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Niboryu appears to be a direct offshoot of Sanboryu, with its only known user so far being Summers Michael, a nomadic, aimless bounty hunter. The style itself acts as a way for Michael to adapt to situations where he either cannot use Sanboryu as he normally would, or if Sanboryu is considered ineffective somehow. As the name implies, the fighting style revolves around the use of wielding two staffs at once, and much like Sanboryu, it focuses on using staffs in unorthodox and resourceful ways.


As a derivative of Sanboryu, there is little difference between the way the techniques appear and are performed by Michael, aside from the number of staffs used themselves. Due to the number of staffs being limited to two at once, this considerably reduces the weight of certain techniques that may also be used in Sanboryu, and thus in turn reducing the technique's overall power; and inversely, with the number of staffs increased by one in comparison to Ibboryu, any shared techniques between these styles will be more powerful and effective due to the increased weight put behind each swing of both staffs.

Because Michael claims to have personal discomfort in using anything less than three staffs at once, he rarely seems to use Niboryu right away, and so the style sees infrequent usage when used by Michael, save for moments where Michael may find it necessary. And like Ibboryu and Sanboryu, Michael has learned to mix his Haki and Devil Fruit with some of his Niboryu techniques in order to add more versatility and diversity to the amount of techniques he can rely on, as well as to help him protect and manipulate his staffs more effectively.

As usual, all of Michael's known Niboryu techniques are named after mythical beings and creatures. They are as follows:

  • Behemoth Shock Bullet (ビヒモスショック玉 Bihimosu Shokku Tama): Much like the Titan Shock Bullet, this technique greatly resembles one of Roronoa Zoro's Nitoryu techniques, with that being his Nanajuni Pound Ho (Phoenix of the 72 Earthly Desires or 72 Pound Phoenix/Cannon.) Much like the other Shock Bullet series of techniques, Michael places his staffs in a horizontal stance while holding them in the same direction and then spins in place to whip up air into a compressed crescent shaped shock wave projectile for distanced bludgeoning. Due to the number of staffs used and how they affect the weight put behind the projectile, the shock wave is thicker and larger than that of the Giant Shock Bullet, but it's nowhere near as thick and big as the more powerful Titan Shock Bullet. And like its fellow Shock Bullet attacks, the name of the technique is inspired by a large mythical entity, which in this case is the behemoth, a massive land creature that only God Himself could control in Judeo-Christian lore. Likewise, "shock" is taken from shock wave and "bullet" references the projectile fired from Michael's staffs.


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