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"Never enough cannons!"
—Sark's ideology, philosophy, dreams and catchphrase

Samuel Sark, also known as Fangs Sark, or simply "Fangs", is a Human-Fishman hybrid, between a human woman and a shark fishman, as well as a world-renown one-man army Pirate and Underworld Broker who operates on his own private "island" ship, the Shark Fortress, which is recorded as one of the largest ships ever created, appropriately mistaken for, and treated by some as, an island. He is known for having consumed the Maki Maki no Mi, which greatly augmented his skills as a shipwright, resulting in him gaining the title of the World's Greatest Shipwright (世界最大の船大工, Sekai Saikō no Funadaiku), creating astounding machinery and gadgets for his own ends.

Sark, or "Shark", as he is often nicknamed, mainly operates in the New World, dealing primarily in his buisness of selling powerful weaponry for large sums of money to any pirate, or even Marines, including creating his own private army of Pacifista-like machines he names "Shark Soldiers". Currently, he is considered one of the most powerful individuals in the world due to his own power and influence as a result of his independent buisness. 


Sark is a young man entering his early 30's, possessing a very distinct look to him. He possesses wavy, messy dark hair, medium in length, with bangs that typically hang over his left eye, with yellow eyes, and black pupils, along with rather unique eyelashes that jut out at four points. He has black holes across his jaw line, seemingly a hint at his Fishman heritage, though a more obvious clue are his extremely sharp teeth, which are actually two rows, the second one being much smaller and difficult to spot at first glance. Sark possesses a slender and lean built body, though he evidently does have muscles underneath his clothing, a muscular figure that is the result of carrying heavy objects on a daily basis and his work.

As for his attire, Sark wears light-colored coveralls with a harness buckled around his chest and shoulders; the collar is black, and around his waist he wears a black belt, and he wears very long rubber gloves that extend from all the way up to just below the aforementioned marks. To complete his outfit, Sark wears rubber boots that reach up to the very top of his thighs. In addition, he has a screw-like earring on his ears as an accessory.


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  • Sark is named after "Samuel Pett" and the "Cutty Sark".

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