just left Akashi with a great sense of satisfaction what dampened his mood was that the main clients where Navy officials. Who evidently would use it against pirates. Akashi knew better than to openly defy the "arrogant big headed marines" as he saw them so he simply made minor flaws in the smithing process that would see the sword shatter after a number of year when clashed with another sword. As Akashi grew older his smithing skill would become unparralled he would often create various weapons when he felt frustrated. In one instance he made a blade out various braches that was more than capable of leaving a couple paper cuts on those nearby.

Akashi was very close to his parents especially his mother who he spent most of the day with training. His mother was an exceptional woman who taught Akashi how to make use of the Fire Phoenix Kenpo,Rokushiki and Haki. To Akashi she was not only a mother but the scariest person on the planet. Akashi's mother methods of training were ruthless she would attack him with everything she had forcing him to pick up techniques quickly. He ended battered and bruised but took this as signs that he was getting stronger.
Goten l beat up

Akashi After Training

Akashi knew his mother meant well but couldn't help but feel all round frightened of her. But as the training continued he soon noticed that his mother was holding back a great deal. When he questioned her and ask for her full power she sent a beam straight toward Akashi he dodged it but it completely obliterated a large boulder which was behind him. This motivated Akashi even more knowing that eventually he would be able take that beam head on. Akashi trained for the day that he would surpass his mother and become in his eyes the strongest person in the world. As Akashi grew up his rebellious nature lingered he did however become more laid back embracing every hour that the day sent. He still made his main objective to carry out his training even in light of his mother's untimely death. The death of his mother caused him to mature in one sense he understood the importance of life and just how fleeting it could be he made a silent promise to live life to the fullest for himself and for his mother.

Today Akashi has matured into a very handsome young man and he knows it. He is rather flirtatious around women and always admiring their various "Assets". The one positive thing that Akashi has gained is a strong sense of pride and loyalty. The loss of his mother lead Akashi to discover that he took too many things for granted. This led to him becoming very protective of his friends and family, often going out his way to do absurd and potentially life threatening things simply because it would better them. Akasho draws his motivation for his friends knowing that he needs to be someone they can rely on someone they can look up to and someone like his mother who they never forget.

Whenever someone be it directly or indirectly causes harm to his allies Akashi becomes a monster. He will not hesitate but proceed to eliminate those who have caused them pain. Regardless of who they are Akashi has been known to completely decimate anyone who hurts his allies and all those associated with them.

History Edit

Akashi Ryouta was born and raised on the Island of Sion in the West Blue. His parents where two ex pirates who had long since retired and settled down to raise their child. Akashi was raised on stories of the Grand Line and the adventures his parents had. He grew up with the lifetime ambiton of becoming world renowned pirate. His parents were rather proud of his drive but advised him not to tell other people on the Island. The Island had a strong prejudice against pirates Akashi's parent had orginally came here prentending to be fishermen. Akashi was often chatised quite severly by the elders on the island for announcing that he wanted to become a pirate but they assumed it was just a phase he was going through and often made a point of honour to invite him whenever a marine captain made port in a bid to inspire him to become part of the Marines.

Son Goten as a child

Six year Old Akashi

He immediatly noticed why pirates hated marines so much even then as a six year old child he sense the proud arrogant nature of the marine captains almost expecting everyone to grovel at their feet he wasn't having any of it.  Akashi began preparing to become a pirate. He firstly began practising with various types of weapons in his fathers workshop trying to see which he prefered the most,whether or not it was because of his six year old body or his own limitations Akashi found he was not really suited for swordsmanship.  As a result Akashi was trained in Fire Pheonix Kenpo a martial art his mother had learnt on her travels across the grand line. From a young age he was able to grasp the style quite easiliy and as time went on he was able to master it. Becoming one of the strongest martial artist on the isle. 

At the age of 12 Akashi's mother fell ill it not clear was her exact ailment was but the symptoms were too far gone for their to be any hope of treating her.During this period Akashi felt the fear of losing something for the first time. He read medical book after medical book trying to link his mother symptoms to a known disease he lost countless hours of sleep all in an attempt to save his mother. Right until the point he was called to his mother deathbed to hear her final words.
"Akashi why are you crying? Theres no need to be sad my sweetheart I'm just going away for awhile you'll see me again but make sure 100 year past before you come looking for me! Make sure you bring Mai with you I want see how well you look as a couple though then again I hear she likes Blondes.

Akashi crying over his mother

*chuckles to herself*. Akashi you will become a great Man and an even greater Pirate follow your heart and you will find your way.

— Last words Of Captain Naomi Ryouta

Akashi then went on to perfect his smithing learning new techniques to make the materials stronger and new materials to make use of. Eventually his smithing was of the same quality as his father's perhaps even better. He personally requested to make weapons and armours for the marines which he reluctantly accepted however he did leave small flaws in each product he made for the marines as his own form of passive resistance. 

At the age of 16 Akashi had gained all the skills he believed he would need on his journey to the Grand Line. He was given his father's old rowing boat as a means to get him off the Island and so he set of following in the footsteps of his friends on quest to become a pirate,his father gave him a parting gift the Pawa Pawa No Mi the very same devil fruit that his mother had used before her untimely death. He left Akashi with parting words. 

"Getting to the Grand Line is a feat in it own right do not lose hope if you do then make sure you find your way home because you will not survive a day in the Grand Line. That Devil Fruit belonged to my old captain and my best friend, under her leadership we made it all the way to the new world make sure you at least make it there! Fight it show the world you have every right to be there and reach the new world after that follow your instincts.Go out there and make your mother proud!"
— Advice from Mr. Ryouta

It was a struggle from the very start the fishing boat was extremely old and battered it was a wonder it was even floating. They had to make emergency stops at any island to make repairs any repairs they made where just replaced by more serious issues. 

Things had gotten to their worst when another pirate ship attack theirs expecting to gain some loot of some kind. Akashi and co. took this opportunity to steal the pirate ship for their own whilst the crew boarded their own. The ship was a top quality one but it was miles better then the fishing boat. They used the ship to make their way to through reverse mountain. If it wasn't for the skilled steering of Damien the ship would have been pummeled into the various rocks or the mountain itself. Akashi had now made it to the Grand Line the adventure of his life was about to begin. Akashi had fallen in love with the sea its raw power he wanted to experience this for as long as possible to hell with the Pirate King lets take out time finding him and find all the secrets this world has to offer.

This dream was rather short lived pirates almost three days after leaving reverse mountain behind they discovered that pirates in the area had taken to finding newbies to the grand Line and using them for Target Practice. This was the last thing they needed after the hassle of going up reverse mountain. The ship was in no state to avoid the Cannons of the pirates. The first cannon fired tearing through the ship the entire ship lurched to one side Akashi was ready to order Damien and Mai to jump overboard when almost miraculously a Sea King Burst forth from the Ocean tossing all the ships into disarray. Whether or not it was overwhelmed by its new surroundings is unknown but it had become a threat to the lives of all the pirates in the nearby area. The sea kings lashed out randomly striking all ship in its vicinity Akashi was sizing up the seaking he had no doubt he could take it but his body was still far to sore for him to do anything effective. He just needed to hope and pray that the seaking would leave them in peace.

Akashi was barely able to register when the Seaking crashed straight into their ship ripping it clean in half. Akashi had never feared the sea so much. He was a new devil fruit user feeling first hand the debilitating effect of the sea. He was losing consciousness rapidly but he had just enough strength to grab onto a piece of floating debris a held on with a vice grip before passing out.

Akashi awoke to the sun glaring on his face and a lonely crab sitting on his face almost greeting him. He was too disoriented to want brush it off. He closed his eyes attempting to collect his though his mind filled itself with thoughts of Damien and Mai it was enough to reinvigorate his body. He stood up with a start and saw himself facing the sea with a gigantic jungle behind him. His first thoughts were questioning about the wellbeing of his comrades. He quickly had to put this out of his mind he had one main issue survival on an Island of the Grand Line.

He ventured into the jungle to assess the various resources he could take advantage of. Going into the jungle the first thing he noticed was the thick overgrowth almost entirely blocking out the sun. It wasn't long before he got his first taste of the jungle. A thick skinned Jaguar burst from the undergrowth and pounced on Akashi who dived to avoid it. If he hadn't reacted fast enough the full weight of gigantic cat would have crushed him. The Jaguar assessed him and prepared itself for its next attack Akashi was ready he acted first his fist glowing blue with energy he lashed out at the Jaguar the first hit was enough to send the beast running. With his heart pounding in his throat Akashi continued deeper into the forest he had noticed  that Jaguar was pretty well fed there had to be source of food and water nearby. Akashi eventually reached a clearing in the Jungle that was home to a waterhole. It was currently empty but Akashi had more or less ensured his survival. He would hunt the animals that made their way to the waterhole and in turn drink from the hole.

This became his day to day routine at first hunting the animals was difficult he wasn't able to mask his presence so as not to alert his prey and at times he was completely overwhelmed by other predators. Especially the Jaguar from his first day on the Island whom he had called Damien often either attacked him or stole his prey right from him. Whenever he did get some meat he would use his devil fruit abilities to cook it.

As days turn to months Akashi became more accustomed to the jungle habitat and was soon hunting as well as other predators. He had even developed a animalistic disposition where he would often growl to force other animals to back down and claim prey as his own. He was even able to eventually form a bond with the Jaguar Damien the two hunted together slept together and more often than not fought amongst each other. The Jaguar was probably the only thing that kept Akashi sane he would often converse with it like a dog owner would do to their dog. The Jaguar's companionship was the best thing he could have asked for.  Akashi still made frequent trips to the coast in case any ship passed he believed his friends had survived and were surely making their way across the Grand Line he wanted to meet them and he knew the only place to do so was to fully explore the ocean and make his way to the end of Road to Raftel to the One Piece to the place where all roads meet.

After six months on the Island Akashi had undoubtedly become something of a king on that island, his own strength had greatly increased and he had become quite proficient in his use of his devil fruit. He was even able to miraculously unlock his own ability to use both Busishoku and Kenbunshoku Haki which he used in order to tame animals either by overpowering their will or beating them physically. 

Akashi had made the jungle his own and had made himself rather comfortable and yet each day he would venture back to the coast and sit there for hours on end longing to be back on the sea to become the great pirate his father wanted him to be.

Several days following that something was seen on the horizon that made Akashi belive he had truly lost his mind. A ship bearing the Jolly Roger of the Zodiac Pirates. He immediately shot a beam of energy into the sky in order to grab their attention. This would have been a sure fire way to grab their attention if he remembered to raise his hands before he shot the beam. 

The wayward beam Narrowly missed the the mast of the ship but nonetheless it grabbed their attention and they soon made port at the island. Akashi approached the captain Medici Rex a person who Akashi immediately felt slightly intimidated by. His instincts were blazing naming him as a potential threat he however felt he needed to stand his ground in this situation and refused to back down in front of this man mere presence. 

After a brief discussion it was agreed that  Akashi would be able to board the ship to the next inhabited island, however after several days sailing it was evident that they would not find land for quite a long time.During this time Akashi bonded with the crew. He found their various stories quite interesting  particularly Duke D. Daisuke's goal to become the greatest martial artist in the world. He even stated that when he felt up to it he would happily spar with him. 

Eventually they made port at an Island to restock supplies and somehow Akashi forgot to get off before the ship departed, in the end Akashi became a permanent member of the crew. He was extremely fond of the time he spent with them they had a certain charm that Akashi found irresistible. On their various travels Akashi proved his worth clashing pirates and marines alike his battle prowess along with his skilled use of his devil fruit had earned him fame along with the title Overload Ryouta. Eventually Akashi was given the title of Commander of the Third Division of the Zodiac Pirates. He now captains The Lightning Thief as he traverse the seas with his crew.

Under flag of the Zodiac Pirates Akashi has achived several feats, he has on more than one occassion confronted navy battleships and come out on top so much so that it has actually become a rite of passage for new crew members to lead to crew in at least on battle against a navy officer. 

Abilities Edit

Master of Hand to hand Combat: Akashi is undoubtedly an expert at fighting trained. Where basic combat in concerned Akashi is more than capable of defeating or fighting on equal term with most opponents. He makes use of his high level of agility to string together a seamless flurry of attacks making it quite for him to overpower his opponents. If need be he will employ techniques derived from the Fire Phoenix Kenpo.

Highly Instinctive: Akashi's time in the jungle has allowed him to awaken his primal instincts. Allowing him to sense danger from afar and even detect movement from within the jungle. This skill has served him well allowing him to avoid large predators or even track his prey. It is unknown how well this translates in the world outside the jungle but it can be assumed with it he would be able to avoid basic attacks from opponents to such a degree his opponents could mistaken it for observation Haki.

Incredible Smithing Skill: Akashi was practically raised in his father Smithee thanks to this he capable of creating perhaps the most magnificent swords and Armour the world has ever seen. On one occasion one of their frequent customers had mistaken one of Akashi's blades for one of the o Wazamono Grade Swords. This is a testament to Akashi's smithing skill.  This skill is not however only limited to only Weapon but also he a decent carpenter given the right materials he able to repair any damage to a ship with relative ease.

Fire Pheonix Kenpo: Akashi was taught this martial art from his mother who learnt it on an Island in the New World. According to her it is an ancient martial art form and is perhaps one of the only art forms to survive the void century. The style revolves around its practitioners fighting in a way which eliminates all unnecessary movements allowing each movement/action to flow seamlessly to the next. This in theory makes it first of all very difficult to predict the practitioners next move even with the use of Observation Haki. Counter acting is the main purpose of this art form never to engage into combat but rather to retaliate. The swift movements involved allow one practitioner to fend of a large number of enemies with relative ease. Those who are able to master this martial art form are among the most formidable fighters in the world capable of taking even armed foes.

Phase Drive:: This is a technique in which the user focuses their entire being on a certain goal be it defeating an opponent or covering a short distance this grants the user a brief moment of extreme speed and heightened reactions. The user is capable of traversing long distances using short burst of speed and in combat the user's senses go into overdrive granting an almost sixth sense which for the most part surpasses even observation haki. The only downside to this is that it uses and extraordinary amount of energy. Originally it was only meant to be in short instances the somewhat boost a single attack. However thanks to Akashi's devil fruit he is able to use this particular state for much larger period of time. Whilst in this state his body continuously absorbs energy from his surrounding he become a conduit for any energy. The risk he run by using this state is reaching his limit and overloading himself.

Soaring Eagle, Diving Falcon: This is a combination of two techniques which Akashi has learnt the first being Soaring Eagle. Akashi rushes at his opponent punching him/her in the gut most likely winding them. He then follows up with a powerful uppercut knocking them off their feet and into the air. Whilst in the air Akashi then uses the Diving Falcon technique where he uses his speed and strength to follow his knocked up opponent in the the air and with one devastating kick sends his sprawling to the ground. Once having this combo performed on oneself the result could be crippling injuries such as broken ribs completely destroying any capability for them to fight.

Tai-atari (Body strike):This is a full frontal which effectively goes against the teachings of the Fire Phoenix Kenpo. Akashi will almost throw himself at an opponent or into a group of foes and perform a series of fist strikes. These strikes are performed so quick they are barely registered by the human eye. This move is effective as throwing yourself at your opponent goes against the logic of every martial art form and as such catches people of guard giving chance to take the initiative and attack.

Aspect of Deity: This is a legendary technique which whilst can be used by any one only a small handful can actually use it at all. The legend goes that every living entity has a deity which looks over them and at times can provides them with blessings in the form of their own fighting strength. For example swordsmen such a Roronoa Zoro take on the aspect of the deity of Asura gaining the ability to wield up to nine swords and gaining a deathly black aura. The very ground shook when Zorro first used this technique which just signifies how powerful this technique is.

Amaterasu: In the case of Akashi he is able to take on the aspect of Amaterasu  the Goddess of the sun. He becomes endowed in a dark aura but at the same gives a golden light and intense heat. He experiences and incredible increase in strength and his attack become empowered by golden flames. Akashi see a total increase in his strength and gain power which would be unattainable under normal circumstances. It is said that this power is what cemented him as one the leading figures of the Zodiac Pirates. The impact is so great that his strength whilst using amaterasu that there are certain protocols within the navy for officers to retreat if they are ever in the presence of Akash as he uses this technique.


The golden flame


Pawa Pawa No Mi: The Pawa Pawa No Mi or the Power Power fruit is a Paramecia Devil Fruit which was gifted to Akashi by his father. It grants him the ability to absorb energy in all its form. Sound,light even basic motion Akashi is capable of absorbing said energy into himself and release it as beam of highly destructive light. This ability has been found to be highly effective against logia user as Akashi is able to drain them of energy directly forcing back into a tangible form.

The Pawa Pawa No Mi's ability to control energy in any form gives Akashi a wide variety of skills to use at his disposal particularly the creation of energy weapons. Akashi is able to create weapons of pure energy which are weightless so they effectively cause no hindrance to Akashi and are effectively an extension of his body. The weapons he creates are only capable of clashing with weapons or projectiles that are imbued with haki if they are not Akashi can simply attack directly or imbue his own haki into his sword and deal with each projectile appropriately. 

Haki Edit

Kenbunshoku Haki:Edit

Kenbunshoku Haki is the most commonly used form of Haki. It allows users to sense/detect the presence of others. Rayleigh states that to fully master this ability would allow the user to see others even if they are concealed from view or too far to see naturally. When viewed this way, the user can't actually see the person with any physical characteristics, but rather recognizes the target(s) by an "aura" which forms as a light silhouette on a dark background. Akashi has the perhaps the most effective form of this haki his devil fruit grants him the ability to detect the life energy of people in his vicinity this is ability was available to him before he was even able to utilize any form of haki. The awakening of his haki only strengthen this ability. Through combination of his Energy sensing and observation haki Akashi is able to detect any one and at any given point in time regardless of what form of concealment they use, the only way to go undetected would be to be dead.

Busoshoku Haki:Edit

Naturally this "invisible armor" can be used as a weapon to strike others with. It can be used to augment the user's own attacks, projected ahead of the user as pure brute force, or imbued in weapons to increase their effectiveness. Any attack enhanced by Busoshoku Haki hits immensely harder than it would normally be without it. Akashi makes use of it mainly to tackle logia users who in the past had caused him a great deal of hassle. Using it mainly to empower his attack he is not especially skilled using it to defend himself due to the nature of his fighting style. Preferring to take hits head on in a bid to absorb the resultant energy in order to empower himself. In fairness the energy he gains due to absorbing attacks could be used to rapidly heal himself.