Seki Seki no Mi is an article presented and written by DazzlingEmerald

The Seki Seki no Mi is a Paramecia class Devil Fruit that grants the user the ability to produce and control different types of oil, making the user an Oil Human (石油人間, Sekiyu Ningen).

Due to the prominence of oil within the world, the Seki Seki no Mi is foreseen by a hefty audience as being one of the most economically powerful Devil Fruits in existence, yet still ranks a ways beneath the Kin Kin no Mi, which is distinctly the more valuable of the two. Furthermore, because of oil's many variations, as well as the sheer number of things it is able to accomplish, the Seki Seki no Mi is also well reputed as one of the most versatile of Devil Fruits.

The extent of the fruit's significance is such that the World Government has issued it into the hands of Alfred Glave, an admiral of the Navy, for direct safekeeping.