The Saru Saru no Mi Model: Sun Wukong is an immensely powerful mythical zoan devil fruit that bestows upon whoever eats it the power and visage of the Monkey King. it was consumed by the Marine Godfrey when he was still a young lad, where he discovered it by climbing to the peak of a mountain rumored to contain a powerful treasure at its summit.


Godfrey came acorss this mythical zoan when he heard rumors of a prize awaiting at the summit of a mountian in the new world, that would grant incredible power unto whoever weilded it. Thus Godfrey, seeking to see if there was any truth to the rumor going about, climbed the mountian with little trouble thanks to his extensive marine training reached the summit in a bit over 3 hours. Upon reaching the peak, he was overjoyed to see what he could only assume was indeed a devil fruit as his prize and wasted no time consuming it.

First and foremost the fruit grants its eater a tail that is always present regardless of if the user taps into the vast strengths of the fruit or not. This new found tail grants the user almost super human balance and is also remarkably strong, as Godfrey has shown the ability to pick up tables, chairs and in extreme cases even humans and flick them a remarkable distince with relative ease. 

The true strength of this fruit, lies in the user's ability to transform into and subsequently gain the abilites of Sun Wukong, The Monkey King. The user's reflexes are pushed to levels beyond anything they would have capable of before the fruits consumpion being able to react to things in an instant that before they would have struggled to react to at all. The user's sense's are also enhenced to higher degress being able to see, hear, and smell at a level that an ordinary human would not be able to achive without extensive training.

An extremely useful ability granted by this fruit, is that it enables Godfrey to communicate with Primates, allowing him to track and locate pirates that the animals may have seen and even getting them to fight for and with him. Godfrey has shown ability to shapeshift into any number of things, be it other people or animals, however his tail will always show with these transformations, meaning that if careful enough attention is paid, Godfrey can be identified as a fake. 

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