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Savitskya Svetlana (サビスキア・スベトラーナ, Sabisukia Subetoraana) is a lively young woman and a member of the famed Space Pirates, a sky-fairing band of misfits ruled by Qasarhog Yanbaal. Inside of the crew, Svetlana is a well-respected member and the acting cook for the crew's ever-growing membership, which is a status that she has held ever since she first joined the crew as a fresh-faced recruit. Originally from Mariejois Svetlana was the daughter of two infamously powerful diplomats of the World Government, both of whom were rumored to have heavy ties with the Gorosei themselves; her father in particular was heavily involved in the scientific advancements of the World Government and their forces, much like the case of Vegapunk over 50 years ago. Svetlana's childhood was extremely disconnected from her parents and she knew very little about either of them, simply because she'd solemnly seen them in her entire lifetime; she was raised solely by the hired help, who were ordered specifically not to talk or otherwise communicate with Svetlana, instead only providing what she needed to live and become an effective diplomat like her parents. As a result of this, Svetlana became rather emotionally detached from everyone and instead found comfort in acting extremely childish and often rude, just so she could gain attention from anyone that would pay attention to her; this method of parenting seemed to have a lasting impact on Svetlana, as these rebellious tendencies never seemed to go away. This turned out to be a very bad thing for Svetlana's parents, as the prolonged disconnection from a parental figure was the eventual trigger for the young girl's want to escape from her captivity and "have fun" as she claimed it to be. With her childish mentality, Svetlana didn't comprehend the consequences that running away would have on her, but she did anyway; when she was roughly 16, Svetlana escaped from Mariejois and stowed away on a boat by bribing the ship's captain with money stolen from her parents.

The ship that Svetlana had chosen to stow away on had turned out to be none other than a pirate ship, as Svetlana soon discovered after a drunken fight and a hasty explanation of the ship's jolly roger from the captain; while aboard the ship, Svetlana caught ear of a few pirates discussing the infamous Shichibukai, Qasarhog Yanbaal, and his crew, the Space Pirates. Svetlana grew unbearably excited at the prospect of an immensely powerful man with the freedom to go where he pleased, and on a flying ship no less. As soon as the crew had docked at another town, Svetlana thanked them for their hospitality before going off on a mission to track down the infamous Yanbaal, which led her on a journey through many other pirate crews and many other islands, before she finally met the man himself. Eager to join and assist, Yanbaal apparently couldn't resist Svetlana's childish charm, and she was accepted into the crew as their cook.


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While Svetlana may not be the most knowledgeable or combatively heightened, she doesn't dissapoint when it comes to physical appearance; as often remarked by many she comes across, Svetlana is an extremely beautiful woman and one that is very desirable to many that she comes across. Although some of this beauty could be attributed to Svetlana's parents —both of whom were rather handsome individuals themselves—, Svetlana's appearance has often been described as "unique" and rather unlike any other. TBC


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A childish Svetlana making faces to a security camera



Devil FruitEdit

Oku Oku no Mi (奥奥の実, Allure-Allure Fruit) is the name of a Paramecia class Devil Fruit that was eaten by Svetlana sometime shortly after she first joined the Space Pirates and they had offered it to her.


  • Svetlana was named directly named after the real-life astronaut Svetlana Savitskya, who was famed for being the second woman in space
  • Like many One Piece characters, Svetlana has a distinct laugh, "Ekikikikiki". This laugh is coincidentally the same as her Devil Fruit, the Eki Eki no Mi
  • Svetlana's appearance is that of Morita Yukari from the light novel and anime Rocket Girls

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